9 Best Gun Cleaning Mats In 2022 – Details Buying Guide and Comparison

No matter whatever machine it is, if you let the dust and dirt take over it, at some point, it will stop functioning normally. Those dust and dirt would likely jam and block its essential parts and interrupt its normal function.

Just like that, when it comes to firearms, dust doesn’t care whether it’s an Ak-47 or an airsoft gun. If you let it take over your firearm, at some point, your firearm will lose its ability to function properly. Therefore, cleaning them on regular basis is a must.

But cleaning them is not like cleaning your clothes, you can’t just drop them into a bucket of detergent-filled water and dry them in sunlight. A firearm is a sensitive machine so, you have to treat it with special care.

When it comes to clean your firearms, things you will require such as cleaning solvent, lubricant, bore brush, patches, cleaning rod, microfiber cloths, and cleaning mats.

So, you might be wondering, why would I need a cleaning mat. Have you ever noticed those oily substances while cleaning the gun? During the cleaning process, those substances might interrupt the procedure, and that’s where a cleaning mat comes into play.

Why Do You Need to Use the Best Gun Cleaning Mat?

This question might arise in your mind, why you should use a gun mat when you have other mats? When you start the cleaning and put the gun over a hard surface, there is a chance of getting scratches. But using this special mat keeps your gun safe. That’s a great relief, right?

On the other hand, many chemical materials, oily substances, spills, and splashes come out from the gun, which can cause damage to the floor or bench. If you use a gun cleaning bench mat, the chance will decrease to zero

What will be the scenario if you use other mats? The spills and chemicals can leak the mat, and finally, they will reach the adjacent floor and cause damage.

But a gun cleaning mat is leak-proof, and it is made especially for cleaning the guns. So, no more worries about your bench or floor getting damaged. Are you still wondering why you should get a gun cleaning mat?

Is It Necessary to Clean the Gun Cleaning Mat?

Each and everything in this universe require care to survive. And so does your gun. We have mentioned before; the mat is leak-proof. For this reason, you see many oily substances over the surface after cleaning the gun, and those require to be cleaned afterward.

Is It Necessary to Clean the Gun Cleaning Mat

Almost all the gun cleaning mats are machine washable. It will be best if you can wash the hands. You can use regular detergent or soap then wash with water. Clean with the best care, and make sure there’s no dust left.

Some of the sensitive gun cleaning mats may get damaged quickly if you use detergent. That is why it’s better to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

1 Min Quick Summary – Best Gun Cleaning Mats

If you need to find what we have covered at a glance, we are here. Find out what we think of the products we reviewed here.

Table of Content:

World’s Best Gun Cleaning Mats are right down below. We have shortlisted depending on the facts, features, and customer reviews. So, you can easily select the best case for you without any hassle and confusion.

Comparison Chart:

Are you confused about choosing the proper Gun Cleaning Mats? Read out our top picks and get rid of the confusion

Best Gun Cleaning Mats It’s best for Size Material Color Weight
Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat Editor’s Pick 9 by 16 inch Blend Black ‎1.25 Pounds
Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat Best Budget Pick 36×12 & 13×16 Polyester and rubber Black ‎1 Pounds
Glock Gun Cleaning Mat Best For Softness 11” x 17” Neoprene Rubber Grey  0.48 Ounces
Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat Best For Toughness ‎17 x 10 x 0.25 inches Durable Soft Polymer Grey ‎0.5 Pounds
Birchwood Casey Cleaning Mat Long Gun Cordura with Snaps Best For Storage 16″x54″  Waxed Canvas, Heavy Wool, and Thick Leather Deep brow 1 Pounds
Gun Cleaning MAT by Sage & Braker Best For Construction 69X16 inches 12 Oz waxed canvas leather Black  3.36 pounds
UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat Best For Design 36×12 inches Nylon Neoprene Black 1.2 pounds
Real Avid Smart Mat Best Compact Design 19 x 16inches Nylon Black 1.1 Pounds
Falko Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat Best For AR-15 Guns  36 x 12 inches Nylon Black ‎0.95 Kg

Best Gun Cleaning Mats Reviews in 2022

If a gun cleaning mat is made of low-quality materials, then it will never give you the desired performance. And you will be disappointed using the cleaning mat.

