10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews (Expert Choice 2022)

In case of a fire breakout, the last thing you want to catch fire is your kitchen gas stove and the ammo safe of your firearms. Because when these catch fire, terrible explosions worsen the situation and put lives at risk.

It’s equally vital to keep your guns and ammo safe, like having the gun itself. There’s hardly any alternative to a safe that is completely waterproof and doesn’t cost you a fortune. This article will try to trace out the best fireproof gun safe under 500 USD.

So if you’re up for an excellent gun safe without reaching the end of your pocket, join in!

Which Gun Safe Is Considered Fireproof?

Well, to be honest, there is none. It’s sad to know that none of the Gun Safes will keep your guns protected for infinite time. That being said, you can get up to 1 hour of fire-resistant from many of the best fireproof gun safe under 500. These few minutes of safety can turn out to be crucial in protecting your life. And in case you are lucky, for the fire department to come and extinguish the fire.

So which gun safes can be considered close to fireproof? In simple terms, the answer is the one with the thicker construction. The thick layers of steel or cement will protect the interior from the extreme heat outside. So you should look for safes that offer a thicker gauge of steel. Compare the safes and go for the thickest one. While they can’t resist the fire forever, many come tested under certain conditions to do so.

The test conducted by the manufactures can be a good starting point to differentiate the safes with better safety. Have a close look at their testing procedures and you will have an understanding of the protection the safes come with. For example, a safe rated at 1600 degrees Fahrenheit can keep your guns safe for the time advertised by the manufacturers. So the higher the rating the better it is.

Advantage And Disadvantages Of Having A Gun Safe

Before going all guns blazing purchasing a fortress for your toys, have a look at the pros and cons of having a gun safe.

Safety Of Life

This factor alone is worth every penny of having a gun safe in the house. After all, the more devastation your gun can cause, the more careful you need to be while storing it. A simple spark of fire can turn your house into a nuclear plant once they reach your firearms storage. Thus a well-built gun safe will keep your guns protected for a certain time in the event of a fire. This will offer you the time needed to take safe shelter and for the emergency to arrive.

Protection Of Valuables

Guns are not cheap and many limited or historic guns can be worth millions of dollars. So it’s needless to say they need optimum protection while storage. Having a well-protected gun safe will keep your high-end guns in pristine condition and keep them out of thieves’ reach.

Forgetting The Combination

It may sound silly but there remains a risk in case you have a habit of forgetting passwords or combinations. The gun safes come with enhanced protection against false combinations and thus can backfire in certain cases. Well, this one is completely on you but better knowledge of this beforehand.

Increased Cost

The gun safes are not cheap. While the basic ones cost around a few hundred dollars, the high-end ones can reach thousands. But the cost is totally worth it if you have expensive or deadly firearms to protect. Good things come at a cost and the same goes with gun safes.

30 Sec Quick Summary – Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500

Table Of Content:

Choose from the topic list what interests you the most. We have categorized our choices and guidelines for quick navigation!

Comparison Chart:

Don’t have time to go through all these options? Here’s a quick comparison among the gun safe choices that will give you a brief idea in the shortest possible time!

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500

It’s best for Dimension Weight Color Material
Mesa Safe MBF7236C Premium Protection  61 x 40.5 x 22 inches 623 pounds Black Steel
SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe Editor’s Pick  24 x 36 x 71 inches 860 pounds Textured Black Steel
Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E Best Techy  22 x 32 x 59 inches 650 pounds Black Alloy Steel
Steelwater Gun Safes AMSW592818-blk Best Interior Comfort  18 x 28 x 59 inches 425 Pounds Black 12 Gauge Steel
Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Armorguard Best For Beginners  20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches 361 pounds Black Steel
The SentrySafe SFW205CWB Boasts Waterproofing  19.3 x 18.6 x 23.8 inches 124.8 pounds Black Steel
First Alert 2096DF The Allrounder  25 x 23 x 19 inches 145 pounds Grey With Carrying Handle
Stack-On FS-14-MB-E Budget Pick   20.25 x 29.25 x 55 inches 279 pounds Black Steel
Stack-On FS-24-MB-E Enhanced Protection  20 x 29.25 x 55 inches 414 pounds Black Alloy Steel
Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72 Best For Storage  20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches 361 pounds Black Steel

10 Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500 Reviews In 2021

The more we dug deep – the more we found useless products. As the market is flooded with gun guards that actually don’t do any good, it wasn’t easy to make a list of top 10 products. Still, we did our best to lay out a list to help you out. Here’s what we found.

