8 Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews In 2022 – Industry Experts Opinion

When it comes to provide safety to your firearms and other essential belongings, gun safes from the manufacturer MESA will surely give the utmost safety. MESA is in the business from 1981, and from then they are providing high-quality safes with reliability and durability.

Mesa manufactures gun safe following the highest standard of security, uses steel to construct gun safe. Their manufactured gun safes perform better than other typical gun safes. At the same time, they are cost-effective too.

However, we will look into their top gun safes in this best Mesa gun safe reviews. Take an intent look into the below sections to make a precise purchase.

Editor’s Choice

Mesa Mbf6032 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

Mesa Mbf6032 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock


  • Product Dimension: 22” (L) X 32” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight:390 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Color: Black
Premium Pick

Mesa MGL 24E Electronic Lock

Mesa MGL 24E Electronic Lock


  • Product Dimension: 24” (L) X 30” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight: 506 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Color: Black
Top Pick

Mesa MGL 36 –As-E Electric lock

Mesa MGL 36 –As-E Electric lock


  • Product Dimension: 24” (L) X 36” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight: 615 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Color: Black

Where Are Mesa Safes Made?

Are you curious to know where mesa gun safe made? Mesa is a USA-based company located in the city of California. Mesa headquarter and production unit is also located at the same place. Mesa company started their journey in the year 1981, and since then, they are reigning the gun safe industry as an industry leader.

All manufactured gun safes are of premium quality, and customers are delighted with Mesa Gun Safe’s performance.

What Are The Best Mesa Gun Safe?

Your money will be worth invested if you buy Mesa gun safe. Since each Mesa gun safes model is manufactured for specific purposes, read the crucial features of each enlisted model from below.

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Comparison Table:

Through the below comparison table, you can learn which gun safe is the best-suited for you.

Best Mesa Gun SafeIt's Best ForDimensionWeightMaterialColor
Mesa Mbf6032 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun SafeEditor's Choice22 x 32 x 59 inches650 poundsAlloy SteelBlack
Mesa Mbf5922 E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun SafeCustomer's Choice20 x 22 x 59 inches528 poundsAluminumBlack
Mesa MGL 24E Electronic LockPremium Pick24 x 30 x 59 inches506 PoundsSteelBlack
Mesa MGL 36 ?As-E Electric lockMultipurpose Use24 x 36 x 59 inches615 Pounds12 gauge steelTextured Black/Satin Chrome
Mesa safe MBF 2020C all-steel Burglary and fire safeFeatured22 x 22 x 22.5 inches193.6 poundsSteelHammered Grey
MESA MAWS2113E Electronic Wall SafeOffice Use6 x 15 x 22.13 inches40 lbs.SteelBeige
Cash Depository SafeEasy Accessibility20 x 20 x 30 inches190 lbs.SteelBlack & Grey
MESA Safe Company Model MBF3820EFireproof22 x 22 x 40 inches300 lbs.SteelHammered Grey

Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews in 2022

The 8 Mesa gun safe in this list are best in their class. You will hardly find a better alternative of these gun safes.

Best Mesa Gun Safe Reviews

1. Editor’s Choice: Mesa Safe Company Mbf6032 14.4 Cubic Foot 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

This Mesa MBF 6030 features all the options need to ensure your weapons and valuables’ best security. It is constructed with solid steel that can protest unauthorized attempt. It is undoubtedly an unbreakable gun safe because of its 1 ½” thick steel constructed door and four 1” solid steel live locking bolts.

Mesa Safe Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

Also, there are three 1” dead bolts that ensure strong protection against any door removal attempt. It is completely fire resistant in temperatures up to 1750° F. It comes with a battery-operated electronic lock allowing its user to get quick access in an emergency. The lock is protected by a punch activated spring-loaded re-locking device. So invalid access is nearly impossible since the system identifies the programmed punch only.

The interior of the safe is spacious enough to hold up to 20 rifles. To utilize the space, you can adjust the shelves as per your need. Also, interior walls, and the door panel is carpeted with soft, durable grey fabric ensures extra protection.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:22” (L) X 32” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight:390 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Color: Black

Mesa MBF Features

  • The body of the gun safe is constructed with solid steel
  • Adjustable shelves for utilizing the interior space
  • Burglary, fire, and pry open resistant
  • It can store up to 20 rifles conveniently
  • 4 anchor holes ensure strong mounting on the floor or wall
  • Digital locking mechanism
  • Water-poof and fire-proof
  • It comes with detachable shelves
  • Interior carpets are glued poorly

2. Customer Choice: Mesa Safe Company Mbf5922 E 7.9 Cubic Foot 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

The most amazing feature of this Mesa Safe Company Mbf5922 E 7.9-gun safe is the fire rating. It withstands fire up to 1750° F for at least 1 hour. If you are worried about the authenticity, simply wave off your hands to your worries because it is factory tested. Moreover, it is drill-resistant since hard plate is robustly placed on its surface.

