10 Best Affordable Rifle Scope Under $100 Reviews Of 2022 – Details Guide

It is always tough for a beginner to find the right scope. Why? They have tons of barriers. Since they pursue their passion or profession from scratch, they face numerous problems. Investment is one of them.

Most newbies come with a minimum budget. Maybe some of them with $100. For these types, we decided to hold our hand over their shoulder.  Our team picked the best rifle scope under $100.

If you are one of those, just read out these 10 picks. You will find the best rifle scope within your budget. Can’t you trust us? Read the second section. We hope you can rely on us because we are going to save you 60% of cash.

For Whom Are Cheap Rifle Scopes Under $100 Best Suited?

Nowadays, rifle scope manufacturers are getting competitive. As a result, there are a lot of products. Beginners to professionals, everyone puzzled over this so many scopes. We decided to solve the problem for hunters and new shooters.

Since they are new in this game, chances are to have a low budget. It’s even tough to find a budget-friendly scope for them. Our team strongly believe these $100 scopes are perfect for them

Best Rifle Scope Under $100 – Quick Summary

You are about to read a quick summary of our top picks. Each of them has individual features that you may like to dive deep into.

Table of Content:

World’s best rifle scope under $100 are right down below. We have shortlisted depending on the facts, features, and customer reviews. So, you can easily select the best case for you without any hassle and confusion.

Comparison Chart:

Are you confused about choosing the proper rifle scope under $100. ? Read out our top picks and get rid of the confusion.

Best Rifle Scope Under $100 It’s best for Dimension Material Color Weight
Bushnell Trophy Sight Riflescope Best For All 5.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches  Aluminum Black Low Rise Mount 0.23 Pounds
Simmons.22 Mag Riflescope Best For Grip 15.25 x 3.25 x 3 inches Optical glass lenses Matte Black 10.8 ounces
FSI Sniper Scope Best Magnification Rate  15 x 3 x 3 inches Aluminum Black 0.72 Pounds
CVLIFE Optics Riflescope Best For Hunting 20 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches Aluminum Black 2.5 Pounds
UTG 3 BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot – Best Eye Relief Scope 9.84 x 3.35 x 3.94 inches Aluminum Black ‎0.89 Kilograms
CVLIFE 2.5 & Green Illuminated Scope Best Laser-Powered Scope 9.6” x 2”x 2” Aluminum Black ‎0.81 Kilograms
Monstrum Rangefinder Reticle Scope Best Rangefinder Reticle Scope ‎8.35 x 7.44 x 5.79 inches Aluminum lack or Flat Dark Earth 12 Ounces
Bushnell Banner Riflescope – Best Fast Focus Riflescope. 6.3 x 2.5 x 3.12 inches Aluminum Black 0.81 Pounds
Bushnell Hi-rise Red Dot Riflescope Best Red Dot Scope 6 x 3 x 6 inches Aluminum Black 5.6 Ounces

Best Rifle Scopes under $100 Reviewed In 2021

Best Rifle Scope Under 100

1. Bushnell Trophy Sight Riflescope- Best For All

Bushnell Trophy Sight Riflescope

Bushnell is a well-known brand. They always try to produce quality products. Their concern is to make the affordable rifle scope for consumers. Bushnell Trophy Sight is one of the best rifle scopes under 100 dollars.


This Riflescope is lighter in weight and small in size, which is about 2.5″ in length. It is suitable for tactical scope use. The small size and low weight make traveling easier. It is made up to facilitate striking the target quickly with 100% accuracy.


This is possible for Amber- Bright Optics; it is a high contrast lens. The optics give you the option to differentiate the color of the object clearly. It also has a clear objective view in poor light. The scope is battery-powered – performance is uncompromised.


It also has a red dot to boost up the reticle. We also liked the tilted front lens; it clarifies the red dot by reflecting the LED light. LED light source is kept inside carefully by an adhesive. Red dot gives you the advantage to utilize it as much you prefer and to your target also. You can adjust it from 1 MOA (Minute of Angle) to 10 MOA in order to close the target. Bushnell makes it easy to operate by the controlling knob.

