10 Best TSA Approved Gun Case Reviews (Updated 2022)

When you have guns, sometimes it’s not possible to leave those arms behind when you’re traveling. But is it that easy to pick up your rifle and set out towards the airport without the Transportation Security Administration bothering you? Absolutely not.

But if you can carry your firearms in the best TSA approved gun case, it’s going to be a smooth ride for both you and your guns. But where do you find one? Well, here we are at your service. We are going to give hand-on reviews on some of the most useful TSA certified gun safes you can pick today!

Fasten your seatbelts, and here we go!

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Comparison Chart:

In a hurry? No time to read all the reviews? No worries! Here is a comparison table for the 10 gun safes we have reviewed here today!

Running short on time or want a quick comparison among the gun safes we selected? Here is a quick comparison chart for you to get things straight:

Best Gun Safe Under 700DimensionWeightColorMaterial
Case Club Springfield M1A55.51 x 16.1 x 6.69 inches23.15 PoundsBlackStainless Steel
Case Club Heavy Duty Case20.1 x 16.5 x 7.9 inches10.45 PoundsBlackPolypropylene copolymer, expanded polyethylene foam
Condition 1 H839 24.5 x 19.46 x 8.41 inches13 poundstanunique soft-pluck
Condition 1 25-Inch XL 83924.5 x 19.46 x 8.41 inches13 poundstanPlastic
Plano Gun Case 53.25″ (L) x 4.125″ (Thick) x 12″ (W)12 poundsblack and brownunique soft-pluck
Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR 40 x 12 x 5 inches2.2 PoundsBlackHard Plastic 
Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases52 x 15.7 x 4.3 inches10.1 PoundsBlackBlend
SnapSafe Large 75200 Handgun Safe10.25 x 7 x 2 inches3.66 PoundsBlack16 gauge Steel
Ceder Mill Fine Hard Gun Case Pistol Case12.6 x 10.24 x 3.23 inches0.53 KilogramsBlackDS3TeK
Condition 1 801 Gun Case18.75 x 14.25 x 7.5 inches7.78 pounds Flat Dark EarthPlastic

Top 10 Best TSA Approved Gun Case Reviews

Out of thousands of gun safes in the market, it’s hard to pick up only 10. Still, we took the challenge to make sure you have access to the best TSA approved gun case. So after a lot of digging around, here’s what we have come up with.

Best TSA Approved Gun Case

1. Case Club Springfield M1A

Case Club Springfield M1A

Starting off, we have the Case Club Springfield M1A. It comes with a wide 53-inch by 16-inch by a 6-inch profile that makes it wholesome storage for your guns. You can place guns, ammo, magazines, and other accessories in it.

It can hold up to six 10-round or three 20-round of magazines in it. The storage area is completely cushioned with foam and comes as pre-cut. You can take the foam-cut out and make room for your guns.

The entire case is made from a polymer shell that is built for enduring rough and tough use. It comes with an IP67 rating that makes it completely waterproof. Plus, its heavy-duty gasket keeps it safe from dust, dirt, and particles.

Case Club Springfield Features:

  • Rugged case is made from polymer shell to make it super-durable
  • IP67 rated waterproof, and dust-proof construction can be floated on and submerged in water
  • Available padlock option and the lock area is constructed from hard stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosion resistant feature allows it to be safe from saltwater
  • The foam inserts are made from high-grade polyethylene and can be cleaned, as well.
  • Wide storage allows you to store maximum guns and magazines Waterproof and dust-proof construction Stainless steel padlock option to add extra security Polyethylene-made foam for durable storage inside Airline-approved construction for easy carriage
  • Becomes pretty heavy when loaded with guns

Bottom Line

With rugged construction and water, dust, and rust-proof build-up, this wide-storage gun case should be a great purchase at this price.

2. Case Club Heavy Duty Case

Case Club Heavy Duty Case

Another rugged storage we have from Case Club here is the Heavy-duty case. You can store up to 5 pistols with 30 magazines with modules in them. In case you have accessory pockets with the magazines, then you can house only 18 of them.