Mesa Safe Company 14 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock

For strong and easy mounting, it features 4 pre-drilled anchor holes. Adjustable shelves and upholstered interior walls allow you to utilize the space with the right efficiency. Up to 14 long rifles can be stored easily into its wide and long internal space.

Its 4-point locking system is available with spring-loaded re-locker allowing you to lock it tightly and unlock without losing much time during an urgency. The outlook is pretty standard to enhance the beauty of your office and home.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:20” (L) X 22” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight:528 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Color: Black

Mesa Safe Company Mbf5922 E Features

  • 1-hour fire-resistant power in temperatures up to 1750° F
  • Electronic locking system protected by a spring-loaded pre-locking device
  • Pre-drilled four anchor holes for easy and strong mounting
  • 3 decorative brass spoke handles
  • ½” diameter locking and dead bolts for extra security
  • 1-3/4” body and 5-1/8” door thickness
  • 1 1/2 “diameter solid steel constructed locking bolt
  • Upholstered interior walls
  • It can accommodate up to 14 long rifles
  • No prominent cons are available

3. Premium Pick: Mesa MGL 24E Electronic Lock

No matter how many rifles you have, with its 16.5 cubic ft. capacity, you can store up to 24 rifles into this gun safe. Simultaneously, its interior is carpeted using soft material to keep the valuable safe from hard impact. Moreover, the exterior wall has hard plate coating, making it a drill-proof gun safe.

Mesa MGL 24E Electronic Lock

There are two half shelves for storing pistols and handguns. Additionally, a single full shelf for long rifles. With full steel constructed body and door, it protects any pry open attempt. The electronic keypad locking system provides quick access whenever you to handle unexpected events.

For easy mounting, mounting hardware and bolts are consciously included. As a result, you can mount it on a flat surface without calling a professional. Besides, it receives a modern look with the 4 decorative brass spoke handle in the digital lock system.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:24” (L) X 30” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight:506 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Color: Black

Mesa MGL 24E Features

  • Burglary and pry-resistant
  • It comes with an electronic keypad locking system
  • Mounting hardware and bolts included
  • Up to 24 guns can be stored in its much spacious interior
  • Interior is partitioned by 2 half shelves and one full shelf.
  • Much spacious
  • Electronic keypad lock
  • Suitable for office and home use
  • Due to its heavyweight, scratch may come during shipping

4. Top Pick: Mesa MGL 36 –As-E Electric lock

Mesa MGL 36 comes with all-steel body construction and a thick door. Additionally, it is fire-resistant for 30 minutes at 1200°F. It protects essential belongings with the Electronic keypad locking system by providing strong security.

Mesa MGL 36 –As-E Electric lock

The best option you are going to get with this series is its huge interior. It has 56” X 34 ½“ X 18 ¾” interior allows you to store up to 36 rifles. Moreover, the entire interior of this safe is divided into 2 and 1 single shelves.

All in all, customers of this gun safe are satisfied with its performance and the affordable price range. It is a heavy gun safe and features all necessary pry-resistant features. This is the best option for those who are looking to store long rifles safely in a gun safe.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension: 24” (L) X 36” (W) X 59” (H)
  • Weight: 615 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad Lock
  • Color: Black

Mesa MGL 36 Features

  • Solid steel construction and thick door come with fire resistant capacity
  • Electronic keypad locking system ensures sole authority
  • Provides quick access in an emergency
  • Large interior allows you to store up to 36 rifles.
  • Mounting bolt and hardware also added for solid and easy mounting.
  • Easy to use electronic lock
  • Accessibility to the storage is outstanding
  • The interior can be used for the multi-purpose reason
  • Drill-proof hard plate
  • Bulkier

5. Best Featured Gun Safe: Mesa safe MBF 2020C all-steel Burglary and fire safe with combination lock

We all have essential belongings and ensuring safety of these valuable is mandatory. The Mesa Safe MBF 2020C all-steel Gun Safe is efficient enough to ensure proper safety of your belonging. This is a compact designed gun safe, ideal for homeowners.