Bushnell TRS Features

  • Easy to zero and hols zero even after striking.
  • The rifle scope available in the market in black and camo color.
  • The wide field of view property of the riflescope helps to find the target quickly.
  • The battery performance of the riflescope is outstanding, and it has a power-saving mode also.
  • 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.
  • This scope is very effective when the target is closer to the mild range.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 5.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 inches
  • Special feature: 3 MOA Dot Reticle
  • Major Benefits: waterproof construction. Bump proof
  • Magnification Rate: 1
  • Picatinny mount is good for clear eyesight.
  • The eye relief is good enough to avoid distraction.
  • You can use it in shotgun, pistol, and long rifles.
  • The rear glass seemed recessed.

2. Simmons.22 Mag Riflescope –Best For Grip

Simmons.22 Mag Riflescope

Simmons .22 Mag series riflescopes are considered as the most popular best rimfire scope under 100. Among them, Simmons is one of the best rifle scopes. This scope is designed for true zero adjustment and quick target acquisition (QTA).


True zero adjustment key produces an audible sound to target the object accurately. Simmons scope allows anomalous transmission; this means you will get supreme control over the following features: light, glare control, contrast, and more.


Moreover, the Hydroshield lens is 100% waterproof that can ensure an object’s clear vision in rainy seasons. The outermost surface is covered by durable SureGrip rubber. It makes an easy and fast grip with less effort. You can buy it for only 40 dollars where other rifle scopes brand offers similar quality rifle scope at a greater price range.

Simmons 3-9×32 22 mag Features

  • It has a true zero adjustment option.
  • The rifle scope allows you to hit the target quickly.
  • Hydroshield lens coating helps maintain a clear sight picture regardless of weather conditions.
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces provide easy holding and controlling the knobs easily.
  • High-quality optical glass and fully coated optics help to see the object clearly.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 15.25 x 3.25 x 3 inche
  • Special feature:  Hydrosheild coating
  • Major Benefits: Clear sight. Bright and sharp image
  • Magnification Rate:  9
  • The glass coating is amazing to see a clear view.
  • Super rubber grip to hold even in sweaty hands.
  • The mounting rings are high quality.
  • Aim point seems inconsistent. 

3. BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope – Best For Accuracy

BARSKA 3-9×32 Plinker-22 Riflescope

BARSKA scope is designed especially for your .22 and rimfire rifles. A fully coated glass of this riflescope helps you to visualize the bright, clear, and sharp image of the target object. The riflescope is undoubtedly 100% waterproof, fog-proof, and also shockproof.


Barska Plinker-22 rifle scope is manifested 30/30, and ¼ MOA clicks option for the winds adjustment and elevation turrets. The riflescope is parallax-free at 50 yards.


It provides two 3/8″ dovetail mounting rings, scope covers, and lens cover. Not only BARSKA Riflescope, all rifle scope made by Barska, has a lifetime warranty.

Barska plinker 22 Scope Features

  • 3-9x Magnification of the riflescope allows seeing the target three to nine times bigger.
  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.
  • General hunting and plinking.
  • By using a reticle, you can adjust the brightness in which you can see the object clearly.
  • Fully multicoated optics allows falling adequate light on the objective lens that ensures clear vision.
  • Standard 3/8″ rings included.
  • Windage & elevation turrets give you the option to fix the hitting point: how much left or right, and that is either up or down.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 15 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Special feature:  Parallax free view
  • Major Benefits: shock, fog and waterproof.
  • Magnification Rate:  3
  • 1-inch tube diameter for a better view.
  • You can view the target closely for parallax free features.
  • 30/30 reticle is quite good for targeting mid or long ranged targets.
  • The body and knobs sound cheap.

4. FSI Sniper Scope – Best Magnification Rate

FSI Sniper Scope

FSI Sniper is the popular rifle scope because of its excellent features. This scope has already gained so many commendations by professionals. The brand is widely known for making good quality long-range scopes at an affordable price.

