Benefits of Having a Gun Safe Door Organizer 2022 [Step by Step]

You need to be concerned about your guns separately when you own some of them. Most people use gun safes to store guns, but they don’t know how to utilize that space. You can enjoy all the extra features of a door organizer if you know a bit more about it. So, it’s crucial to know gun safe door organizer benefits.

You can prevent unauthorized use of your guns, utilize the gun safe space, hide essential documents, protect your investments and apply child prevention laws. A gun safe door organizer also has other benefits like adjustability, help with insurance claims, keeping the guns in order, fitting your handguns, protecting from natural disasters, etc.

It would be best to use a door organizer on your gun safe to get the best use out of it and protect your firearms.

What’s a Gun Safe Door Organizer?

A gun safe door organizer is just a simple pocket hanging at the safe door. But its function is quite favorable.

The nifty extension stays inside the door and organizes the ammo and firearms. As the guns are your special property, you shouldn’t just keep them idly inside a safe without proper arrangements. So, a door organizer can rescue you from the situation.

Gun Safe Door Organizer Benefits

These organizers have a litany of features like ammo pockets, handgun pockets, document storage folds, and Velcro straps to organize things a bit. The building material is quite sturdy and durable to easily handle the weight of several guns in a single pocket.

The gun safe door organizer is basically for those with lots of guns, rifles, and ammo. They might face difficulty in arranging such an extensive collection. But if you have only a couple of rifles and handguns, you can avoid using a gun safe door organizer.

Why Use A Door Organizer With A Gun Safe?

There are some fundamental differences between a door organizer and a gun safe. Before you know the benefits of a door organizer, you should understand why you need one.

Both of them can secure your firearms. But gun safe has limited space for storing a couple of guns simultaneously, not a wide variety of firearms. On the other hand, a door organizer comes with several pockets, which you can categorize based on the differences of weapons.

What's a Gun Safe Door Organizer

For example, you can keep the rifles in a pocket and fill the beside one with their ammo. It’s a suitable place for keeping the accessories of firearms. The pouch will protect your guns from children and keep them out of reach. You can also use these organizers for keeping your documents, laptops, coins, jewelry, etc.

Your firearms will stay safe and organized in those pockets to quickly choose your gun whenever you need one without any hassles.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Gun Safe Door Organizer?

If you buy a gun safe door organizer, you should know about the features and benefits you can get from this extra investment as you already have a gun safe. Well, here they are:

Prevent Unauthorized Use

There’s always a possibility of your firearms being stolen somehow. And you have to be responsible for any use of those stolen guns. You might face charges against the law.

But with a door organizer, your guns will remain safe and secure from any kind of event of breaking in. Home visitors like neighbors, friends, and babysitters can have curiosities about your firearms. They might pick one and try to use it without acknowledging the consequences.

So, a gun safe door organizer will prevent those situations from happening in reality. Only you can have access to the safe and door organizer.

Hide Everything

Even if the firearms are inside the gun safe, can they never be discoverable? Well, a child can even find the guns if they have access to your safe.

Every time you open your gun safe, anybody can see what’s inside. So, even when the firearms, documents, and jewelry are inside the safe, they are at potential risk of getting stolen.

But with a gun safe door organizer, you can easily avoid such troubles. That’s because your firearms and ammo will always be inside pockets. So, even if you open your safe in front of somebody, they won’t know what else’s inside the safe.

According to the experts, firearms are not a showpiece to decorate your drawing room. It would help if you hid the gun safe where nobody can have easy access except yourself.

Easy To Reach

One of the most significant benefits of having a gun safe door organizer is that you can easily reach your specific firearm without hassles.

Suppose you have ten firearms, and 5 of them are handguns, 2 of them are rifles, and 3 of them are pistols. You realize some intruder has broken inside your house at night, and you need a pistol. It would be tough to find a specific pistol and load within a short time. But not with the door organizer!