Mesa safe MBF 2020C all-steel Burglary and fire safe with combination lock

It is pretty strong enough to reject any pry open attempt made by the intruders. Thanks to the fire-proof feature makes it fire-resistant for 2 hours in 1830°F. For providing extra security, it is equipped with heavy duty, and solid steel hinges.

Electric combination lock protects unauthorized access but ensures quick access for the user. The lock is protected by the drilled resistant hard plate, including the spring-loaded pre-locking device. Adjusted shelves allow for customization of the interior space. The upholstered interior walls protect the valuables from any outer attack; for strong floor or wall mounting, 4 pre-drilled anchor holes and anchor kit is included.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:22” (L) X 22” (W) X 22.5” (H)
  • Weight:6 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Combination Lock
  • Color: Hammered Grey

Mesa Safe MBF 2020 Features

  • 3 massive 1” diameter deadbolts and heavy-duty hinges are included for extra security
  • Burglary, pry resistant, and 2 hours fire resistant capacity in temperature up to 1830F
  • Adjusted and removed shelves that allow to enhance interior storage
  • Factory tested and 2 story impact rating
  • For substantial mounting, 4 pre-drilled anchor holes with an anchor kit
  • Modifiable interior with removable shelf
  • Carpeted interior to keep the stored valuables safe
  • Robust steel construction
  • Limited space

6. Best for Office Use: MESA Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe

Are you looking for a solid and robust safe for your personal use? The Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe is an all-purpose safe used in home, office, hotel room, etc. This safe is designed to give you peace of mind after storing valuables like jewelry, passport, self-defense items, documents, files or many more. 100% steel is used to manufacture it, and this has heavy-duty concealed steel hinges to protect the door’s removal.

MESA Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe

It comes with plenty of storage 0.3-.07 cu. ft. allowing you to store all your important belongings safely. This safe consists of 4-pre drilled holes for easy installation on the wall, and the outer flange hides all imperfection due to the cutting of the wall opening. As a result, you can easily install the safe on the wall or the floor. The installation process is extremely easy, that calling a professional is entirely unnecessary.

Overall, it is an easy to operate wall safe that has a built-in electronic operated lock. In case you forget the entry code, or during the lack of battery power, the available emergency key is included to help you open the safe. Its interior LED light illuminates the safe when you open the door. The wall safe has 2 shelves inside and partitioned into 3 separate areas. This is sturdy and convenient to use, wall safe.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:6” (L) X 15” (W) X 22.13” (H)
  • Weight:40 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Color: Beige

Mesa Safe Company Features

  • 4-pre drilled holes for convenient installation
  • Much spacious to store your valuable comfortably
  • Hard to break patented electronic lock
  • Sturdily built and easy to operate
  • 2 ¾ diameter robust steel locking bolts
  • Adjustable depth
  • Interior LED light
  • Partitioned interior
  • The door is a bit sticky

7. Best for the Design: Cash Depository Safe, 3.6 cu. Ft.

The MESA Cash Depository Safe, 3.6 cu. Ft. is an ideal choice for those who are handling a large amount of case daily. Similar to a high-grade safe, it is also made of premium quality alloy steel. Moreover, it is a combo of several features such as a robust bolt, electronic lock, thick door, etc., to protect your essential belongings from robbery or theft. Furthermore, unauthorized access will also be prevented. Besides, it is well-designed and functions properly.

Cash Depository Safe

It is much spacious with a measurement of 20” (L) X 20” (W) X 30” (H), allowing you to store many cash bags, documents, files, etc., with ease. The safe is protected by an electronic keypad lock that allows a maximum of 5 separate user codes. Moreover, additional safety is confirmed because it can be programmed to allow entry with 1 or 2 code option. The design is so simple that you can change the code without taking assistance from a professional locksmith.