Reticles of this scope have three enlightenment options that are red, blue, and green color. The multi-coated optic will protect your eyes from glare and reflection. It is also waterproof and fog proof. Front focusing is adjustable; you can change lens focus and clear the image for better visualization.

The scope has a ¼ MOA click value option. it is 16 inches long and has great magnification capability. The magnification capacity of this scope is 6X-24X.This magnification power can help to strike the target.

The durability is the attractive features. Not only that but also the body; it has T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Considering all the factors and compare to another scope at this price, FSI Sniper is better.

FSI Sniper Features

  • Top-grade construction ensures the rifle scope lasts for a long time.
  • Multi-coated optics help you greatly visualizing any object.
  • Ball and bearing windage/ Elevation adjustment for precision and superior shock resistance.
  • Illumination options red, green, and blue color.
  • T6 aircraft grade body indicates that the riflescope is light in weight but very strong.
  • Extensive magnification scopes power allows seeing the object larger than its actual size.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 20 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches
  • Special feature:  multi coated optics.
  • Major Benefits: long lasting lithium batteries. Easy to accommodate.
  • Magnification Rate:  6x
  • You can easily set it up over the rifle.
  • Green light is amazing to set the target at daylight
  • The mil dot reticle for easy detection.
  • The tracking feature is not satisfying

5. CVLIFE Optics Riflescope –Best For Hunting

CVLIFE Optics Riflescope

A hunter or shooter knows the importance of a rifle scope. Most of the shooters think that a low price rifle scope is not good and unacceptable. But, CVLIFE can change your idea about low-budget rifle scope.

The riflescope is one of the best scopes for ar 15 under $100 for its performance. It is designed for long-range striking, and 6-24x magnification power indicates the matter also. When we checked CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 at first, the zoom power was surprisingly good. .

The diameter of the objective lens is 50mm, large enough to transmit light for clear vision. Tube of the scope made up of aluminum. Moreover, it is fog and shock-resistant. The reticle is composed of traditional crosshairs; it has been illuminated in red and green color.

You can switch off the illumination when this option is unnecessary and also can increase the brightness. The turrets are solid in consistency and very easy to operate. Windage and elevation adjustment range of this great rifle scope is overall sufficient. Parallax adjustment knob is absent in this rifle scope. It is very difficult to ignore CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope

Cvlife 6-24×50 Features

  • 6-24x Magnification power gives you the option to see any object 6-24 times bigger and closer.
  • 1/8 inch at 100 yards one-click value.
  • Wide field of view helps in easy searching and see more objects than the other scopes.
  • Multi-coated optics reject glare and reflection of light and ensure bright and clear vision.
  • 50mm Objective lens that is enough in diameter transmitting light inside the rifle scope.
  • Solid construction makes the rifle scope durable and long-lasting.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 6 x 3 x 6 inches
  • Special feature:  95% light transmission
  • Major Benefits: 50mm objective diameter. Bonded coating for durability
  • Magnification Rate:  24x
  • A perfect scope for a handgun
  • 24x magnification for the highest zoom.
  • Red and green illumination rate even in the dark weather.
  • AO lens for sharp view in all weather.
  • The glass quality could be better

6. UTG 3 BugBuster Scope – Best Eye Relief Scope

UTG 3 BugBuster Scope

Your eye plays a major role in hunting or shooting. Less pressure over it means you are creating enough room to get an accurate view. UTG Bugbuster ensures that room. The eye relief feature is super -in a word, less pain.

The turrets are also outstanding; you can adjust them with three W/E knobs. These features will also allow you to fix the target extensively. Yes! Two dots are the major reasons for this. These are red and green.

Red one turns on when the weather is dark, and the green light is for daytime. These will help you to focus better. You can save your magazine count for that. One of the best parts is the aiming adjustment; it is very flexible.