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Under 500

1. Premium Protection: Mesa Safe MBF7236C

Mesa Safe MBF7236C

Our first pick had to be something unique and stand out. With all-steel construction and drill-proof security, Mesa Safe MBF7236C meets all the conditions of being an out-of-the-box gun guard.

The safe gets a 1 hour 350-degree F factory rating, which was tested in a controlled temperature measuring up to 1750-degree F. The overall thickness of this all-steel body is 1-¾ inches that come with a fire-resistant solid steel plate.

Having a 5-⅛-inch thick door makes it a perfect guard for your firearms. Secured by an extra layer of fire-resistant elements, fire outbreaks can hardly leave an impact on it. Its overall security is confirmed by 14 gigantic solid steel bolts measuring 1-½ inches in diameter.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 860 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 36 x 71 inches
  • Color: Textured Black
  • Finish: Brass
  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity Description: 21.1 cu. ft.

Mesa Safe Features:

  • All-steel construction with 1-¾ inches thickness ensures safety and durability
  • A 5-1/8-inch thick door with a fire-resistant steel layer
  • Safe 3-way locking system
  • Capacity to hold and store 32 long rifles at a time
  • L. listed Group-2 combination lock
What We Like
  • Solid all-steel construction provides optimum security The 5-⅛-inch door is drill resistant and fireproof A 1 hour 350-degree F factory rating for fire resistance Comes with 14 massive 1-1/2-inch diameter solid steel bolts Comes with a 3-way secured locking system
What We Don't Like
  • Placing a full-frame pistol in the door pocket prevents the door from closing

Bottom Line:

The fact that the Mesa Safe MBF7236C comes with a fireproof layer beneath the all-steel body and the 5-⅛-inch thick door is priceless. Coupled with the 3-way locking facility, the safe is definitely a worthwhile guard to spend your bucks on!

2. Editor’s Pick: SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Safe

Whether you use a sledgehammer or a pry-bar to break the safe, it will have zero impact on the SnapSafe Titan safe. With its 9 gauge thick wall, the safe is a synonym for durability and reliance.

Even if you burn in under 2300-degree F, it’s still going to withstand that without any damage. Again, having 8 locking bolts of 1-inc thickness and a non-breach seal dead door, the toughness of this safe is beyond description.

Assembling the lock is nothing but child’s play. It comes pre-drilled for mounting on the floor and takes exactly a few minutes to set this up for use. The adjustable shelves can hold 24 long guns if you can manage.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 623 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 61 x 40.5 x 22 inches
  • Size: Super Titan XL
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel

SnapSafe Titan Large Features:

  • L. Approved electronic lock provides security
  • Exterior steel walls of the device are 9 gauge thick
  • Comes pre-drilled for easy floor mounting
  • Finished with powder coating coupled with lined interior
  • Resistant to sledgehammer and pry-bar
What We Like
  • Its 2300-degree F heat resistance makes it fireproof Adjustable shelves can hold up to 24 long guns Secured with 8 pieces of 1-inch steel locking bolts Can be assembled in minutes as it comes pre-drilled Comes with a non-breach seal tough deadbolt door
What We Don't Like
  • There’s no internal power in this lock

Bottom Line:

Although it is a bit on the expensive side, the 2300-degree F heat-resistance is priceless. Considering that with the thick 9 gauge steel walls and the sledgehammer-proof build-quality, it’s a perfect safe to bet on.

3. Best Techy: Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E

Mesa Safe Company MBF6032E

If you loved our previous Mesa Safe Company review, you would love this one, as well. The all-steel structure of Mesa Safe MBF6032E comes with an overall 1-½-inch thickness. This provides the safe the ultimate toughness you are looking for. Count that with a fire rating of 1 hour up to 1750-degree F – it’s more than what you want.

Secured by four 1-inch diameter solid steel locking bolts, it’s hard to break the doors even with a heavy-duty hammer. Plus, a battery-powered electronic lock provides further safety from systematic burglary.

Its 14.4 Cu. Ft space houses 20 long rifles at a time inside. The shelves are adjustable, so you can change the orientation and placement of the guns as you wish.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 650 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 32 x 59 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 14.4 cu. ft
  • Lock Style: Electronic
  • Fire Rating: 1 hr

Mesa Safe Company Features:

  • Fire rating is 1 hour up to 1750-degree Fahrenheit
  • Fingerprint Memory-2 electronic locking system
  • Total capacity 14.4 Cu. Ft. inside
  • Can hold up to 20 long rifles on the shelves
  • Adjustable shelves consist of full and half shelves
What We Like
  • Made from all-steel material with a robust 1-½-inch thickness Can withstand 1750-degree F heat during a fire breakout Adjustable shelves can be altered for showcasing guns Electronic fingerprint safety for the lock Durable 1-inch diameter solid steel locking bolts
What We Don't Like
  • None

Bottom Line:

The Mesa Safe MBF6032E can withstand a 1750-degree F heat without showing a distant sign of melting or breaking down. Plus, its ultra-modern finger locking system takes its security to a new height. If overall safety is what you’re looking for, you should definitely try this.

