Are Gun Safes Waterproof?

Gun safes are valuable assets at your home. Not only can you store your guns safely but also keep your other valuable stuff like essential documents, some pieces of jewelry, etc. But what if there’s a flood or water break in your house? Are gun safes waterproof to keep your guns and valuables dry?

Safes can’t be completely waterproof. No gun safe can’t withstand a flood or a water level that will make it sink in. However, you can make some arrangements to keep your guns undamaged from the water. This includes keeping them off the ground as much as possible, sealing the safe, and using waterproof zip bags to store your guns.

While buying a gun safe, you need to make sure it has waterproof features or not. It will save the safe from average water damage and the rest arrangements have to be by yourself.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Gun Safes?

You might be wondering why you would need a waterproof gun safe to store your weapons, right? Well, the answer depends on your region and the situation in your house.

Suppose you live in an area where floods come pretty frequently. Or it rains so heavily that water can’t even flow away from the sewers, and water can break in your house. So, if there’s anything valuable in your gun safe, they will have water damage.

In another situation, imagine you keep the gun safe on the ground, and there’s a water break because of your naughty kids. This will damage your guns and all your belongings. Even some water splash can enter into the safe and cause corrosion.

Can Gun Safes Stay Waterproof?

Honestly speaking, no gun safes are entirely waterproof. They can’t withstand a frequent flood situation or water break in your house if the safe is submerged for hours.

Some gun safes are made to protect from water splash. That’s because manufacturers use a seal to keep the heat and smoke from entering the safe. The seal can even expand in case of any fire outbreak and if the temperature rises to 320-degree Fahrenheit. It can indeed stop the water from entering the safe.

However, don’t be misled because these seals won’t save your gun safe. Even if it’s possible to create a fully sealed gun safe, it will generate a lot of pressure inside the safe with no way to escape.

The inside moisture will create a “cloud of the stream” and cause corrosion to the drywall and guns.

How to Make Sure Whether Your Gun Safe Is Waterproof or Not?

If you want a waterproof gun safe, you need to buy a small safe that has official certification of the waterproof test. That’s because it is pretty challenging to make larger gun safes waterproof. The small ones are not very durable but can easily be fully sealed.

First, you need to decide which items you want to save from water, like documents, guns, or jewelry. Buy the safe according to that size. And don’t forget the company certification of waterproofing.

How to Make Sure Whether Your Gun Safe Is Waterproof or Not?

While buying a gun safe, you should inspect whether there are any fireproof seals or not because they can also act like waterproof seals. If there’s any humidifier attached to the safe, don’t think of it as waterproof. It will always need holes to remove the moisture inside.

Make Your Current Gun Safe Waterproof

Even if your current gun safe is not waterproof, you can make it manually. It doesn’t mean you are installing new seals or airtight facilities. Some simple arrangements can save your guns and your belongings in case there’s an emergency.

Here’s what you need to do:

Keep It off The Ground

This should be your first and foremost duty to keep the gun safe off the ground. That’s because when your safe stays in the ground, you don’t even need any flood or water break to damage it.

Some splashes can also enter the safe. If you put the gun safe on the ground, there will always be a risk of water damage like water breaking from the kitchen or bathroom. That’s why put your safe in place higher than the ground.

In this way, you will have some time to react even if there’s a flood or water break in your house.

Seal the Safe

There are always some holes in the gun safes. That’s because there’s a humidifier, fire alarm, factory-made holes at the door, gaps at the top, etc.

To make your gun safe waterproof, you need to seal those holes. There are two ways to close the safe. You can consult a professional and ask to close all the gaps in your safe. If that’s not possible, you can try by yourself.

At first, start with the holes of the dehumidifier because that can be quickly dealt with. Then, seal the top hole of the safe. Put rubber seals at the door but don’t make it jammed.

Second Story Is the Best Place

We recommend placing the gun safe in the second story. It’s because you don’t need to worry about water damage when it’s on the second floor.

If there’s no such place in your home, you can just make one using your DIY tools. But make sure it can handle the weight of your gun safe. That’s because even the smallest gun safe has some weight. So double sure that your second story floor won’t break.

Use Waterproof Bag

Even after having those settings, if you are not satisfied, you can use some waterproof bags like zip lock bags, Tupperware, etc., to keep your item safe from water.

Some zip bags can withstand extreme floods and high temperatures like 300-degrees. So, you can keep your small firearms and other essential documents in these bags.

Waterproof Arrangements Based on Water Levels

This is for the worst-case scenario when there’s a flood, and you won’t have much time to save your guns and other precious belongings. With some waterproof arrangements, you can save the stuff for over a week.

Seals can get damaged or go bad due to human error or fitting issues. No safe is full proof. But here are some suggestions based on different water levels:

For Up To 6 Inch

You can put your gun safe on a pedestal. It can be accomplished in several ways. You can use some wood and make a platform for your safe about 6 to 8 inches away from the ground.

If it’s too hard, use some cinder blocks filled with cement. This way, you won’t have to worry about the gun safe’s weight. The platform can protect your safe against a water break in your house or any small flood.

For Up To 4 Feet

If there’s any possibility to have a water level up to 4 feet, you need to arrange some containers and put them in your gun safe. However, this method is only for larger safes. You can’t just place a container in a small gun safe.

Several types of containers are helpful in this method, especially plastic ones. But first, you need to decide the height you are trying to keep out and then buy a plastic container of a reasonable size. Put the guns into the plastic container.

Waterproof Arrangements Based on Water Levels

If you are still worried about any event of a fire, you can buy a fireproof metal container that won’t melt in high temperatures. However, you need to test the containers before putting them inside your gun safe. So, take your container and fill it with water. Keep the water for a week and see if there’s any leakage or not.

You use some rubber seals when you notice the leakages or change the entire container.

For Over 4 Feet

When the water level is over 4 feet, it only means that the gun safe is fully submerged in the water. There are no safes that can survive against such water levels. So, what’s the solution?

The only thing you can do is put your guns and other kinds of stuff in the Tupperware. It can protect your items from water damage. You also use zip bags to keep small things and then put them in the Tupperware.

If possible, make a pedestal and then use the Tupperware. This will increase the possibility of saving your stuff from water.

Bottom Line

Some states have frequent floods or heavy rains that water comes into the houses. Gun safes can play a vital role in saving your guns and other crucial belongings from water damage. So, you have to make proper arrangements to make your gun safe waterproof even if it’s some water splashes.

But are gun safes waterproof? Hopefully, you have gotten the answer. No safe is entirely waterproof. However, you can try your best to make it waterproof and save your guns from water damage and corrosion. Check your gun safe today!

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