UTG 3 BugBuster Features

  • The 1-inch tube has an emerald coating to control the light adjustment.
  • Two different lights for versatile use in different weather.
  • It has flexible and wide range estimation; one can fix it from 3 yards to infinity.
  • Bugbuster has the best eye relief feature to reduce pressure.
  • The scope is fog, shock, and rainproof.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 9.84 x 3.35 x 3.94 inches
  • Special feature: Red & Green Illumination
  • Major Benefits: Eye relief, Two-way target aiming
  • Magnification Rate: 9
  • Nitrogen filled to protect from moisture build-up
  • It can handle different weather.
  • You can aim properly even in the dark.
  • Three turrets to set the aim equally.
  • Best for PCP guns, not for others.

7. CVLIFE 2.5 & Green Illuminated Scope -Best Laser-Powered Scope

CVLIFE 2.5 & Green Illuminated Scope

Most shooters have a common complaint on bullet drop compensation adjustment. So, what is the problem? Each time they set the aim, it fluctuates after the hit. CVLIFE comes with an amazing solution.

It offers an amazing BDC adjustment. Once you set it, no ways to move. This feature is boosted up with three things. One is the illumination mood; it has 5 moods in between red and green color. You can adjust the light based on the light-clear view.

The second feature is a multi-coated lens – a complete safety from light distraction. You can only focus on the aim. To set your aiming skill accurately, CVLIFE offers a red LED laser. It will help you to aim better.

CVLIFE Scope Features

  • It lasts longer than other scopes for aircraft aluminum.
  • You can highlight the target with a RED LED laser.
  • Battery-powered LED laser.
  • Multi-Coated green object aiming; this is better than blue light.
  • Light transmission is good enough -100% focus on aim.
  • The field view is amazing.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 8.5” x 3”x 3”
  • Special feature: Red laser LED LIght
  • Major Benefits: 100% light transmission, Easy BDC adjustment
  • Magnification Rate: 10x
  • The magnification rate is pretty good for pure zoom.
  • It has a very good yard adjustment option to focus better.
  • Lightweight: so many features, but the weight is very low.
  • Three ways to adjust the turret with LED light.
  • People struggle in zeroing at 25 yards. 

8. Monstrum Rangefinder Reticle Scope – Best Rangefinder Reticle Scope

Monstrum Rangefinder Reticle Scope

Rangefinder reticles are popular in gun forums. You know their target accuracy is better. The horizontal and vertical view helps the shooter to detect the target better. Monstrum realizes the facts. It offers its best rangefinder rifle.

The riflescope has smooth dial control. You can adjust the aim with it by consuming less time. Moreover, it offers green illumination. This type is better than the blue one, just for the light transmission. A shooter can get a clear view of this.

A clear view means no waste of bullets. Still, there are chances to waste the magazines. Maybe a proper ring adjustment can solve the problem. Monstrum offers different rings to set the scope in different ways.

Monstrum Rangefinder Features

  • It is available in two different colors
  • The target accuracy is 95% clear.
  • Image quality is uncompromising even in the dark
  • Multi-layer protection to cope with different weather.
  • Detachable throw lever for fast magnification.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Product size: 9.6” x 2”x 2”
  • Special feature: Rangefinder reticle
  • Major Benefits: green light illumination.
  • Magnification Rate: 9x
  • Nitrogen gas to reduce the moisture.
  • The brightness control is superb: green and red led controlling are easy.
  • It has aircraft-grade aluminum to keep durability on top.
  • Monstrum offers considerable eye relief features.
  • 9x magnification will give you a clear view.
  • The ring quality could be better 

9. Bushnell Banner Riflescope – Best Fast Focus Riflescope.

Bushnell Banner Riflescope

Since 1948 Bushnell has been serving the industry. Professionals are relying not only on its quality but also the improved service. This riflescope is the real proof of that. It offers HD images through the lens.

You can clearly see the target, even set it accurately. The multi-X feature makes it easier; it shows a clear view even in the dark. Moreover, the three turrets will assist you in keeping the target consistent. Just twist the dial until you get the satisfying position.

What more, Bushnell offers ultimate durability. It starts from fog, water, and shockproof. Investing in this scope means lifetime investment. Why? You know the durability, but here is the thing: you can adjust the brightness with a finger.