4. Best Interior Comfort: Steelwater Gun Safes AMSW592818-blk

Steelwater Gun Safes AMSW592818-blk

The Steelwater Gun Safe is secured by whooping 12-gauge steel protection. It ensures the maximum protection a safe can offer, thanks to its 1-hour burn rate that can withstand up to 1875-degree F.

Considering the other options in the market, the drill-resistant hard plates around the safe is 8 times harder and more robust. The new and improved one and a half-inch solid steel locking bolts provides extra security, as well.

Its electronic lock system comes with a double-sided bypass lock that ensures you will never be locked out of the safe. The shelves inside can house a maximum of 20 rifles inside. You get an illuminated LED interior lighting to safely navigate inside.

Technical Details:

  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 28 x 59 inches
  • Weight: 425 Pounds
  • Fireproofing: 60 minute
  • Recommended Long Gun Capacity: 12-16
  • Maximum Long Gun Capacity: 20 (10/10)

Steelwater Gun Safes Features:

  • Solid 12-gauge heavy-duty steel construction
  • Drill-resistant hard plate installed around the construction
  • One-hour burn rate withstanding up to 1875-degree F heat
  • Improved solid steel locking bolts measuring the 1.5-inch thickness
  • 5-inch thick door is equipped with double layers of fireboard
What We Like
  • Bright LED light inside the safe for easy visibility High burning rate for maximum safety in case of a fire breakout 8 times stronger hard plates than regular safe 12-gauge solid steel construction Double-layered fireboard for the door lock
What We Don't Like
  • The sidewalks are a bit thinner

Bottom Line:

If you don’t want to compromise with fire rating, this one-hour 1875-degree F fire-resistant safe will make a great choice for you. Again, the LED light makes it a lot easier to navigate inside the safe, which may be a good feature to make a decision, as well.

5. Best For Beginners: Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Armorguard

Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Armorguard

Out of some of the best Stack On digital gun safe choices, we have picked the Stack-On 18-MB-E-S Armorguard. Approved by the Department Of Justice, this one is a handy option for you to safeguard your guns. It can burn under 1400-degree F for half an hour at a stretch.

The interesting part is, when there’s a fire breakout, the door strippings of the safe extends upon burning. It eventually closes the hollow spaces around the opening of the safe and ceases all entry for the flame of fire.

Thanks to its reinforced steel door, it makes the safe a strong choice for any gun you want to guard. Plus, the door is also layered with fire-resistant materials for added security and safety. Now, let’s find out the Armorguard 18-Gun Safe review.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 361 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches
  • Size: 24 Gun
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Special Features: Bolt Down

Stack-On A-18-MB-E-S Features:

  • Storage up to 18 guns or combination of guns and ammo
  • Lever handle as a door opening
  • Burning capacity up to 1400-degree F for 30 minutes
  • Reinforced steel door filled with fire-resistant material
  • Adjustable shelving to make room for different items
What We Like
  • The door stripping stretches when it is burning to close down gaps Door storage comes with space to keep a pistol or additional material Burns up to 30 minutes without melting Approved by Department Of Justice as safe One and a half feet locking bolts included
What We Do Not Like
  • The door lock gets a bit stiff in cold weather

Bottom Line:

Although the burning time is a bit limited, the approval from DOJ clearly shows it’s well-secured for safeguarding guns. Plus, the overall fire-resistant material protection makes it a perfect choice for an entry-level gun safehouse.

6. Boasts Waterproofing: SentrySafe SFW205CWB

SentrySafe SFW205CWB

Drop it from 15 feet height, the door of the SentrySafe SFW205CWB will remain closed and shut with zero impact on it. That’s how durable the construction of this safe is.

Classified by U.L., the safe can endure 1700-degree F of temperature for about an hour. Apart from being fireproof, the guard is also resistant to water, as well. Soak it in 8-inches deep underwater for 24 hours – it will come out unbothered.

