How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots in 2022 [Step by Step]

Cowboy boots are the most badass fashion statement nowadays. People mostly want to wear cowboy boots while going to a theme party, picnic in a forest, and many other opportunities. But the problem comes when they don’t know how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots.

You need to attach the boot knife to your cowboy boots first. Choose a lightweight but durable knife and choose the place on the shoes to secure it. Find if there is any dedicated pocket on the boots. If not, use an integrated string to attach the knife. Use your calf to tie the sheath. And lastly, check the fitting before leaving the house.

Sometimes you might need adjustments if the knives don’t fit properly inside the cowboy boots. But make sure the cutters don’t get loose while wearing the shoes.

Why Should You Carry a Boot Knife?

A boot knife coupled with your cowboy boots is not just for making a fashion statement. It has some other purposes too. Mainly the boot knife is for preparing yourself for different outdoor situations.

If you go outdoors more often in a single day, a boot knife will be enough for you. But when you are a less active guy, you should carry a concealed knife. A boot knife can be helpful in two different ways.

Defensive Weapon

You can use a boot knife for your last-line defense as a hold-out weapon. Things can suddenly go wrong in the wild. A boot knife can back you up and give a quick solution for such sudden problems. It’s easy to reach within seconds.

Imagine you are in a camp and suddenly a bear, fox, or wolf comes to give you a surprise. How can you stand in such a situation if you didn’t pack a gun?

Well, your only hope is this boot knife. You can easily see these small predators. However, large predators might not be good news.

But the more significant risk is humans. Some people can attack the camp at midnight. So, it would be better to stay prepared!

Cutting Tool

The blade is not only your weapon. It can be pretty handy if you know how to use it correctly for other purposes.

A blade is also a cutting tool. You can use it on your camps to split a fish, cut some small branches of a tree, size the rope, etc. You can easily make a trap to hunt the animal and cut it into smaller pieces to process the fish or wild chickens before cooking it.

A sharp boot knife can also be used in setting up the camp. But make sure you use the thin blades for food cutting and the thicker ones to cut other things.

Which Type of Boots Work Best with A Boot Knife?

You must know the compatibility of your boot knives with the boots. But don’t worry because we are here to guide you. Here are a few of our suggestions about which boots work best with a pair of cowboy boots.

Custom Built

You should know that the wearer or the manufacturer interrelates boots and knives.

The manufacturers build the boots for the small blades. There are sheaths at the tongue of the shoes or on the inside or outside. You can ask the manufacturer to make a custom boot with proper placement for your knives.

If there’s no such option, you can design your own knife pocket on the boots. Tuck the sheath and knife outside the shoes and use a thin rope or string to secure the position.

You can also sew your extra sheath at the side of your boots. In this way, knives of any size can fit into your shoes.

Too Small or Too Tall?

Always hide your weapon – it’s a legacy of the cowboy! The same goes for your boot knives.

When your boots are too tall, the position of your knives will be too far. And it won’t be easy to access your blades quickly. Even if your shoes are small, there will be problems. The knives can fall anywhere.

So, the best way to choose compatible boots is to look at the knife’s requirements. If you go fishing, get a slender blade. Going on a camp in the forest? Get a solid and thick knife.

How to Attach Knives to Cowboy Boots?

How To Wear a Boot Knife with Cowboy Boots?

It won’t be a complete fashion if you don’t know how to attach your boot knives to your cowboy boots. But at first, you need to decide the position of your boot knife – whether it stays inside or outside or at the tongue.

Outside Position

When you prefer to set your knife outside of your boots, here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Choose the sheath

Your first job is to choose the sheath you would use in your boots.

As you choose the outside position to attach your knife, you don’t need to worry much about the sheath material. Nylon, plastic, or leather sheath would efficiently serve the purpose.

Step 2: Choose the side

It’s a tricky step. It will help if you put out the knife as fast as possible. So, if you are right-handed, attach the sheath to the right foot and vice versa.

Step 3: Both sides would be okay

If you want to keep the knives on both boots, there won’t be any problem. All you need to do is buy an extra sheath and blade.

Step 4: Slide the knife

Now slide the knife into the sheath and check the flexibility. Sometimes the knife size can differ, and it would be a matter of concern. The wrong size can lose the knife or hurt your legs.

Step 5: Tighten the string

If your boots don’t have such dedicated pockets, you can use separate strings to attach the knife. Make sure the strings are durable enough.

Use the strings to attach the sheath to your boots. To tie the string, always wear boots. Otherwise, it might be too tight or loose while putting on your shoes.

Step 6: Check the knife

Now slide the knife into the pocket and see the flexibility. Check multiple times before you leave for your camp.

