Are Gun Safes Bad for Guns? 4 Things to Think About in 2022

Guns are not cheap instruments to play around all day. And if you don’t keep them in a safe place, they will get corroded or won’t function properly. Gun safes play a vital role in keeping guns in a safe place and avoiding several hassles. But are gun safes bad for guns, or are there any side effects?

The gun safes can get corroded and prove unsafe for guns. That’s because of the chemicals like sulfur, pyrite, formaldehyde, ferrooxidans, and moisture. They react with the inside metals and cause corrosion. But you can avoid the decay using a hygrometer, dehumidifier, wax-cover on guns, deep cleaning of safes, and desiccant packs.

It’s better to choose a good quality gun safe. Doing so would help avoid corrosion by including special features and protecting your guns.

Gun Safes – A Safe to Store Guns

Guns are pretty expensive investments in terms of safety. But where do you put your guns when you are not using them? You have to keep them in a safe place.

Well, gun safes are here to rescue you. It’s mainly a locker with thick metal compositions. The safe will ensure your guns don’t have access to unauthorized people and keep them out of children’s touch.

A gun safe is not only for storing one gun. You can keep multiple guns and valuable assets in a gun safe. It comes with features like a fire alarm, moisture detector, touch screen operator, etc.

A Safe to Store Gun

Why Use Gun Safes?

Gun safes are a worthy investment to protect guns and other valuables. But are there any other aspects to using a gun safe? Here are the reasons:

Gun Protection

The primary purpose of using gun safes is to protect your guns. If you keep your firearm in the open air, it will attract dust and moisture. So, guns can get damaged.

Without the lock combination, no one can get access when your guns are in the safe. So, only you can control access to your guns.

Quick Access

Guns are not toys that you put in a drawer and forget. It may prove dangerous to you. But with the gun safes, you will always know where your guns are. Therefore, you will have easy and quick access to your guns whenever needed, like in an emergency.

The latest gun safes are quick to open (within seconds). Just put in your password or biometric verification, and you have your gun.

Completion of Child Access Prevention Law

All the states prevent giving access to guns or weapons to children. But if you keep your weapon openly roaming inside your house, kids will obviously get access. Sometimes there might be unwanted situations or injuries.

So, you can keep your gun in a safe and obey the child access prevention law.

Avoid Lawsuits

If you don’t keep your guns safe and somehow it gets stolen, you will be the one responsible for the action of that gun. A thief may use it for criminal activities.

Therefore, a gun safe will help you to avoid such lawsuits. Even if you face some false acquisition, you can easily prove yourself because your gun is inside the safe.

Act Responsible

If you own a gun, you have to take full responsibility. Having a gun may protect your rights and provide you security, but don’t let it be used as a weapon to charge you with false criminal activities.

So, use a gun safe to keep your firearms stored and concealed and be a responsible citizen.

Tax Deduction

If you have a gun safe, you may get a tax credit. Several states in the U.S. offer tax rebates if someone purchases a gun safe.

You can also add the documents with tax papers. The state also offers a write-off if you keep your business papers and tax documents in your gun safe.

Insurance Coverage and Discount

Insurance discounts are available on gun safe, true-safe, fire-rated safe, etc. So, you can check with your insurance agent or with the company whether they offer such discounts or not.

If you have a couple of guns, your insurance company may order a gun safe with their recommended specification. Any safe certification will cost you more than a standard gun safe. So, it would be better to buy a gun safe before that.

Can Gun Safes Cause Corrosion?

Yes, the gun safes can cause corrosion and rustiness to your guns. Even the safe itself can be corroded.

There is rusting of guns and rapid corrosion inside the gun cabinets. And the most common reason is moisture. If you leave your gun with some sprinkles of water and let it be unusable for many days, your weapon will rust because of corrosion.

That’s because the safe is made of metals with incredible thickness. In an open or closed place, the metal reacts with water or vapor and creates layers of ferrous oxide. Your gun is also made of metals. Therefore, both the gun and the inside surface of the cabinet get damaged because of corrosion.