Best Gun Cleaning Mats

After an in-depth study, we found some gun cleaning kit which can give you top-notch performance and fulfill your demands. Let’s have a look at the top 5-gun cleaning mats currently available on the market.

1. Editor’s Pick: Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16

Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat – 19×16

The Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat is not only a gun cleaning mat; it serves you a lot more than that. The mat protects the floor and the bench, which you frequently use to clean your guns.

One of the best features of this mat is the parts tray. Not all the mats out there offer this section, except this one. You may need to keep several tiny parts while cleaning a gun, and that’s where the tray arrives as your savior to keep all the parts organized.

It also has a magnetized section to hold all the parts in the right position. You don’t have to search the parts all over the floor or bench as it holds every small part orderly.

Cleaning the mats is an easy process. Also, it never scratches your floor or table. In the end, when you need to store the mat, all you have to do is just roll up and put it in the storage. If you need to use this again, just roll out the mat and use it.

The Reasons Why Like This

  • Keeps your floor or bench clean from spills and splashes.
  • The magnetized section holds the small parts.
  • Parts tray keeps the parts organized.
  • Easy to clean and support pull-up for easy storage.

Technical Details

  • Space: 19 by 16 inches
  • Oil Resistant: Yes
  • Surface design: Graphical
  • Surface: Padded
  • Part Compartment: Yes
  • Magnetic Compartment: yes
  • Oil-resistant construction keeps the table clean
  • Compartments for keeping tiny parts
  • Padded surface offers scratch-free protection
  • Graphical surface for easy guidelines 
  • It hardly lays flat 

2. Best Budget Pick: Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat

You don’t need to have a large size gun cleaning pad if you don’t have a rifle or shotgun. If you have small firearms like a gun or pistol, this pad is enough for you.

It is built with premium quality durable material. The upper surface is coated with waterproof materials and, four borders of the pad are stitched, that’s why it rarely gets damaged.

The back surface is made with a rubbery substance which makes it non-slippery. So, there is no chance of slipping while cleaning the gun over the pad. It also protects the kitchen table, shooting table, and work surface during the cleaning procedure.

No chemical can pass through your work surface as it has a leak-proof feature. Anyone can use the gun cleaning pad, but for the hobbyist or gunsmith, it’s a perfect choice. You know what, you can also use it as a mouse pad! So, you are getting a two-in-one feature with this mat.

The Reasons Why Like This

  • Made with premium quality materials.
  • Stitched border prevents getting damaged quickly.
  • Especially perfect for the gunsmith and hobbyist.
  • Non-slip back surface prevents slipping.

Technical Details

  • Space: 36 x12 inches
  • Magnetic tray: Yes
  • Surface design: Graphical
  • Thickness: ¼ inch
  • Rubber backing: Yes
  • Storage: Roll up
  • Durable and high-quality construction material
  • Good thickness for protection
  • It can be easily rolled up and stored
  • The magnetic tray allows keeping tiny parts easily
  • Soaks a bit of oil 

3. Best For Softness: Glock Gun Cleaning Mat

Glock Gun Cleaning Mat

The Glock Gun cleaning mat is superior in quality. For handgun cleaning purposes, this one can be an ideal choice. If you need a large size gun cleaning pad, you may avoid this one.

This Glock gun cleaning product is constructed with superior quality neoprene. It is 3mm thick, and it has an oil-resistant coating. That is why, it never absorbs any oily substance, and you can clean it doesn’t require much effort.

The mat comes with a waterproof design and, the bottom surface is made to be non-slipping, so no worries about slipping while cleaning your gun.

It has enough space to place all the parts of your handgun. The overall size is just perfect for holding your handgun. This superior quality gun cleaning mat comes with the full history of Glock handgun and assembly instruction.

The instructions are also printed to be waterproof. So, you are not only just getting a gun cleaning mat, but also a waterproof assembly instruction.