This rugged beast comes with a specially designed silica gel that absorbs moisture from around. It keeps the inner side of the case humid-free and makes sure no rust is formed on your guns. The best part is, the gel is rechargeable.

The base foam of this heavy-duty case comes pre-cut and made from closed cell polyethylene. It won’t absorb any moisture or oil and will safeguard the guns and magazines pretty well. On top of that, the dual-level magazine compartments can fit both single and double stack magazines of diverse lengths.

Case Club Heavy Features:

  • TSA checked and airline approved case can be easily transported by air.
  • Comes with a unique silica gel that absorbs moistures inside the case to prevent rust
  • Non-abrasive and mil-spec closes cell polyethylene foam houses the guns and magazines
  • One hundred percent water, dust, and rust-proof construction with an IP67 rating.
  • Two padlock points and a ¼-inch shackle for extra security for your valuables inside.
  • The IP67 rating makes it highly waterproof. 100% dust and rust-proof build-up for rigorous use Inner foam doesn’t attract moisture Dual-level magazine compartment fits both single and double stack magazines Can hold 5 pistols at a time in it
  • The latches are not quite robust

Bottom Line

For those of you who have multiple pistols and looking for neat storage, here’s your betting horse!

3. Condition 1 H839

Condition 1 H839

Having a classic look with heavy-duty storage is priceless. Introducing – the Condition 1 H839 case that comes with a huge storage area of around 24.5 x 19.46 x 8.41 inches. Its 8.41-inch height tells the whole story of how wide its capacity is.

The storage comes as TSA approved so that you can carry it around on flights. Plus, it has a watertight Gore-Tex pressure adjustment valve so that you can adjust the pressure of the case according to the surroundings.

Another perk of using this storage is its DYI adjustable soft pluck foam. You can create custom protection for your guns inside on your own. Being a soft and protective foam construction, guns and magazines are always safe and sound inside.

Condition 1 H839 Features:

  • It has a weather-resistant tight tongue and groove seal that makes sure no water gets inside
  • The lid is molded into the hinge so that you can keep the lid open at a 90-degree position.
  • IP67 water-resistant case can be drowned in 3-feet deep water for 30 minutes
  • Pressure adjusting GORE-TEX valve for different pressure situations in flights
  • Grooved feet of the storage case can be used to stack for easy transportation
  • Ultra-wide specious storage for multiple guns and magazines TSA-approved portable hard-case can be carried on flights Specially formulated to be lightweight but indestructible at the same time Lid gets wide opened at a 90-degree angle while opened up Inside foam is made from a unique soft-pluck type
  • The pick and pluck foams are a bit stubborn to customize

Bottom Line

Although it doesn’t look as cool as some of the modern cases out there, it’s quite sturdy and strong to hold your guns and magazines.

4. Condition 1 25-Inch XL 839

Condition 1 25-Inch XL 839

Another wolf in the pack is the Condition 1 XL 839. This one pretty much upholds the legacy of its previous model, the H839. Being injection molded, the resin is carefully formulated to be lightweight and, at the same time, extremely durable.

The foam inside is pluckable. That means you can simply layout the size of your guns and magazines to customize the storage in them. Its 21.91 X 16.96 X 7.56 inches wide surface leaves enough room for customizing the foam storage according to your needs.

In order to keep up with the increasing pressure thousands of feet above in a flight, the case comes with a pressure equalizer option. Using the GORE-TEX pressure valve, you can adjust to the atmosphere’s pressure on the go. This is one of the reasons why this one is a TSA-approved gun case.

Condition 1 25-Inch Features:

  • IP67 rated waterproof, dust, and dirt-proof construction provides maximum protection.
  • Comes with tongue and watertight groove seal that ensures nothing can get inside
  • It comes with a sturdy and robust locking system that gets snapped in seconds.
  • The carrying grip if fully rubber molded for comfortable carriage
  • Case made from durable Polypropylene Copolymer for an indestructible build-up
  • Waterproof case can be submerged in water for 30 minutes Lightweight but heavy-duty construction Rubber grip makes it easy to carry Easy to pluck the foams to make room for any gun Impact-resistant locking system makes it impossible to break
  • The hinge elements tend to break under pressure

Bottom Line

Although it is not the best of all sturdy cases out there, the price it comes with definitely is a surprising one for this quality.