And as you know, guns are needed to be perfect, or else they are of no use. Corrosion will damage the gun’s property and your safety cabinet. Unfortunately, both are expensive, so you shouldn’t just see your money getting wasted.

What Are the Elements Causing Gun Safe Corrosion?

Gun safes are made with metals and other chemical compositions on the covered drywall inside, like formaldehyde, sulfur, pyrite, and ferrooxidans. And these compositions are responsible for corrosion inside the gun safe.

Here are some more details:


Formaldehyde is one of the crucial elements of making the interior drywall of the gun safe. It is mixed with the carpet glue inside the gun cabinet. There is a considerable amount of formaldehyde inside the safe.

After some time, the chemical trends evaporate because of their strong volatilization. It has a corrosive nature and is highly reactive, and it starts attacking the metal components inside the safe (guns, metal interior of the safe).

The damage rate can be up to one millimeter per year because of such corrosive nature.


Not all gun safe contains sulfur in the drywall. However, some manufacturers like China use sulfur in their weapons or inside the drywall.

So, when your gun safe gets in touch with water or contains excess humidity, the sulfur reacts with the vapor and creates hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. Both components start to attack metals inside the gun safe and decay them. You will notice a nasty smell when this type of corrosion occurs in your gun safe.


Pyrite is basically iron sulfide, a common component for drywall inside the safety cabinet. So, when the iron sulfide has contact with water or vapor, it reacts and creates sulfuric acid and rust.

Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive to metals. Therefore, it erodes the guns and metal interiors of the cabinet. The rust also creates a layer over the gun’s surface and damages the metals.

So, it directly affects the accuracy of your gun, and without it, the weapon has no use for you.


The ferrooxidans are mainly produced from pyrite, which also eats metal. Some bacteria live on pyrite and eat it.

And over time, it can break down the chemical structure of the pyrite and produce iron hydroxide and sulfur-based acids. These components directly corrode the metals and damage their properties. You will get metallic smells whenever you open the safe.

How To Stop/Avoid Gun Safe Corrosion?

You have already learned to avoid the reasons for corrosion inside the gun safe. Decay will destroy the accuracy of your weapons and damage your valuable property.


So, it would be best to find ways to prevent decay. Here’s how:

Temperature and Moisture Tracking

As mentioned, moisture is the ultimate enemy for your gun safe. Therefore, you need to keep your safe cabinet moisture-free as much as you can.

In this way, you can prevent corrosion rather than curing your guns after corroding. However, you need to work a bit.

If there’s any humidity checker or moisture checker as a built-in feature, you can just monitor the readings and ensure the consistency of the environment inside the safe.

A hygrometer is extremely helpful in this matter. It will help notice the minor changes inside the gun safe and check whether it’s too humid or hot.

Wall Placement Matters

The location of your gun safe obviously matters. You can’t just keep it in your kitchen or drawing-room. That’s because placement will affect the inside environment of the gun safe.

If you place the safe where the exterior building parts are, it will directly affect the temperature and humidity of the gun safe. So, choosing a place will have a less significant temperature change like an enclosed place.

In that place, you can easily manipulate the temperature and control the humidity to stabilize the inside environment and ultimately prevent corrosion.

Wax Cover on Guns

If you face corrosion despite using the discussed methods, you need to find another alternative option to prevent decay. And using a wax cover for the guns is an excellent idea.

However, it’s a bit of a time-consuming process but with guarantees. That’s because you need to disassemble the guns and clean all the parts correctly. And then, you can apply a wax cover over each piece individually or assemble the gun and apply the wax cover.

The wax cover will protect the guns from getting in contact with anything corrosive. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your guns’ damage or compromised accuracy.

Deep Cleaning

Though it’s not a very effective method to prevent corrosion, there’s no harm in trying every available way if it saves your precious guns.

For deep cleaning, you need to disassemble your guns and separate individual parts for deep cleanings. Clean those parts with disinfectants or some other gun cleaners. Please make sure no parts remain wet before you assemble them.