The Reasons Why Like This

  • Made with superior quality neoprene.
  • 3mm thick and, the upper surface is oil resistant.
  • Perfect for cleaning small firearms, especially a handgun.
  • Comes with a waterproof gun assembly instruction.

Technical Details

  • Space: 11” x 17”
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Material: Thermoplastic fiber
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Surface design: Graphical
  • Back: Neoprene rubber
  • Neoprene material makes it quite durable
  • Waterproof mat keeps the gun dry
  • Graphical surface offers an easy guide
  • Oil-resistant surface for safety 
  • It should have been a bit thicker 

4. Best For Toughness: Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

The Lyman gun cleaning pad is one of a kind. The mat is widely popular among the gun owners out there for its superior quality and service.

It comes with a soft polymer construction so; it doesn’t catch any scratches during the cleaning process as well as completely protects the underneath surface from spills. There are several recessed sections where you can put different parts of your guns. Sometimes we lost some tiny parts while cleaning.

And finding those small parts is such a hectic and time-consuming task. But, if you own this pad, you are not supposed to face this kind of problem as it has several sections to keep different parts.

A good quality gun cleaning mat always needs to be oil, chemical and, solvent resistant and, Layman makes sure of that. One of the best advantages of using this kit is it is very easy to wash. So, you can easily get rid of dirt.

The Reasons Why Like This

  • Several recessed sections help to keep the parts organized.
  • It is entirely oil and solvent resistant.
  • It is made of a durable soft polymer.
  • Very easy to clean

Technical Details

  • Space: 15.75″ x 10″
  • Material: Synthetic rubber
  • Storage compartment: Yes
  • Oil resistant: Yes
  • Storage: Rolled
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Top-class synthetic rubber construction
  • A number of compartments for arrangement
  • It can be easily stored by rolling down
  • Easy to clean and wash 
  • It doesn’t lay flat

5. Best For Storage: Birchwood Casey Cleaning Mat Long Gun Cordura with Snaps 16″x54″

Birchwood Casey Cleaning Mat Long Gun Cordura with Snaps 16″x54″

We had to put this one at. 5, however, it is one of the best gun cleaning mats on this list. If you are not under a short budget, then go and grab this one without a second thought. This gun cleaning mat will provide you more than you can imagine.

The interior part of the mat is made of waxed canvas. Its surface is resistant to oil and solvent. So, you don’t have to worry about accidentally spilling those chemical substances on your work surface. The outer surface is made of heavy wool and high-quality thick leather. Combining all of those features this mat is such a beauty.

The inner part of the mat has several pocket-like structures which are used to hold the leaning tools such as lubricants, bore snakes, and brushes. All the pocket sections have a separate buckle to hold the tools inside. The kit works as a gun cleaning mat as well as a gun cleaning tools case.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the mat as it’s made of some of the best quality materials out there. This extra-large gun cleaning mat can fit any gun out there, whether it’s a handgun or an assault rifle.

The Reasons We Like This

  • Made from the highest quality materials (waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather).
  • Can be used while cleaning guns, handguns, and even shotguns and rifle.
  • Advantage of keeping your gun cleaning tools.
  • Very durable and lasts up to 100 years.

Technical Details

  • Space: 16″x54″
  • Material: Thick Leather
  • Storage: Yes
  • Color: Brown
  • Storage: Rolled and folded
  • Made from top-class leather
  • Durable construction can offer a long-term service
  • It can be stored by both folding and rolled
  • Storage options for gun cleaning solvent and other tools 
  • No graphical design or storage option

6. Best For Construction: Gun Cleaning MAT by Sage & Braker

Gun Cleaning MAT by Sage & Braker

It’s always exciting to go for anything that comes with a classic design. Same here with the Gun Cleaning MAT by Sage & Baker. To clarify, the torn-out brown look of this mat makes it a perfect one for anyone who longs for a classic look. Furthermore, the quality of the mat is equally exciting, as well.

For instance, the mat is made from 12 oz waxed wool and leather. Speaking in detail, the mat is quite thick and heavy for any type of gun to rest on. All you need to do is simply wide open the mat on any surface. Then, simply lay down the gun on it.