Bushnell Banner Features

  • The eye relief feature is good enough for the eyes.
  • You can focus faster than any scope with it.
  • It has multiple layers to enhance the lifespan.
  • Bushnell offers low-light visibility better in this gear.
  • The multi x reticle is quite good too.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 16.3 x 2.5 x 3.12 inches
  • Special feature: Multi X reticle
  • Major Benefits: automatic brightness control. Low-light adjustment is great.
  • Magnification Rate: 9x
  • Slim scope to accommodate in any case.
  • High definition image view for clear focus
  • The target process is fast.
  • 100 times tested by different experts.
  • People suggested improving the control. 

10. Bushnell Hirise Red Dot Riflescope – Best Red Dot Scope

Bushnell Hirise Red Dot Riflescope

All the nine scopes had slight similarities. But this one is totally different. Bushnell gained much praise for its amazing red dots feature. The red dot performs better even in low and high light. Your aim will be accurate even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

In that situation, you don’t have to worry about brightness control. The automated control set the ratio; just keep focusing on the target. Bushnell will do the rest of the job. Why are we so satisfied with this? They ensured two different railing positions.

You can set the ring either in Weaver or Picatinny style. This will enhance your focusing even better. Are you satisfied? No! Here is one more thing to consider. The battery life is long-lasting; you can perform a hunting session.

Bushnell Hirise Features

  • It is a pocket-size scope to fit with any case
  • 11 different brightness settings to keep the target focused.
  • Two different railings to adjust the height.
  • The battery life is long enough to perform a session.
  • It is weather-proof; you can carry it in all season.

Technical Details

  • Product color: Black
  • Product size: 6 x 3 x 6 inches
  • Special feature: Red dot
  • Major Benefits: automatic brightness control. Easy height adjustment.
  • Magnification Rate: 1
  • A perfect scope for hunting
  • Two different mounting options for better adjustment.
  • Shockproof feature to keep the aim accurate.
  • The visibility is amazing even in the low-light. 
  • The magnification rate is low

Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Rifle Scope below $100

The riflescope is called the eye of a rifle. A rifle scope needs to be of good quality though the quality of your rifle is not up to the mark. But when you want to buy a low-budget scope, you should be aware of some facts. Magnification power should be high.

  • Lightweight product is very easy to travel, so a rifle scope’s weight is also a great factor.
  • A good quality rifle scope is always durable. It also needs to be waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.
  • The objective lens diameter should be wider to transmit adequate light and help in clear vision.
  • Easy operating option helps you controlling the rifle scope easily. Many hunters reject a good quality rifle scope because of this.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Rifle Scope below $100


Magazine plays a vital role in focusing the object. The maximum ratio can increase the chances to aim the target better. So, consider the magazine count before buying. Most of the time, professionals ask, “is low magazine bad?” the answer is no. Magazine ratio depends on the task you do.


Since the scope will go through different seasons, the construction should be robust. That is why the major manufacturer uses aircraft-grade aluminium. This alloy prevents some major issues: rust, corrosion, weather adjustment and more. In a word, this 6061-grade aluminium enhances the lifespan of the scope. So check this construction before buying.

Eye relief feature

How good is the scope’s eye relief? The more it has means your eye gets enough space to follow the aim. So, the math is simple; check the eye relief count. If it means more, your eyes are safe.


The final thing is to check the accuracy. How to check this? Simple! First, you will check the turret adjustment in different field views. Next, you will check for light illumination. If it has green and red, just go for it. The final touch is the red dot. It helps to detect the object better in night-mood. Matching all of the previous features indicates a satisfying accuracy.

Final Recommendation – Best Optics Under 100

Every hunters or shooter want to have better accuracy. It will be a great mistake if you compare these rifle scopes with the highly expensive scopes. But these are confirmed and undoubtedly Best Rifle Scope Under $100.

There is no rifle scope listed above, which contains so many negative reviews, complaints by the target shooters, and plenty of limitations. We cross-checked all the scopes. Among them, CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope sounds great. The image quality, tremendous magnification power, durability, multi-coated optics, easy operating, and high-quality constructive materials make the rifle scope better.

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