After that, put your guns in a safe and check whether any changes occur or not after a day.

Desiccant Packs

These are also known as silica gels. The small packs of silica gel can soak moisture from a closed container. You can either buy them from stationery shops or collect them from your delivery services.

However, using silica gel bags is not a permanent solution. It’s a temporary tool, and you need to change the silica bags after some days.

Are Humidifiers on Gun Safes Effective?

Well, the answer is a bit tricky. That’s because the necessity of a humidifier is totally dependent on gun safe location, frequent use, and your local climate. These three factors will decide whether you use a humidifier on your gun safe or not.

For example, let’s assume if you live in a state where humidity is always at the top of the charts, or it rains heavily most of the time of the year, then you will definitely need to use a dehumidifier.

But when your area is beside dessert or in a dry climate, you don’t need a dehumidifier to control the moisture. It will be a waste of money.

The second factor is frequent use. Suppose you use your guns once a week or month. It means you are not helping with the airflow inside the safe, and because of that, the humidity level will increase. Therefore, a humidifier will restore the airflow and stabilize the humidity.

As mentioned, gun safe placement is highly related to the possibility of corrosion. Please don’t put it beside the exterior walls, or else it will attract moisture and face frequent humidity fluctuations.

How to Choose a Good Gun Safe?

Though changing the built-in chemical compositions is challenging, you need to be aware of some facts while choosing a gun safe. Here are a few pointers:


We know that gun safe is made of metals, mainly steel. So, if the steel is too thin, it will be vulnerable to anybody and easily break.

Typically, the density or thickness of metal steel is calculated and defined by a gauge. A lower gauge means higher thickness. For example, 8-gauge steel is thinner than 7-gauge steel.

Remember that thick steel doesn’t signify better and more durable. And too much thin steel will be overly flimsy. Therefore, the standard thickness range is 8-gauge to 10-gauge. Make sure you notice the thickness in the gauge while buying a gun safe.


Gun safes are not like more oversized fire-safe cabinets. However, they come in different shapes and sizes (small to gigantic vaults).

It would help if you looked into the internal size because that’s where you will put your guns and other stuff. The size of a gun safe is measured by inches or gun slots per unit.

If you don’t want to move your gun safe once it’s placed, you can buy the heavy-duty and high-end gun safe, weighing about 1000 to 2000 pounds.

But if you want something portable, you need to buy a lightweight gun safe. However, they won’t be durable enough like the heavy-duty ones.

Special Features

Nowadays, gun safes are being made with advanced technology to make them more durable and safer. So, when you are buying a gun safe, make sure your safe includes all the latest technologies like fire protection, fire alarm, biometric scanners, digital passcodes, etc.

Some safes also have racks, mounts, shelves, and additional gun materials. So, make the most of it with your money.


The days of old-fashioned key locks are gone. All the gun safes are now using digital passcode systems. Therefore, not everybody can access the safe, or even a key maker can’t open the safe.

So, make sure you buy the most featured one with different light indicators and small LED screens.

Tips to Store Guns in Gun Safe

Besides preventing corrosion in the gun safe, you can follow some instructions to avoid maximum damage to your firearms.

First of all, always clean your guns before putting them inside the gun safe. Erase all the fingerprints and then keep them inside the cabinet. Sometimes hand moisture can trigger chemical reactions.

If you have too many guns, try not to put all of them in a single gun safe. Buy another one if you don’t want to damage your guns.

Never use gun glass while storing the guns. Try to adjust the humidity and always keep it around 50%. Make a list of your inventory and check them every once in a while, for your own safety.

Bottom Line

Gun safes are quite helpful in storing guns. It keeps your guns private where nobody can have access without your permission. But the big question remains – are gun safes bad for guns?

We would not say so. All you need to do is prepare the cautions to avoid corrosions, and the guns will be ready to use anytime. Hopefully, the passage has enough clearance regarding the corrosion-preventing methods. Don’t keep your guns without a gun safe and follow proper guidelines!

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