5. Plano Gun Case

Plano Gun Case

Made proudly in the USA, the Plano scoped rifle shotgun hard case is exactly what you need if you have long rifles. This 52-inch-long storage comes with ample room for a rifle to be placed inside. Plus, there are additional rooms for magazines and accessories, as well.

Coming in two different color variants – brown and black, the case is quite a sturdy one. It comes with high-end security features to keep your valuables safe and sound. The thick-walled construction makes it pretty indestructible when you try to bang it with anything.

Its interlocking foams are something that is quite unique, we must say. Although this is not pluckable, you can still house any gun in it because of its flexible nature. When you pull down the lid, the foam from both sides interlock with each other and provides good safety to the gun.

Plano Gun Case Features:

  • The outer wall of the gun case is pretty thick and sturdy for maximum protection
  • It comes with a crush-resistant PillarLock system for the guns’ safety
  • Offers wide storage for most common rifles with storage of 52 X 3.75 X 9.25 inches
  • Additional latches and padlock can also be used for better safety
  • Interlocking high-density foam makes it pretty hard to cause any harm to the firearms inside the case

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a perfect rifle holder that is sturdy and safe, this one should be a very good choice for you.

6. Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR

The Flambeau outdoor pistol hard gun case comes with one of the toughest exteriors in the market. Made from hard plastic, the case is pretty hard to break with heavy impact. Apart from safeguarding the guns inside, this plastic case also saves the exterior from general wear and tear.

Opening up, you can find the interior is covered with convoluted foam that provides additional support to the guns. The interior is fully padded to make sure that the guns are safe from any kind of shock. On top of that, the entire inner panel is corrosion-proof.

This is because the Flambeau 6500AR uses a Zerust tab inside. It releases a special type of vapor that creates a layer over the guns and other parts inside. This prevents rust from forming on any of the equipment kept inside.

Flambeau Outdoors Features:

  • The exterior is made from hard plastic, and it is completely shock and wear-proof.
  • Features Zerust Tab that creates a layer of vapor over guns to resist corrosion
  • Wide storage of 40″ L x 12″ W x 4″ D allows enough room for guns and accessories
  • Comes with four different locking points for the security of the case during transportation
  • Integrated Velcro strap to make sure that the guns and magazines are tightly closed
  • Stylish looking case comes with heavy-duty protection The convoluted foam provides excellent support Rust-proof security inside the case Multiple locking system for optimum security Huge storage for multiple guns and magazines
  • Closing and locking takes enough time

Bottom Line

Although overall, this AR tactical gun case is a bit flimsy, it comes with a pretty sturdy exterior and effective rust-resistance that makes it a good choice at this price.

7. Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases

Plano All Weather Rifle/Shotgun Cases

Another proudly Made in the USA case from Plano. The same old reliance is back with another model – the Rifle/Shotgun case. This 52-inch case tells the story pretty well that it’s here with a lot of storage.

Speaking of storage, the foam inside the case is completely pluckable. Simple map out the size of your gun from the foam and pluck the foams out. Put your gun inside and start carrying it with you wherever you want.

It comes with a continuous airtight seal that features a pressure release valve. You can adjust the pressure of the case with the environmental pressure around you. It works great when you are flying on airplanes where pressure is a bit higher.

Plano All Weather Features:

  • Rugged and robust build quality for optimum safety of the guns and magazines
  • Pluckable foam system to make room for almost any type of gun
  • Dual-stage lockable latches for tighter locking and ensuring more safety
  • Easy-glide enclosed wheels to drag the case around without much effort
  • Pressure release valve can be used to adjust the pressure of the case with the atmosphere
  • The 10-pound lightweight case can be carried effortlessly Continuous DRI-LOC seal makes locking quite easy and secure Foam can be picked and adjusted Large storage for a number of guns Gliding wheels for easy transportation
  • The gasket is a bit flimsy

Bottom Line

Similar to the 52-inch gun case Plano came up with before, this one is also pretty rugged, strong, and useful enough to spend your bucks on.