You will love to know that you can make quick access to the separate deposits without access to the storage. Its front-loading hopper design is easy to use. Also, superior safety is ensured with its internal spring re-clocking mechanism. It is a versatile gun safe, and configuration is also straightforward. You can give access to the interior to limited people while everyone can store cash into the drop slot.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:20” (L) X 20” (W) X 30” (H)
  • Weight:190 lbs.
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lock Type: Key
  • Color:Black & Grey

MESA Cash Depository Safe Features

  • The steel bolts are 1” length in size, providing additional safety
  • The deposit door remains safe due to the anti-fish baffle
  • You can store 5 unique codes in the key padlock
  • Simple design with easy to program electronic lock
  • Suitable for a business owner who is handling a large amount of money
  • Available with multiple size options
  • Easy installation process
  • It features separate deposit
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • High price tag

8. Best for the Capacity: MESA Safe Company Model MBF3820E

Ensure optimum safety of your firearms, guns, cash, passports, etc., from burglary or theft by storing them into the MESA Safe Company Model MBF3820E. This gun safe is available with all the required features to keep your valuables secured. The entire body is made from steel and 1-3/4” thick, connected with fire-proof materials.

MESA Safe Company Model MBF3820E

The fire rating of this gun safe will simply impress you for sure, which is 120 minutes at 1830° F. Bes sure that this gun safe will perform as it advertised because the fire-proof rating is factory tested. More importantly, it is quite higher compared to its class. The internal outlet strips with the power source cord have 3 electrical sockets and a USB port. Any burglar will be disappointed. After all, the thick door is equipped with heavy-duty steel hinges because these are pretty impossible to break.

Besides, it has detachable shelves allowing you to modify the interior according to your requirement. The safe is easy to access with its built-in battery-operated electronic lock. Moreover, if a thief plans to remove the door by breaking the hinges, it will also be unsuccessful because of the steel dead bolts. This feature will prevent forced attempt successfully. Additionally, extended security is confirmed with the 4-pre drilled anchor holes.

Technical Details

  • Product Dimension:22” (L) X 22” (W) X 40” (H)
  • Weight:300 lbs.
  • Material: Steel
  • Lock Type: Electronic Lock
  • Color: Hammered Grey

MESA Safe Company MBF3820E. Features

  • High fire-proof rating, 2 hours at 1830° C
  • Fully modifiable interior with 2 removal shelf
  • 1-3/4” steel made body confirms superior security
  • Door removal is impossible due to the steel dead bolts
  • Battery-operated electronic lock is easy to use
  • Provides ultimate safety of your valuable
  • The lock combination is easy to change
  • Water-proof and fire-resistant
  • Unavailability of 4-floor anchors

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mesa Gun Safe

When buying a gun safe, it is significantly crucial that you buy a unit from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer like Mesa. Mesa has a variety of gun safe model which can fulfill anyone’s requirement.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mesa Gun Safe

However, you will need to research numerous Mesa gun safe models before deciding to buy a model. This is necessary because if the gun safe can’t meet your requirement, your investment will go in vain.

So, let’s look at the considerations before buying a Mesa gun safe.


As stated earlier, you can choose the required model from a wide range of Mesa gun safe according to your preference. Each model offers different benefits. Mesa manufactures all types of safes to meet every customer’s need.

You can buy a depository safe that comes with a “for mailbox” door for depositing valuable checks or cash. These safes are also manufactured to provide superior protection, and they are easy to access. Depository safes are not suitable for all, but they offer quick access to store your valuable and provide protection within seconds. These are best for storing money. Moreover, you can store handguns in these safe too.

The great thing about Mesa safes are, all safes can be used as a gun safe. For weapon storage, every Mesa safe offers the best result. Every model of Mesa safe’s offers extreme protection because they are made of high-grade steel. Moreover, they come with fire-proof and heavy-duty featured to protect the valuables.

So, before buying, ask yourself for what purpose you need a Mesa safe. Then look for the Mesa gun safe types, designs and models.

Security and Protection

Mesa always ensures that their gun safe provides an extreme level of security and safety. For this reason, all Mesa safes are made of steel and consists of multiple locking bolts to enhance security.

In terms of locking system, they use both electronic lock and key lock along with hard plates. Fire protection is another safety feature of Mesa gun safe that makes them exceptional from other manufacturers.

Additionally, if you want to buy a gun safe that matches your home decoration, you can rely on Mesa gun safe without hesitation.

Storage and Bolting

You will find 4 anchor holes in most of the Mesa safes, which guarantees security and allows you to install the gun safe on a firm foundation. Moreover, every interior comes with a removable shelf so that you can customize the interior based on your needs. You can conveniently organize the interior whatever wat you need. This feature offers exceptional storage effectiveness.

Undoubtedly, this modifiable shelves offer outstanding benefit since you can utilize the interior of the safe at its best.