You can go to the specific pocket, take out the pistol and load it with ammo. All of your guns are arranged properly inside an organizer so that you can get your firearm within seconds. It will save your time and sometimes help you to prevent dangerous situations.

Keep In Order

The pockets inside the door organizer are not for just putting your guns randomly and locking them up.

There are dedicated pockets for specific gun types like rifles, handguns, pistols, etc. You will also find some small bags to fill the ammo of your firearms. So, all you need to do is figure out the dedicated pocket or assign the new ones for your existing guns and put them in order.

Don’t put handguns inside the pocket of rifles, and don’t put rifle ammo besides a pistol bag. Otherwise, you might not find the right ones and forget where you have put them the first time.

Ease of Installation

If you think installing a new door organizer inside the gun safe would be difficult, you are totally wrong. You can easily install most of the gun safe door organizers.

There’s no need to use screwdrivers, screws, or bolts to install the organizers. They come with attachment clips to secure themselves with the door. The process is pretty quick and easy. Those clips are durable and robust enough to withstand the weight of the guns and the pockets. So, you won’t have to worry about it.

Some models are available that need you to drill some holes at the safe wall to install the organizer. If you are not happy about clips, you can have these alternate models.

Protect Your Investments

As you know, guns are pretty costly investments. So, you need to do your best to protect them. Sometimes family heirloom and collectible firearms have values more than in currencies.

They will stay protected in these door organizers. You already know that door organizers are not only for guns. You can also store your important documents, jewelry, and other essential items that can fit into those pockets. The door organizers will increase the safety of those items.

It would help if you were concerned about the “smash and grab” concept. So, it’s pretty crucial to keep your precious firearms and other documents out of sight. Don’t think about the budget in this matter.

There’s always a possibility of corrosion and moisture damage in traditional gun safes. But with the door organizer, your valuables inside the safe will be out of this risk.

Utilize the Space of Your Gun Safe

A door organizer comes with a significant number of pockets. So, you don’t have to worry about the space again, even if you bought a medium-sized gun safe for your huge arms collection.

When you have many firearms collections, a gun safe might not be enough to store your vast array. But a door organizer has several pockets and shelves to provide enough room to store your weapons and ammo. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about space anymore.

A gun safe door organizer can utilize the space equal to three separate gun safes. So, get one of them and increase the space of your gun safe.

Meet Your Insurance Claim

According to some insurance companies, it’s necessary to store the firearms in a gun safe to claim their insurance correctly. This rule is highly preferable to costly firearms.

So, if you install a gun safe door organizer, you can easily fit all of your firearms and protect them according to the law. Then, there will be no trouble claiming your insurance.

Comply Child Prevention Law

Most countries and states have laws to prevent firearm access to children. And it would help if you abide by the law.

Even though you have a gun safe, your child might get curious when you open the safe in front of her, showing all of your collections. It won’t be tough to track the security code for your children. So, the children can cause unwanted injuries to others and themselves.

Most guns and ammo will remain hidden inside the pockets if you use a door organizer. It will prevent easy access to your gun collection from children and help you to comply with the child prevention law.

Protect From Natural Disaster or Hazards

You won’t be notified when there’s a natural disaster like a volcano, fire break, or flood. So, it would be helpful if you use a door organizer within your fire and waterproof gun safe to save your important stuff alongside the firearms.

Most gun safes claim to be fire and waterproof. However, there are no official certifications. But the door organizer pockets can save the firearms from moisture.

Though they are not waterproof, the bags can protect your essentials for some time. Even at the time of flood or water break, it can be very handy to save your firearms and documents.


Nowadays, most of the door organizers have adjustability with the gun safes. It means you can quickly determine the position of the pockets and holster.

The adjustable pockets allow you to utilize the organizer and gun safe space. You will decide which bag will stay at the top and which will appear at the bottom. The adjustable clips allow you such flexibility.