8. SnapSafe Large 75200 Handgun Safe

SnapSafe Large 75200 Handgun Safe

Looking for compact stuff to keep your revolver in? Say hello to Snapsafe keyed lock box handgun safe. It comes with a size of 9.5 X 6.5 X 1.75 inches to house a handgun pretty well. You can also keep other valuables along with a gun, as well.

Compact doesn’t mean flimsy. The safe is quite sturdy as it is made from 16-gauge heavy-duty steel housing. It is shock and impact-proof and can keep your gun quite safe and sound inside.

As for the safety inside, the case has thick protective foam inside to ensure better safety. It can keep the gun surface from getting scratch. Apart from that, the case also has a 1500 pound rated security cable to ensure maximum protection.

SnapSafe Large 75200 Features:

  • Compact sized case with minimalistic measurement of 9.5 X 6.5 X 1.75 inches
  • Durable 16-gauge steel housing for proper safety and security for the gun
  • Includes a top-quality 1500-pound rated security cable to ensure maximum security
  • Features thick protective foam inside to keep the guns safe from scratches
  • Durable and perfect-fitting case for revolvers Sturdy build up with 16-gauge steel housing Weighs only 3.66 pounds, so easy to handle Meets TSA guidelines and approved by Cal DOJ
  • The locking mechanism can be bent easily

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a compact gun safe for your handgun or revolver, this one is a perfect choice for you.

9. Ceder Mill Fine Hard Gun Case Pistol Case

Ceder Mill Fine Hard Gun Case Pistol Case

Never compromise with the durability of your gun safe. Own the Cedar Mill Fine Hard Gun Case today. Equipped with carbon fiber reinforced DS2TeK polypropylene, the external of this case is unparalleled in case of rigidity.

Once you put any impact on it, it will flex but not break at all. Apart from being this super-sturdy, the shell is also waterproof, dust-proof, and UV-proof, as well. The waterproof construction is so impressive that it even can float on a river.

It comes with a secured, durable locking system to make sure the valuables inside are safe. You can also use chained, paddle or combination locks with it for more security. Apart from that, it’s designed by abiding by the TSA guideline for easy carriage on airplanes.

Ceder Mill Fine Features:

  • Exterior made from durable carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene to be crush-resistant
  • Comes with multiple secured and durable locking system to prevent breaking
  • Splash-proof water-resistance allows the case to float on water
  • UP-proof and dust-proof construction allows the case to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry gun safe Top-quality build-up for maximum protection Additional paddle, chained, or combination lock facility Impacts will bend the case, not break it Withstands rough environment and weather
  • The foam is not quite flexible for a cut-out

Bottom Line

For a great pistol holder at this price tag, this is going to be one of the toughest competitors for most gun safes in the market.

10. Condition 1 801 Gun Case

Condition 1 801 Gun Case

Another classic-looking gun case in town, and with that, we wrap up here. Made from heavy-duty materials to withstand hard impacts – the case is quite indestructible in nature. But this durability comes with a surprising lightweight profile.

Drop it in the water 3-feet deep for 30 minutes – it will survive like a boss. That’s because the shell is made from a water-resistant technique rated by IP67. It comes with multiple latching systems that ensure no water or particle enters the case in any way.

You can use the pressure adjustment valve to align the pressure of the case with the environment. That’s why it is TSA approved and can be carried on flights. As for the lid of the shell, it can be kept wide open at 90-degree to give you ample room to explore.

