How to Secure a Safe Without Bolting It to the Floor

A gun safe is the best way to keep your gun secured as well as prevent unauthorized access. Moreover, bolting the gun to the floor provide optimum security to your guns by making it almost unbreakable. That is why most of the prefer bolting the gun safe in the floor to stay tension free about their guns. However, sometimes it becomes impossible to bolt the gun in the due to a variety of reasons.

How to Secure a Safe Without Bolting it to the Floor

If you are in such situations and worried about the safety of your guns, then let us help you. Here we will let you know how to keep the guns highly secured even without bolting the gun safe to the floor. We discussed multiple ways to do it in below:

How to Secure a Safe Without Bolting it to the Floor

1. Bolt To A Wall

This can be a simple yet effective solution for keeping the safe secured without bolting it to the floor. Bolting a gun safe in the wall instead of securing it in the floor provides the same level of security to the safe. It is the best solution for those who live in a multi-stored rented apartment where bolting on the floor will be a problem. Usually, the owners allow people to attach things in the wall.

The process of bolting the gun safe in the wall is almost as like as bolting in the floor. Follow the same procedure; drill some holes according to the bolts size in your wall and simply integrate them in the wall and then secure the safe by tightening the bolts.

2. Bolt With Another Safe

Some people who have a large collection gun often use multiple safes for securing all the guns. Moreover, people nowadays also use a gun safe for securing important documents and other valuable goods. As a result, people nowadays often own multiple safes. If you have secured a bolt in the floor, but there is no place for another safe to secure in the wall. If so then you can consider bolting the safe in with the bolted safe. As a result, it will be almost impossible to take away the bolt during a burglary attack. Even if the other safe is not bolted, you should consider bolting both safe together to secure both of the safe.

3. Use Metal Or Concrete To Secure It

This is not a common way, but still, it is very effective. In this way, you can consider adding metal or concrete by using it as a base inside the bolt. Let me explain who it will secure the gun safe. The metal or concrete base is highly weighed. As a result, it will be very hard for anyone to move the safe from its place. The method may not secure you as much as bolting in the wall can, but it can be still effective.

4. Hide Under Something Like Floorboards

This can be an interesting idea to secure your gun safe. However, if you don’t have wooden floorboards in your house, then this method may not work for you, and you should better skip this method. The process is very simple. All you need to do is cut some space in the floorboard and then put the gun safe under the floorboard.

Make sure that there is no pipe or other things that can be damaged by the safe. After that, replace the floorboards as like as they were previously. No one will ever notice that there could be safe under the floorboard. Your safe will be highly secured in this way. However, do this process carefully so you don’t damage any foundation of the house.

5. Glue The Gun Safe On The Floor

Bolting the gun safe can be a problem as it can damage the floor but gluing it with the floor may not be. It is an unusual way to secure your gun. But it can be effective most of the time. There is a lot of high strength glue available in the markets which are capable of keeping the gun safe stick with the floor effective. Moreover, you can also remove the safe from the floor using glue remover easily.

Hopefully, the above methods will help you to keep your gun secured even without bolting it on the floor. Also check the Best Way to Store Guns without a Safe.

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