The lock system is a preset dial-type and provides optimum safety to the guns inside. Its pry-resistant hinge bar, coupled with the 6 live-locking bolts, makes sure that no unauthorized entry is possible for this guard.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 124.8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 18.6 x 23.8 inches
  • Size: 2.05 Cubic Feet
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Combination
  • Chamber Width: 14.8 Inches

SentrySafe SFW205CWB Features:

  • Fire rating of 1700-degree F for an hour
  • 24-hour waterproof construction at 8-inch depth
  • Pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Comes with six live-locking 1-inch steel bolts
  • Preset dial combination for strong safety
What We Like
  • Heavy-duty durability can ensure damage-free 15-feet fall Extra-large 2 Cu. Ft. space to house multiple guns Interior tray and drawer for additional storage Can be soaked in water for a day without damage Door pocket and key rack for additional ammo and equipment storage
What We Don't Like
  • The interior light puts off after 30 seconds

Bottom Line:

Even though there are more options like this one, the durability of this safe is somewhat unique and off the crowd. Besides being fireproof, the safe also resists water to an impressive level. Overall, a good value for money, for sure!

7. The Allrounder: First Alert 2096DF

First Alert 2096DF

First Alert comes with their 2096DF fireproof gun safe with an added benefit of the waterproof feature. It can safeguard the valuables inside even if it is submerged during a flood. Plus, the sealing of the safe makes it pretty easy to float over water.

Burning in up to 1700-degree F of heat for an hour – the device won’t breathe its last. I can easily withstand such a fire breakout and keep on saving the guns inside without causing any impact. The 2.14 Cu Ft space inside makes sure you can stuff as many guns as possible in such situations.

It comes with a digital locking system to add to the security of the safe. Set from 3 to 8 digits of code for a safe locking system. Even if the lock is breached, the pry-resistant concealed hinges will not let any unwanted entry to the valuables inside.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 145 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 19 inches
  • Size: 2.14 Cubic Foot
  • Color: Grey
  • Style: With Carrying Handle
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Cement, Steel
  • Batteries Required?: Yes

First Alert 2096DF Features:

  • Digital lock system with codes
  • Capacity inside is measured 2.14 Cu Ft
  • Withstands 1700-degree F temperature for an hour
  • Made of durable, strong resin
  • Waterproof seal safeguards even if submerged
What We Like
  • Burns for an hour under 1700-degree F without damaging Waterproof seal allows the safe to float on water Huge space inside to house a lot of guns Pry-resistant henges disallow wrongful entry Solid-steel locking door bolts for optimum safety
What We Don't Like
  • The composite shell is made of plastic

Bottom Line:

Being both water and fireproof, this one can withstand 1700-degree F fire and be submerged in water, as well. Those of you who are looking for such durability can definitely make a move with this one.

8. Budget Pick: Stack-On FS-14-MB-E

Stack-On FS-14-MB-E

When exposed to burning heat, the Stack-On FS-14-MB-E works magically. It extends its door, stripping to close down the gaps to safeguard the guns inside.

With its 3-point locking system, the device is also pretty safe even if there’s no fire. So, safety from burglary is also a perk to admit.

It comes with enough space inside with convertible shelves to make space for ammo, pistol, and other items, as well.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 279 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.25 x 29.25 x 55 inches
  • Size: 14 Gun
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Batteries Required?: Yes

Stack-On FS-14-MB-E Features:

  • Burning capacity up to 1400-degree F for half an hour
  • Convertible shelves for extended storage option
  • 3-point locking system comes with key coded cylinder lock
  • Solid steel live-action 1-inch locking bolts
What We Liked
  • Shelves can be altered to make space for more ammo and guns Can burn for 30 minutes without any damage Live solid action bolts protect the door The door stripping extends when burnt to fill up gaps
What We Didn't Like
  • Fire resistance time could have been longer

Bottom Line:

For an entry-level fireproof gun safe, this one is a perfect choice. A professional locking system with optimum resistance to fire at this budgeted price range is a lucrative offer to grab, of course.

9. Enhanced Protection: Stack-On FS-24-MB-E

Stack-On FS-24-MB-E

Having 5 locking points, the FS-24 from Stack-On proves to be better in safeguarding the guns than the FS-14 one. The lock is also a key coded cylinder type for added safety.

Certified by ETL, the FS-24 can withstand a blow of 1400-degree F temperature in case of a fire breakout. That, too, can last for 30 minutes in a row.

