Gun Safe Vs Regular Safe: What’s The Difference In 2022?

Many people think, why to bother buying a separate gun safe when they already have a regular safe. Well, it’s not that simple because what’s going inside is a gun, and it matters to maintain the safety of your household. So, comparing gun safe vs. regular safe will help you understand the facts.

The key differences between a regular safe and a gun safe are in sectors of storage space, protection level, mandatory seal, accessories compartment, portability, environment control, and cost. They also have similarities in thickness, purpose, and protection from thieving and damage.

It’s crucial to find the right type of safe for storing guns and other important stuff like jewelry, cash, laptop, etc. So, it would be best if you made clear choices about safes, or else you might put your household in danger while handling your firearms.

An Overview of Regular Safe

A regular safe is mainly an ordinary vault that you can use to store your essential and precious belongings.

They are so popular that almost every house owns a regular safe. Some people even call it home safe. A standard safe is cheaper than a gun safe. You can easily carry your traditional safe because of its lightweight.

gun safe vs. regular safe

However, it’s not suitable for storing your firearms. A regular safe can’t provide such protections as the gun safe no matter how many advanced technologies are added.

But if you are looking for a safe that can store your precious accessories, the regular safes won’t let you down.

  • Cheap and lightweight
  • Ideal for storing accessories
  • Thick walls and compact build ensure the safety of your belongings
  • Latest technologies have improved the regular safe’s security
  • Not suitable for storing guns
  • Can’t claim any insurance
  • Takes more time to open compared to a gun safe

An Overview of Gun Safe

Gun safes are particular types of safes made to store firearms and ammo. If you possess a gun or several guns, you need to secure their locations, and the gun safe is the perfect place.

The gun safe is basically made with a unique, robust locking system with advanced technologies and biometric security features like a fingerprint scanner, retina scan, voice recognition, etc. It also has the most durable design and built-in features.

You can easily rely on a gun safe to store your firearms, ammo, jewelry, laptops, cash, and other essential documents.

However, you might need to add some gun safe pockets to store the accessories. You can also cover your insurance claim and ask for some discounts. This helps to avoid several legal problems. You can easily access your guns whenever you want.

  • Quick access to your firearms and accessories
  • Helps to avoid legal hassles
  • Can cover insurance policies
  • Protect your guns
  • Ensures safety to your guns
  • Pretty expensive
  • Can’t carry now and then because of heavyweight
  • Might attract criminals

Differences Between Gun Safe vs Regular Safe

As you know, there are some differences between a gun safe vs a regular safe. So, when you ought to buy a safe for your household, you should know which one to choose. That’s why look at the comparison points to make it clear.

gun safe vs. regular safe


Cost is a significant factor when you are buying some stuff.

A gun safe is way more expensive than a regular safe. And this high price also has some reasons like their high-tech security, insurance accessibility, durability, etc.

On the other hand, regular safes are not very expensive. Even if they are compact with all the technologies, they can’t compete with gun safe in terms of cost.

Storage Space

While choosing a safe, you need to consider the storage space because that’s where you will keep everything.

A gun safe has several racks for keeping your firearms and ammo. But it makes the internal space a bit smaller.

On the other hand, regular safes have a full allotment of space. You can store many kinds of stuff. But there are no racks like the gun safes.

Protection Level

As safes are made to protect your precious belongings, it’s a fact you should consider. There are some differences in protection level.

Gun safes are designed to protect firearms, and they provide the latest technologies. That’s why they can add an extra layer of protection.

But regular safe can’t offer you such extra protections. Gun safes even come with fire and waterproof features.

Mandatory Seal

Gun safes come with mandatory seals because they need to add several protection levels. These seals can prevent water from entering the safe. The gun safe remains airtight because of these required seals.

But there are no such mandatory seals with the regular safe. Most regular safes don’t come with waterproof features.

Accessories Compartment

Gun safes don’t have enough compartments to keep the accessories. It would help if you bought door organizers separately to keep your accessories in the gun safe.

But regular safes have enough space to make the compartments and keep all your accessories. However, you can’t keep different sizes of guns inside a normal safe because of the arrangements.


Though you don’t need to move your safe now and then, you need to think about the portability.

Regular safes are lightweight, and gun safes are heavyweight comparatively. So, you can quickly move a normal safe to anywhere inside your house.

But this is not applicable in terms of gun safes. You would need some help to move a gun safe to another place.

Environment Control

If you are hoping for store guns, you need to control the moisture and humidity of your safe. It’s because guns are pretty sensitive to humidity. The firearms can get corroded and damaged because of moisture.

With a gun safe, you will have the opportunity to control the environment inside it to protect your firearms from corrosion. But regular safes don’t have such features.

Opening Time

Opening time doesn’t matter as long as you are not storing guns.

You can handle the lock of a regular safe, but it will take time to open it. But if you are keeping guns and there’s an emergency, you will need immediate access to your firearm.

Even with the biometric security lock, gun safes are pretty quick to open. But the regular safes are a step behind.

Similarities Between Regular Safe and Gun Safe

If you choose between regular safe and gun safe, you need to know what they both offer, right? Here are some similarities between them:

Similarities Between Regular Safe and Gun Safe


As a safe, both of them have a considerable amount of thickness. The structure of both safes enhances security and safekeeping. Their design is so similar that sometimes you may not be able to tell the difference by physical appearance.


The sole purpose of the safe is to keep your properties safe. So, both gun safe and regular serve the purpose.

Gun safes are also used in storing important documents, cash, jewelry alongside firearms. Regular safes are used in keeping all types of precious belongings safe. You might sometimes use standard safes to store your handguns. But you have to be careful about moisture.

Protection from Thieves and Damages

If you live in an area where frequent theft occurs, you need a safe to protect your precious stuff.

According to the experts, if you have guns in your home, there’s always a possibility of guns getting stolen. Sometimes the kids can damage the guns or harm themselves. They can even damage your important documents and jewelry.

So, it would help if you used a safe to store those items, especially your firearms. Both safes can perform such responsibility.

Storing Different Accessories

Safes are not only for storing guns. You can also keep the ammo and other accessories. The regular safes come with several racks to organize the accessories inside.

But it would help if you bought a door organizer to keep your accessories inside a gun safe. Though it’s not mandatory, you can keep things in a proper arrangement using a door organizer. So, both safes can store different accessories.

Is It Okay to Use Regular Safe for Storing Guns?

Well, the answer is a bit tricky.

You can use a regular safe to store your firearms. After all, it’s also safe with a solid locking system. On top of that, traditional safes have more space than gun safes. So, there won’t be any storage issue.

Regular Safe for Storing Guns

The regular safes also come at a low price. However, if you use standard safes to store guns, you will be deprived of several features of gun safes. That’s because gun safes are specially designed to keep guns without damage.

When you keep the guns in a regular safe, you need to think of a solution about humidity and moisture. That’s because traditional safes don’t have such features. So, the firearms can get rust or water damage.

The solution is to use waterproof Ziplock bags or organizer pockets. It will save guns from humidity and moisture.

Bottom Line

Regular safes are widely used in storing the essentials. But the gun safes are specially designed for the sole purpose of protecting firearms. They are pretty expensive. So, people reconsider using regular safes instead of gun safes.

Hopefully, the discussion on gun safe vs. regular safe has proved helpful to you. Whenever you buy a safe for your household, you can compare the facts between them and then decide for yourself. If there’s a gun inside the house, we suggest getting the gun safe instead of a regular safe. Stay cautious!

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