Condition 1 801 Features:

  • Injection-molded resin is pretty durable and strong even if it is under huge pressure
  • Comes with pressure adjustment valve to adjust the pressure inside with the atmosphere
  • IP67 waterproof rating for complete waterproof construction that allows the safe to submerge in water
  • Pluckable foam can be used to customize the room for different guns and magazines
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design Comes with a comfortable rubber grip to carry It has an easy-snap latching system to quickly lock it Watertight seal makes sure no water drop enters the case
  • The foam tends to leave residue on the items placed inside

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an all-rounder with sturdy build-up and weather-resistant features – this one should be the one you pick up!

Things to Know About Buying TSA Approved Gun Case

Before you pick one of these 10 arm safes to get the best TSA approved gun case, here’re some factors you need to consider. Keep these points in mind the next time you’re going to purchase one for yourself.

Things to Know About Buying TSA Approved Gun Case

Rugged Build-Quality

There is absolutely no compromising with sturdiness and the strength of the case. The more robust the body, the more shock and impact it can easily endure. You need to make sure that the gun safe is made from tough materials like hard plastic, polymer shell, or carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene. Apart from these materials, you need to confirm if the outer part is made from a thickening wall. Check out our Plano All Weather Rifle review for more on this.

Inner Foams

Inner foams are multipurpose in a gun case. You can keep your guns secured in the soft cuddle of the foams and make sure there’s no scratch or damage to the arms. To make sure your guns are in safe hands, the foams are to be made from high-grade polyethylene.

On the other hand, don’t miss the pluckable foams. It will make it easy for you to keep firearms of any shape inside. You can easily customize the hollow space of the foams and make room for the guns according to your wish.

Moisture Absorption

Some of the most updated gun safes come with a silica gel option that can instantly absorb the moisture inside the case. This makes sure that the internal area of the case is totally dry and no rust is formed over your guns and magazines.

Water and Dustproof

There’s no way you can afford water and dust to enter the inner chamber of the case. It will damage your firearms bit by bit. So make sure the case is IP67 rated waterproof rifle case and, at the same time, highly dust and dirt-proof, as well. Take your time to examine if there is a tight-sealing option to keep water from entering the narrow gaps.

Additional Padlock Points

When you keep your valuables inside, you need to be extra sure that the firearms are in safe hands. So, in addition to the regular safety the safe provides, you need to add some from yourself, as well.

A good padlock hook can be a great feature for the case. It will let you lock the lid with greater safety and security. And by the way, the padlock ring should be made from stainless steel, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Take a Gun Across State Lines?

Generally, legally owned weapons can be carried across the state lines. But then again, a legal gun in one state may face legal issues in another state, too.

How Do You Declare Your Gun?

You have to declare that you have a gun at the airport when the airline authority is checking your tickets and bags.

Can You Bring a Gun on A Plane?

if you can carry the gun in a properly locked rugged case, you can easily carry it on a plane.

Can You Fly with Ammunition?

If you are traveling within the US only, you can fly with ammunition without any issue.

Can the Case Club Springfield M1 a Handle a Socom Cqb 16?

Yes, the Case Club Springfield M1A can house a Socom CQB 16 pretty easily.

Is It Possible to Purchase Just the Foam Insert?

Yes, you can purchase the foam insert according to the size of the safe. You need to make sure that the foam construction is the same as its original.

Is the Lid Completely Removable in Condition 1 H839?

No, you cannot remove the lid completely from its place. But you can open it up to a 90-degree angle to wide open the box.

What Size of Locks Are Needed for The Plano Gun Case?

There is no precise size for this. You can use any usual locks using the shackles that fit the gun case.

Is the Snapsafe Large 75200 Approved for Doj-California?

Yes, it is approved by DOJ-California, and it also followed the TSA guidelines while making it.

What Are the Dimensions of Condition 1 Xl 839?

The dimensions of Condition 1 xl 849 is 21.91 x 16.96 x 7.56 inches.

Final Words

You can pick any case you want, but for it to be the best TSA approved gun case, you need to be ultra-careful. To cut your time short, you can simply choose our top pick – the Case Club Springfield M1A for its amazing durability and versatile design.

In case you’re up for more, you can explore more avenues with the help of our buying guide at your side. You will definitely land on the right page!

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