How to Make Secret Stash Containers – Step by Step Guide 2022

Everybody wants to hide their valuables in a safe and secure place. And most of the time, we select drawers, closets, or others where that is secured by the lock mechanism. But these places are well-known, and everybody knows this especially, the burglar. A burglar is the mastermind and knows the places that you use to store your wallet and other valuables such as money, jewelry, and others. And also, the burglar knows how to break the security lock of your drawer or closet. That is why we lost our valuables sometimes even after storing the places.

But you can make secret hiding containers to hide your valuables. Most of the time, the burglar or any wrong person ignores those containers. That means if you know how to make secret stash containers, you can keep safe your valuables in a simple way. The process is very simple and quite easy. You have to follow a few steps to make it. You also don’t need to have anything costly. Let’s see how to make a secret container.

How to Make Secret Stash Containers

Consider The Following Factors Before Going To Start The Process

You are going to make a stash using a simple can that means it is quite easy. But there also have some tricks that you should keep in mind. Always remember the following points while making the stash can and also after making it

1. Don’t Tell Anyone about the Container

Why are you going to make the stash can? For security purposes, right? It’s always better if you don’t tell about the stash can with the others. You may tell some, but there is no guaranty that a third person cannot know about the container from the second person. You can only say to the people who you trust entirely.

2. Don’t Separate the Stash Container from the other Can

It is a very simple thing and allows it to be simple. Don’t keep this container away from the group of the container. You should not separate the stash can so that anyone can suspect it is different from the other containers. That means, just ensure that you leave this container as you leave the others. Don’t do anything with the container so that anyone sees the container in their suspicious eyes.

3. Don’t Hide the Container

Don’t place the container in a hidden area. You should allow the container accessible as the other. At the same time, make sure it is easily accessible when you need it.

The Items You Need

  • An Empty aerosol or body spray or another similar can.
  • Can Opener.
  • Three pieces of powerful magnets.

How to Make Secret Stash Containers: Step by Step Guide

You are just a few steps back from a stash container. You can use many items to make a stash can, and there also have other ways. But how much easier way you follow, it would be more simple and safe. Just follow the following steps before that; let’s see what the items you need to make it are.

Make Sure the Can is Empty

If you use any can that usually full of air, discharge the air fully. You can discharge the air by pressing over the nozzle. So, make sure nothing is present in the container, even not air.

Cut The Bottom And Remove It

Now with the can opener, remove the bottom of the container. You can cut the bottom by the circular blade, just placing over the metal lip.

Clean The Bottle

What type of container you take we don’t know but make sure the can is neat and clean. If it contains any residue, clean that perfectly.

Place The Magnets

This step is more important, and you have to do it perfectly. Now place the magnets inside the container in such a way the distance between each magnet is nearly or exactly equal. Place the magnet such a position so that the lower end of each magnet touches the bottom after replacing it.

Put Your Valuables inside the Can

Now place all the valuables inside the container. Just make sure you don’t make the container overweight as it should that can be detected as a suspicious container if it goes to the other hands.

Place the Bottom as It Was Before

Now replace the bottom. As you use powerful magnets, they hold the bottom strongly. Then place the stash container with the other cans.

Congratulations, You Have Made It.

Now tell us, is the process difficult? Everybody gives a negative answer because the processes are quite simple. Here we use an aerosol container. You can use any other similar type of container. Our used container was tin, but you can also use a plastic container, but you cannot use a magnet there. There you will need to use adhesive. We show you a process we hope you will be able to make many types of stash containers getting ideas from this content. Make new stash containers and keep your valuables safely.

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