How To Clean A Rifle Scope Easily (Step by Step Guide In 2022)

A rifle scope needs to be cleaned after a certain period. While using it, the cope may get fingerprints, dirt, or water splashes. It can even get scratches from fine dust. This type of dust might not be repairable. To avoid this type of consequence, the user should know how to clean a rifle scope.

Choosing tight-fitting and high-quality lids will play an essential role in protecting the lens. To clean it, clothes can be used. Different cleaning kits and materials are available in the market, which can be used to clean the scope as well.

The scope may get damaged if it is not properly maintained for a long time. So, take good care of your rifle scope and keep it clean. That way, the scope will last you a long time.

Why Clean A Rifle Scope?

A Rifle Scope has been constructed by using the most rigid chassis. It is the most durable and scratch-proof coating. The material is water-resistant and can sustain any challenging situation.

But the scope requires cleaning when there is a visibility problem. If you face a problem with visibility, it will affect your aim and target. You might end up misfiring.

While roaming around, your scope can get in touch with the dust. If the cleaning is not done, the dust may stay there permanently. It will cause a scratch on the lens of the scope. If it cannot be removed, it will damage the whole scope and cannot be repaired.

The proper materials are needed to clean the rifle scope. This includes things like a cleaning kit, lens pen, microfiber cloth, and so on.

How To Clean A Rifle Scope

If the scope is not dirty, there is no need to clean it. Rifles scope needs to be cleaned if the user faces a problem with visibility. The optics body can be cleaned often. When you clean the lenses, it requires some particular procedure.

Cleaning A Rifle Scope

The steps to clean a rifle scope are discussed below:

Step 1: Clean the Large Particles

Large particles like dust can get attached to your lens. Always start cleaning the large particles. You can use compressed air. A soft lens brush can also be used.

Step 2: Wipe the body

You can use a soft cloth with water to wipe the scope’s body. Dirt might be built up in the moving parts. It will happen if the scope has featured unique dials.

A bristled toothbrush that is soft is a great tool to remove that dirt. It will not cause any damage to the finishing of the scope.

Step 3: Wet and Wipe the Lens

A generic eyeglass or 90% isopropyl alcohol can be used to wet the glass. Instead of this water can also be used. But if generic eyeglass or alcohol is used, it will evaporate more quickly than water. It will also leave fewer spots.

You can use a soft microfiber lens cloth to wipe the lens. For brushing, you can use a cleanroom swap. It needs to be wiped in a spiral pattern. This will start from the center towards the edge.

Step 4: Dry

After doing all the things mentioned above, leave the scope to dry. Please keep it in an open space. This will let the scope get dry and ready to be used again.

Pro Tips to Clean The Rifle Scope

To get an accurate shot, keeping the rifle scope clean is essential. But sometimes, due to our carelessness, we overlook the maintenance of the rifle scope. This leads the scope toward the worst conditions. Finally, they end up with significant damage, which is unrepairable.

Pro Tips to Clean The Rifle Scope

We’ll go over some pro cleaning tips for rifle scopes in this part. This will help you to keep your rifle scope clean. All the information is discussed below.

Dust Off Your Lens

Before cleaning, make your scope dust-free. If the dust remains on the scope, it will end up having scratches.

Whenever you pick up your lens for cleaning, first make it dust-free. The tiny particles of dust can create scratches in the lens. It will degrade by the passing of time.

Using Cloth

You will find microfiber cloth in the market for cleaning the scope lens. Never use your shirt to clean it.

Moreover, Kleenex, paper towels, or any kind of toilet tissue is not suitable for cleaning the scopes. They are rough and can end up leaving scratches on your lens. You can also use cotton fibers to clean the lens.


It is better not to spray cleaner directly to the scope’s lens. The chemical might be intense sometimes, which will damage the coating of the lens. Microfiber cloth, along with water, can come in handy in this case.

Firstly, spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth. Then use it to clean the lens. Be careful with the moisture. Excess moisture can end up damaging your seal of the scope.

Keeping The Lids on

It is better to keep the lid on when cleaning the scope. If it remains open, the solvent and powders we use to clean the gun can damage the lens coating. The waterproof seal on the scope can get damaged.

To avoid any kind of external damage while cleaning the gun, keep the lids on.


Scopes have small nooks and crannies. They are challenging at cleaning.

A Q-tip helps to clean those ridges and the tight spots. You can wrap your scope with the microfiber cloth around the Q-tip. It will help to clean the lens without leaving any strands of cotton.

Using Lenspen

It is a dual-ended tool that is specially designed to clean lenses. Photographers and hunters love it since it cleanses thoroughly without any liquids.

There are bristles for dusting the lens on one end. Then, there’s a pad with a carbon cleaning agent for rubbing off smudges.

Before putting the dusting brushes on your lens, make sure they’re clean of oil and dust. If not, it may end up putting a scratch on the lens.

Lens pens are inexpensive. So, you can replace them as needed.

Unscrewing Turrets

It is essential to clean your turrets. While roaming or hunting in any adverse situation, you may need to remove your turrets to get a better view. If you don’t keep them clean, they may rust. It might be jammed and will not open.

To avoid that problem, it is vital to keep the turrets clean. You can use both Q-tips and microfiber cloths to do the cleaning. But, if you want to use the microfiber cloth, clean your turrets after you clean the lens. Your lens may get scratched from the turret’s dust if the turret is not cleaned up properly.

Cleaning kit

While hunting, you’ll never know what kind of weather you may encounter. You must be prepared for any sort of adverse situation. Always carry a hunting bag which will contain some cleaning equipment that will help you in that situation.

It will be simple to maintain your lens if you have a lens pen or microfiber cloth in that hunting bag. Raindrops or dirt spatter in the scope’s lens may blur your vision.

You can bring the cleaning equipment with you to avoid those situations. It will assist you in overcoming any difficulties while hunting.

Cleaning Battery Compartment

Some scopes are powered by a battery. Suppose your ones are powered by a battery. It would help if you cleaned the compartment of the battery periodically. When exposed to the elements, moisture may enter inside any nook or corner of your scope.

If the battery becomes old, it may get corroded within the container. You can clean the acid of the battery if you find it early.

But this can damage your scope permanently if it stays like that for a long time. Keep the extra battery in case of emergency.

 How Often Should You Clean The Scope Lens?

There is no need to clean your lenses any more than necessary. You obviously want to keep your lenses as clean as possible. But there’s no need to overdo it.

A rifle scope is designed to be used outdoors. It can survive any adverse condition outside and not need to be cleaned for a long time.

Every time you clean your scopes, there remains a risk of creating microscopic damage that can accumulate over time. It happens more when the cleaning is done poorly. The light emittance, performance, and lens durability get reduced by overdoing it.

How Often Should You Clean The Scope Lens?

There’s no need to over-cleaning your rifle scope. You can clean it when you’re having trouble seeing through the scope. Wipe the scope lens only if you can’t see things clearly or have a blurriness problem.

Summing Up

It’s easy to take care of your rifle scope. You just need to keep your scope clean and clear. With proper maintenance, they will be running correctly for a long time. To ensure it, you need some tools and apply some tactics. The lens is entirely made of glass. It must be handled with care, or else it will get damaged.

The lens does not need to be constantly cleaned. It just needs proper maintenance after a particular time. If there is no problem with the visual, you will be able to use it for a long time without cleaning. So, users must know how to clean a rifle scope to correctly take care of their scope and use it for a long time.

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