Sometimes the knife falls off because of too loose attachments. So, test the functionality and make sure everything is set like it is supposed to be.

Inside Position

You will need some tricks if you want to hide your knives inside the boots. Here’s what you do when you decide to keep the blade in the inside position:

Step 1: Choose leather sheath

First, you need to choose the sheath type carefully. That’s because the inside part is a bit sensitive. It exposes your socks and leg skins. So, if you select any plastic or nylon type sheath, it won’t be compatible with your skin.

The hard surface of nylon or plastic can create itching in your socks. Any shape edge can penetrate the sock and scratch your skin.

Step 2: Dominant side

It would be best to choose your dominant side to attach the knife.

Make sure you get a knife with steel clips. It will help to secure the blade properly. You won’t even need any string to tie up with the boots.

Step 3: Placethe knife

Put the knife into the pocket and check the attachment. Make sure the steel clip is strong enough to stay attached.

Step 4: Tighten the string and check

If your knife doesn’t have a steel clip, get a string and tie the sheath with your calf. Make sure the bond is strong enough.

Step 5: Trial

Don’t go outside without trying the attachment of your boot knife a few times. Even if you attach the clip, you need to check its flexibility and durability.

Special Note

While using the inside place of your boot, you need to stay a bit alert. Sometimes the loose connection can cut your leg as the knife is pretty sharp. When you try to grab the knife, your pants might come in as it’s inside the boot. That’s why it might not be suitable to use the inside option unless you’re an expert.

At The Tongue?

You might think about using the tongue of the boots to attach your boot knife. But it won’t be a good idea. That’s because the front side of the shoes is not the ideal place for keeping a blade, and it also doesn’t look good.

Even the steel clips can’t stay tight on the tongue. If you attach a sheath with a string, it might come in your way while you are walking. And the knife can fall off by the back force of your feet.

Knives with steel clips will quickly slide away when you run into the camp, and you will lose them. So, try not to use the tongue of your cowboy boots to attach the boot knife.

What to Consider During Buying Best Boot Knives?

If you are getting a pair of boot knives, you need to be aware of the following facts. It’ll help you get the best boot knife paired with your cowboy boots.What to Consider During Buying Best Boot Knives?


Length matters! It would be best to consider that length while carrying knives with the boots. If the size ratio doesn’t match the shoes, the blades won’t fit correctly and can fall off now and then.

It will be a pain to carry these knives while walking. The standard length of a boot knife is 5 inches.


The boot knives are only for show-off. They have some real-life purpose too. A knife is used to cut meat, fish, trim tree branches, ropes, etc. So you need to use a durable one.

Many knives in the market have great looks as cowboy knives. But they are not that durable. Use a stainless steel or carbon steel knife.


The ergonomics are crucial as you are using the knives on your camp. Check if the blades give good feelings to your hands or not. Check whether they are compatible and comfortable or not.


It depends on the sheath and clipper. You need to choose a good quality leather as the sheath and smooth finished clipper. Any rough surface will hinder the opening and sliding. Check if the sheath is secure enough or not.


You might choose a stainless-steel knife, but it can break easily if the handle is strong. It’s dangerous to bring weak handled knives because they are not even a bit useful when you are outside.

Pro Tips for Wearing Boot Knife

Here are some pro tips to help you with your boot knife attachments and usage. Follow these to get the best out of your boot knife & cowboy boots duo.

Consider regulations and laws

You need to check the local rules and laws before you ought to attach boot knives. That’s because some states prevent boot knife usage.

You also need to maintain these laws where you hike or travel. Otherwise, you might get stuck into some legal problems.

Check quality boot knife and boots

Don’t just buy a pair of boot knives just because they look fantastic. You need to check the quality of those boot knives and their compatibility with your boots. It’s easy to change the blades if they do not fit in the shoes.

Check the health and security

You need to check on your health whether you are in a state of using boot knives or not. It would be best to secure the position of your boot knives and then leave home. Otherwise, it may fall from the boots and get lost in the forest.

Maintain your dominant side

It’s best to maintain your dominant side while attaching the knives to your boots. If you are using boot knives, it would be awkward to grab them from your left hand and use them with your right hand.

But if you don’t have any problem with dominant sides, you can use knives on both boots.

Bottom Line

It won’t be tough to choose boot knives for cowboy boots or other shoes if you follow some guidelines. Boot knives are not only for fashion and style but also for significant usage while you are outside.

So, it would be best if you knew how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots. Hopefully, the discussion was fruitful enough for you. It will also help you to choose suitable boot knives for your style. Just follow the buying guide and get a pair of appropriate shoes today. Enjoy your cowboy boots in the wild!

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