When there’s a fire breakout, the door stripping will expand due to the severe heat. It will make sure that the gaps around the door are completely sealed.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 414 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 29.25 x 55 inches
  • Size: 24 Gun
  • Color: Black
  • Batteries Required?: Yes
  • Lock Type: Electronic, Key

Stack-On FS-24-MB-E Features:

  • Up to 1400-degree F burning capacity for 30 minutes
  • Adjustable shelves can be altered for better storage
  • 5-point locking system coupled with coded cylinder lock
  • 1-inch solid locking bolts
What We Liked
  • Fully carpeted interior for safe placement of guns Barrel rest standoffs keep scoped rifles away from the safe’s back Live 1-inch solid action bolts for door protection 5-point lock makes it difficult for burglars to open it up
What We Didn't Like
  • It’s a bit on the expensive side for the features it offers

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the FS-14 from Stack-On, the 5-point lock enabled FS-24 should be a prime choice.

10. Best For Storage: Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72

Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72

Having storage to keep up to 64 guns, the Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72 is simply a brilliant piece of construction for firearm safety.

It can burn up to 30 minutes under 1400-degree F without melting and any damage whatsoever. The 1.5 feet locking bolts inside makes it even safer.

The reinforced steel door is layered with solid fireproof material to make sure it’s pretty resistant to fire. Plus, the door stripping also expands during burning for better protection.

Technical Details:

  • Item Weight: 361 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 20.75 x 23.38 x 55 inches
  • Size: 24 Gun
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Special Features: Bolt Down
  • Batteries Required?: Yes

Stack-On A-64-MB-E-S-72 Features:

  • Holds up to 64 guns inside the safe
  • Resistant up to 1400-degree F heat
  • Reinforced steel door with fireproof layer
  • 5 feet solid locking bolts
What We Like
  • It burns up to 30 minutes without any damage Door stripping expands to protect valuables Solid locking bolts provide extra safety DOJ approved safe for guns
What We Don't Like
  • Comes with a huge price tag

Bottom Line:

If you’re looking for optimum storage with maximum safety, this one should be topping your checklist. Although the price may bother you a bit, given that it has the maximum storage, that’s a good trade-off.

How to Pick the Best Gun Safe under $500: Features to Consider

So before you go move on to buying a fireproof safe for your guns, here’re some key points to consider.

How to Pick the Best Gun Safe under $500

Fire Rate

The more the fire rate, the better it is. Any rating from 1400-degree F to 1700-degree F is considered a well-secured fireproof rating. So make sure the safe can endure maximum heat.

Thick Steel Construction

As we have discussed during our First Alert 2096df review, the overall construction of the safe should be made from all-steel material with at least 1-½-inch thickness. Plus, the inner side of the steel body must come with an added fireproof layer, as well.

Gun Housing Capacity

An ideal gun safe can house almost 18 to 22 long rifles inside. The larger the space inside, the more guns you can store. Again, make sure that the shelves inside can be altered and converted to make more way for more guns. Find out details on the capacity in our Stack-On fs-14-MB-E review.

If you can go for some gun safe door organizer options, it will add to the storage, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Regular Gun Safes Protect Against Fire?

Yes, most regular gun safes protect excellently against fire. But you need to be careful before picking one.

Do Gun Safes Under $500 Really Protect Against Burglars?

Of course, if you know what to look for in a 500-dollar gun safe, you can definitely buy one that does protect against burglars.

What If I Forget The Combination?

In most cases, a mechanical key can override the combination lock. If your device doesn’t support it, contact the seller for help.

Where should I keep​​​​ my gun safe?

The usual place to keep a gun safe is the garage, but you can also keep it in the bedroom closet, as well.

When it comes to a gun safe, does cheap equal low quality?

Not at all. Cheap means the device has left some of the features that may not be crucial. If you know what a safe must come with, even the cheapest one you choose won’t be of low quality. Consider reading our SnapSafe Titan review for reference.

How important is it to anchor a gun safe?

Anchoring your gun safe can increase the security of it from theft or burglary. It will be impossible to move it.

Can the door be removed to facilitate moving?

Yes, the door can be removed once you lift it off the hinges. That’s how you take the door out while moving.

Does this have a Manual Key back up?

Yes, a gun safe comes with a manual/mechanical key back up.

Where are Steelwater gun safes made?

Although Steelwater manufactures the safes in the borders of China, the actual production takes place in South Carolina, America.

Final Thoughts

Fining a well-functioning, solid fireproof gun at a cheap rate is not at all easy. Still, we made a move with 10 safes to find the best fireproof gun safe under 500 dollars. We hope the reviews will help you grasp how gun safes are chosen.

As per our consideration, if there was one safe that we could pick, then the SnapSafe Titan should be it. With a staggering fireproof rating of 2300-degree F for one hour long, this digitally lock-able device is our favorite!

Which one did you like the best? Share your thoughts!

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