Sometimes you may notice a problem with the pocket placement, and you are having difficulty closing the door. So, just move the pocket elsewhere and eliminate those problems.

Put the Guns Upright

One of the basic rules of storing guns is to always keep the guns unloaded and put the safety lock on. So, if you forget the rule sometimes, there’s always a potential risk of injuries.

But not with the door organizer. You can keep all of your guns in an upright position, making it easy to grab them quickly. And there’s no chance of putting the finger on the trigger.

Therefore, it’s a tremendous advantage for gun owners like you. Sometimes it helps to prevent any unfortunate occurrence.

Get Discount on Potential Insurance Claim

It’s already cleared that a gun safe is a must to claim insurance coverage. Sometimes you can get a discount on your insurance claim if you have gun safes.

And when you are an owner of a considerable number of guns, the company may ask to buy more than one gun safe. But if you have a gun safe door organizer, you don’t need to buy another safe. The firearms can easily be set inside the organizer and the safe itself.

So, there won’t be any trouble to claim a discount on your insurance cover.

Save Long Term Investment

Guns and gun safes are your long-term investment as they are pretty expensive. You can’t just change every gun or the safe now and then.

But, using a door organizer adds some extra layer of protection to your firearms. Therefore, your guns have an extra lifespan than before.

The pockets will organize your firearms and ammo, keep them out of reach from anybody, and prevent moisture and corrosion. Simply put, the door organizer saves your long-term investments.

Fit the Handguns

At present, we don’t see rifle usage anymore because they are tough to use and need skills to handle. On the other hand, pistols and handguns are easy to handle and use. That’s why most door organizers have pockets that can easily fit most handguns.

Without any hobby or family legacy, no one collects such huge rifles. So, if you have several handguns, you can efficiently utilize your gun safe door organizer.

Tips To Follow While Buying a Gun Safe Door Organizer

Want to buy a gun safe door organizer? Then follow some tips that might be helpful to decide on a compatible model.

Tips To Follow While Buying a Gun Safe Door Organizer


Shelf Spaces

You have to consider the shelves already placed inside the safe. There are several models in the market you can choose from according to the number of pockets you need. Also, order some ammo clips with extra pockets to organize the gun accessories.

Pocket Qualities

The quality of the pockets matters because they have to withstand the weight of your guns and ammo and maintain their grades. The building materials should be able to protect from moisture. So, make sure you buy some premium quality gun safe door organizers.

Pocket Numbers

When you have several handguns and rifles, you need to think about the number of pockets on a door organizer. It will help to arrange the firearms properly and align the accessories accordingly.


The pocket should be durable enough to hold the weight of the guns and rifles. Sometimes the bags are only made for handguns which are not compatible with rifles. So make sure your door organizer’s pockets have enough durability.

Holster System

As you are investing such an amount, you should consider the style of your door organizer. An attractive holster system will help you show off your gun collection and keep them in plain sight.


If you already have a dehumidifier installed, you don’t need to get a door organizer to keep your firearms dry. However, installing a door organizer is easier than a dehumidifier. As both will do the job, try to get the door organizer.


Brand name always matters. You can trust a good brand for supplying high-quality products and customer service.

The same goes for door organizers. A well-known brand will provide you with suitable materials, an attractive holster system, and other features needed for pocket characteristics.


A Gun safe door organizer can be installed in two ways. Either you use the adjustable clips or install them by drilling some holes.

Clips are straightforward to use. But you have some concerns about the durability, drilling the holes, and using nut-bolts to install the door organizer.

Bottom Line

Gun use is for your own security. Don’t let it be a matter in which you are in trouble. Using a gun safe is considerable, but the guns will still remain exposed to whoever sees you opening the safe.

A gun safe door organizer will help you properly utilize the storage of your gun safe. Hopefully, the gun safe door organizer benefits discussion has enough clearance to convince you to get one. Buy a door organizer for your gun safe today!

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