Then again, when you roll the mat out, it opens up, and this gun cleaning box offers you 69 by 16 inches wide space. In addition, the mat is half-inch thick that lets no chance for the guns to come in contact with the surface. For that reason, you can rest assured that no scratch is due for the guns you put on it. Above all, there are four pouches on it, as well to keep all the accessories you need.

The Reasons We Like This

  • 12 oz waxed thick canvas leather
  • Space offered 69 X 16 inches
  • ½ inch of thickness
  • Scratch Proof crafting and durable design

Technical Details

  • Material: 12 Oz waxed canvas leather
  • Space: 69X16 inches
  • Thickness: ½ inches
  • Weight: 3.36 pounds
  • Pouches: 4
  • Color: Deep brown
  • Top-class waxed thick leather
  • Comes with 4 pouches to carry accessories
  • Prevent scratches with ½ inch thickness
  • The heavy wool design offers durability 
  • A bit overtanned leather 

7. Best For Design: UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat

UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat

If you are looking for a real avid gun cleaning mat, you may want to sneak a peek into the UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat. To be specific, the cleaning mat is quite a unique one. From its attractive black color design to the non-sticky profile, it’s brilliantly crafted, for sure. Then again, it offers a wide space to place your rifle on it pretty conveniently.

Further, another unique part of this mat is the diagram design of an AR-type rifle on it. When you open the mat up, you can see that there is a drawing of an AR rifle with each of its parts explained. Although it may not be a necessary one, you can still benefit from it. If you are assembling your gun after disassembly, the diagram may help you reassemble it perfectly.

Furthermore, crafted from nylon feeling material, the mat is pretty sturdy and smooth at the same time. It can easily soak up any solvent on your table to keep the workstation clean. In addition, it comes with an oil-resistant bottom. This makes it easier for it to prevent the fluids from coming in contact with the work table.

The Reasons We Like This

  • Fairly wide 36 X 12 inches space
  • AR-Rifle diagram on the surface
  • Oil-resistant bottom layer
  • Lightweight profile for carrying

Technical Details

  • Material: Nylon Neoprene
  • Space: 36×12 inches
  • Thickness: 0.12 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Crafted from smooth and excellent nylon material
  • Can soak solvent to keep the desk clean
  • The oil-resistant bottom layer prevents oil from touching the table
  • Excellent AR-rifle diagram drawn on the surface for direction 
  • A bit more thickness was needed 

8. Best Compact Design: Real Avid Smart Mat

Real Avid Smart Mat

A larger space is not always the solution. To clarify, when you can optimize a smaller space, it’s way better. Yes, we are talking about Real Avid Smart Mat here. This mat comes with a fairly smaller area but with a lot of extra features that you can’t simply find on other options.

For example, the raised borders of the mat prevent the small parts of your guns from dropping off the table. In addition, there are a number of magnetic compartments and trays in it that you can use to keep the tiny parts of the gun. This makes it easier to keep track of the parts when you are disassembling the firearm.

Then again, speaking of disassembling, it’s going to be a lot easier to assemble the gun when you have this mat with you. That’s because the mat comes with a graphical design on it that guides you to proper assembly and disassembly. So, you can rest assured that you are not going to end up messing it up.

The Reasons We Like This

  • Complete graphical design on the surface
  • Magnetic small part keepers
  • Rolling down storage option
  • Padding for scratch resistance

Technical Details

  • Material: Nylon
  • Space:  19 x 16inches
  • Thickness: 1/8 inches
  • Storage: Roll up
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Part Keeper: Magnetic
  • It’s very easy to assemble using the lessons
  • Small trays and compartments for keeping the parts
  • Easy to store after using
  • Oil and liquid cannot pass through 
  • It’s not heat resistant at all 

9. Best For AR-15 Guns: Falko Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat

Falko Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat

We wrap up our quest for the best gun cleaning kit with the Falko Tactical Gun Cleaning Mat. Although it may not look anything different than the rifle cleaning mat from UsefulThingy, it does come with its own unique features. The wide 32 by 16 inches space is surely one of them. Basically, it works as a cleaning mat for AR 15 type rifles.

