How to Open a Sentry Safe without A Key? (5 Ways To Do It!)

Sentry Safe is quite a famous safe brand. If you use it to keep your valuables and lose the key, you might get into trouble. Once you know how to open a Sentry Safe without a key, you can save some trouble.

If you lose the key, it is always an option to order an alternative Sentry Safe key online or through the helpline. The process is quite time-consuming, even with an extra charge.

In an emergency case, you can use a paperclip, nail clipper, a nice or a screwdriver. If you have access to earth magnets, it will be the best method to apply. In extreme situations, a drill machine can be used.

Some of these processes can help you retain the Sentry Safe lock. But in others, you might preserve the safe’s body but need to replace the lock. So, choose wisely.

How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key

There are several methods that one can use to open the Sentry Safe without a key. These ways don’t need an expert, instead can be applied by a rookie.

Opening a Sentry Safe Without a Key

Requesting A Key Replacement

Placing a key replacement request in Sentry Safe is quite time-consuming. But it is an effective way if you are trying to preserve the Safe.

To place a replacement request, you will need to provide model information and serial number. Once you collect the information about the model and serial number, you will need to go to the website of Sentry Safe.

There is a form to fill up. Put the information in the form and submit it. You will also have to pay $30 + VAT for two keys and $60 + VAT for four keys.

The time required for delivery is from 7 days to 10 days. But in case of emergency, you can call customer care and put an order with an extra $50 + VAT.

1. Use Paper Clips

Paper clips are small tools that can help you unlock a Sentry Safe without a key. The process of doing so is through the following steps.

Use Paper Clips

Step 1: You will need two paper pins shaped like a plier. Inter the paper pin into the keyway to create tension.

Step 2: Now bend one clip’s smaller leg to 90°. So, the same with a bigger tip. Shape it into a tension wrench.

Step 3: With the 2nd clip, bend it to 180°. Bend the other end to 45°. With this, you will have a feeler picking tool.

Step 4: Place the tension wrench on the lock’s lower part.

Step 5: Now, place the picking tool into the upper part of the lock.

Step 6: Slowly press the paper pins into the lock. Press them until you hear a click. The click will indicate that the pins are placed in the perfect place.

Step 7: Continue to pick the lock three times in a row.

Step 8: Now, turn the clips in a clockwise direction.

Keep turning the clips. You will end up opening the Sentry Safe without using a key.

2. Use Nail File

The nail file in a nail clip is quite pointy to get through the keyhole of Sentry Safe. With the proper mechanism, you can use this nail file to open the safe.

Take the following steps to open the Sentry Safe using a nail file.

Step 1: Take out the nail file from the nail clipper.

Step 2: Insert the tip of the nail file into the safe lock.

Step 3: Shake the file until it gets in a position to rotate.

Step 4: Keep shaking until you hear a click sound.

Step 5: Upon hearing the click sound rotate the file.

Step 6: Keep rotating until you hear the final click.

Try to use a strong nail file so that it doesn’t break while you’re rotating it. Otherwise, it will break off and will get stuck in the keyhole.

3. Using A Knife or A Screwdriver

Tools like screwdrivers or thin knives can also be used to open a Sentry Safe in the absence of a key. Just ensure they have the right shape to get inserted into the keyhole.

Here is the procedure to use a nice screwdriver to open Sentry Safe.

Using A Knife or A Screwdriver

Step 1: Put the pointy tip of a Screwdriver or Knife into the Sentry Safe’s lock keyhole.

Step 2: Push the tool until you hear a clock.

Step 3: Start rotating the tool in the anti-clockwise direction once you hear the click sound.

Step 4: Now, jiggle the tool. Do it until the lock opens.

4. Use Earth Magnet

Earth’s magnet is a scarce material to be found in a household or even in a toolbox. But still, if you have an access earth magnet, you can use it to open the Sentry Safe without causing any harm to the lock.

Take the following steps to proceed with the technique.

Step 1: First, put the earth magnet into the sock.

Step 2: Now, put the magnet in the nickel solenoid of the safe. The solenoid is used to open and lock the bolts of the Sentry Safe.

Step 3: After you place the magnet, you will have to turn the safe knob. This will open the safe.

5. Use A Drill

When you decide to use a drill machine to open the Sentry Safe, it means you are ready to compromise the lock. Using a drill in place of a key will destroy the lock. But if you are careful with the machine, you can save the safe and replace the lock later.

Use A Drill

Here are the steps to take in opening a Sentry Safe without a key.

Step 1: Take a drill that can penetrate a strong safe lock.

Step 2: You will have to ensure that the drill is aimed at the lock. It must avoid the body of the safe. This will allow you to use the safe later by changing the lock.

Step 3: Starting drilling through the lock. Once you can get past the lock, you get to break the lock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you open Sentry Safe without a key?

It is not difficult to open a Sentry Safe lock without a key or digital combination as long as you are probably aware of the correct procedure, and you have the appropriate tools. You can open your safe without buying the alternate keys for the Sentry Safe.

Can you break open a Sentry Safe?

Utilizing a power drill, you can drill open into the safe lock. If you can break through the lock, it will tear open, and you can change it later.

How do you pick a small Sentry Safe lock?

To pick a safe sentry lock, you can use a small metal nail file or a paper clip. Put it all the way into the keyhole.

Final Words

Even if you know how to open a Sentry Safe without a key, never use it in someone else’s safe. Applying the procedure in others’ safes is not only ethically wrong but also legally punishable.

Before you decide which medium to use, first determine if you want to preserve the lock and the safe for future use or not. Depending on your priority, you will need to decide the procedure to follow.

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