This is another crucial factor that you can’t overlook. Since you invest your valuable time, effort, and money on a product, you will surely expect to get at least 2 years of service from it.

You will barely find a warranty in other manufacturers gun safes. The excellent news is Mesa is very strict about warranty, and their manufactured gun safes come with a minimum of 2 years’ warranty. Some models offer a lifetime warranty.

Another worth-mentioning feature of Mesa gun safes is that if your Mesa gun safely gets damaged due to fire, water, or severe impacts, Mesa will replace or repair the safe without any charge.

Benefits of Using Mesa Gun Safe

From 1981 they have been proudly manufacturing the gun and other safes, achieving the customers and consumers’ trust. In this long journey, they never compromised on the quality. To keep pace with time, they always maintain the consistency of manufacturing their products with modern features and options.

Benefits of Using Mesa Gun Safe

This is a trustworthy hub of security tools for your guns and valuables. They give an option to choose among three different series according to your budget to suit your exact security needs.

Furthermore, the Electronic locking system, steel body and door construction, anchoring features are there to protect your guns and valuables with the highest security.

Mesa Vs Other Safes

As many brands and manufacturers dominate the market, then questions arise as that why one should go for Mesa Gun safe particularly? What Unique features they provide that make a user more beneficial than others?

Let’s read below to get the answer to the questions.


From MBF to MGL, all Mesa gun safe comes with all solid steel body and door construction. No matter how low or high budget you possessed, Mesa gun safe always make you facilitated with the highest Exterior and interior protection. The exterior side is constructed with solid steel to protest any pry open attempt. On the other hand, the interior side is carpeted with soft fabrics to ensure extra protection.

Locking System

Mesa gun safes are categorized into three series: MBF, MGL, and MGL-AS. These series do not offer the same features, and they vary according to their price and specification. The most sophisticated series among these three is the MBF series. And honestly saying, in terms of locking system Mesa MBF series has no alternative.

This series safety option features the ultra-modern electronic Combination lock protected by drill-resistant plate and spring-loaded pre-locking system. Locking and solid steel dead bolts and spring hinges also included ensuring the ultimate security. The rest two series also offer the Electronic keypad locking system despite being very affordable.


The fire-resistant capacity of Mesa gun safes will give you peace of mind. Mesa gun safes come with either a 1-hour fire-resistant temperature up to 1750F or 2 hours’ fire resistant up to 1830F. Other models offer 30 minutes of fire resistance up to 1200F.


If your safe is not mounted strongly, body construction or locking system will not be able to protect the safe. Perhaps in some particular cases, the intruder may get enough time to move the safe as a whole if it is not mounted firmly. So, each Mesa gun safe comes with 4 pre-drilled anchor holes with an anchor kit to make the intruder’s attempt nearly impossible.

Storing Customization

When it comes to storing, Mesa offers the widest and longest interior dimension ever with the adjustable and removal shelves. You can customize and enhance the storage by adjusting or removing the shelves if you want.

Within the same budget, you can barely manage all of these unique features and options with others brands.

Frequently Asked Question

Learn more information related to Mesa gun safe by reading this frequently asked question section.

Are Mesa Safes any good?

If security is your primary concern, mesa safe can be your best option. The safes also provide fire protection.

How do you change the battery in a Mesa Safe?

A battery cover is located at the downside of the keypad. Just open the battery cover and then remove the battery from the compartment. After removing the old one, set the new battery, and close the battery cover.

Where are mesa guns safe made?

Mesa gun safes are well-known all over the United States of America for their outstanding quality. They are made in California.

What is the burglar rating on this safe?

The mesa safes are burglar-resistant and, at the same time, fire-resistant also. Overall the burglar rating of mesa safe is 4.7 out of 5. It is very much satisfactory.

Are the shelves adjustable?

Yes. The shelves are adjustable anytime. The manufacturer makes the shelves keeping the user-friendly point in mind. And that is why they produce a flexible shelving system.

Final Verdict

Mesa gun safes are the most trusted and reliable gun safes in the market nowadays. By reading this best Mesa gun safe reviews, hopefully, you understood, why Mesa is a champion in the industry of gun safe.

Although Mesa is not the biggest brand, but when the question comes about safety, you can count on Mesa undoubtedly. All the manufactured gun safes come with affordable price tag and offers the best security to your valuables.

Remember to ensure safety to your guns, firearms, passport, cash or other valuables because unauthorized access to these belongings can take your sound sleep away.

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