Further, the thickness here plays a key role in safeguarding your guns. To be specific, the mat comes with a 0.25-inch thickness which is not too thick, nor frustratingly thin, either. For instance, this 0.25-inch thick mat can prevent the guns from getting into contact with the table surface. As a result, you can enjoy scratch-free cleaning.

Then again, the design of the anatomy of the AR-15 rifle on the surface is something we have already seen before. This helps you in putting all the parts together once you have disassembled the gun. Above all, the mat can be stored by rolling it up once you are done cleaning your rifle. Moreover, the package comes with a storage tube to put it inside for easy transportation.

The Reasons We Like This

  • ¼-inch thickness in design
  • It comes with a storage tube
  • Oil and solvent resistant build-up
  • Crystal-clear AR-15 rifle diagram

Technical Details

  • Material: Nylon
  • Space:  36 x 12 inches
  • Thickness: 1/4 inches
  • Storage: Roll up
  • Oil resistance: Yes
  • Surface design: AR-15 diagram
  • Wide 36X16 inches working surface
  • Thicker build-quality than most of the competitors
  • Easy to roll, store, and carry
  • Oil and solvent resistant crafting
  • The diagram printed on the surface is not accurate 

How Can You Get the Best Gun Cleaning mat?

A good quality rifle cleaning mat needs to have some distinct characteristics. You are not going for the typical mat, just becomes it comes with a lower price tag.

How Can You Get the Best Gun Cleaning mat

First of all, the mat should be resistant to oil and solvent. Also, it should be able to hold the spills and splashes so that they cannot slip easily over the surface. If the oil gets slips over the surface, then, what’s the use of a mat?

Another essential feature a gun cleaning mat needs to have is leak-proof property. The mat is supposed to prevent any chemical substance from leaking through it.

You may need to keep many tiny parts over the mat, that’s why it will be great if the mat contains a specific place to keep all those parts. Usually, the larger versions of the gun cleaning mats offer such facilities.

Finally, the mat should be easy to clean. Your gun cleaning mat tends to become messy after every cleaning. That’s why it would be excellent if it comes with an easy cleaning method. Make sure the mat is durable enough to withstand harsh chemical substances. And go for the that offers 100 years warranty.

Frequently Asked Question

✅ Who makes the best gun cleaning mats?

Some big players out there in the market always produce the best gun cleaning mats; among them, Lyman, Sage & Braker, and Real Avid are most notable.

✅ What to Consider When Buying a Cleaning Mat?

The best gun cleaning mat must have these specific features like oil resistance, leak-proof material, and easy-to-clean facility.

✅ What are the Benefits of Using a Cleaning Mat?

A gun cleaning mat offers a variety of facilities such as it keeps your working surface safe, and also it can carry all the tiny components in orderly.

✅ How to Clean a Cleaning Mat?

The process of cleaning the gun cleaning mat is super easy. Just add some dish detergent and warm the water. Then place the mat in water and rub it using your hands until the dirt comes out. Then just dry it and you are done

✅ How do I know when it’s time to replace my cleaning mat?

If you start using the mat, you will automatically understand when to change. Anyway, just check the edges of the mat. If the edges have the same thickness as otherwhere, then the mat is okay. But if the edges have depressed parts, then you have to understand it’s time to replace them.

✅ Are they leak/spill-proof?

There is no doubt, all the gun cleaning mats are spill-proof as well as leakproof.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your gun is essential. But while doing that, if you get your floor or table dirty, that’s not a good thing, is it? And that’s the reason you need a gun cleaning mat. The cleaning process will get a lot easier when you have a gun cleaning mat, also it protects your gun from getting scratches.

On the other hand, if you don’t use a mat during the cleaning procedure, you will have to put a lot of effort into cleaning the floor or table just after cleaning the gun. And the scary part is sometimes you may not be able to remove some marks at all!

Now, why do you have to go through all these unnecessary troubles when you can just avoid them by getting a gun cleaning mat. We hope our article helps you to find the best gun cleaning mats in the market. Wish you the best.

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