Is A Gun Safe Necessary? Complete Guideline 2022

Most of us are cautious about our security and want to have some handguns. Some people even get rifles as an heirloom from their families. And a gun safe is the perfect place to store those guns. But is a gun safe necessary for your firearms, or could you just use any random safes?

Gun safes are essential to store your guns safely and attain perks such as help to avoid lawsuits, abiding child prevention law, and burglar protection. You can also get a discount to fulfill your insurance coverage. It’s a necessity if you want to avail such advantages.

A gun safe helps protect your precious belongings and carry your valuable firearms in a concealed way. But there are also some reasons you shouldn’t get a gun safe. If you are confused about getting a gun safe, you should learn both the good and bad effects.

Is A Gun Safe Necessary?

We all know that keeping guns exposed in the house is quite dangerous. You might own a gun for security purposes. But keeping your guns safe is also your responsibility.

That’s why most people use a safe to hide their firearms and use them whenever necessary. However, a regular safe is not suitable for guns as they are pretty special. You need to think about the damages and environment the guns would stay in before storing them in any safe.

Gun safes are a place to control the environment and save your firearms from corrosion. But nowadays, gun safes have become a luxurious item as they are pretty expensive. In such cases, the question arises whether i a gun safe is a necessity or a luxury for gun owners like you!

17 Reasons Why You Should Get a Gun Safe?

As you have wondered about the importance of a gun safe, you should know all the reasons why you should get a gun safe. Here are the 17 reasons why:

Why You Should Get a Gun Safe

Maintain Gun Safety

Guns are not toys you would leave freely on the table after playing with them. It ould be best to keep your handguns or rifles in a safe place after using them.

Guns always draw people’s attention (from kids to older adults). They might wonder and tend to use it for one time. And it could lead to several dangerous situations.

Even if you use a glass-front cabinet, it won’t save your guns from burglars. So, it would be better to use a gun safe to protect your weapons and avoid any incidents.

Abide The Child Access Prevention Law

Almost every state and country comply with laws to prevent child access to guns. The child access prevention law forces all citizens to ensure that their weapons should not be in touch with any children.

If you break the law, you might need to face a penalty or punishment or criminal liability for such negligence. But the penalties may vary according to countries or states.

Even though you don’t have kids at home, you need to arrange the gun safe if you have visiting guests, exchange students, or grandchildren.

Prevent Child Access to Your Guns

Children are always curious and naughty in character. Many incidents occur just because someone poorly stores their guns, and kids have easy access.

Therefore, you need to prohibit firearm access to your kids. And the best way to do that is to use a gun safe. Even if your kid sneaks around the house and reaches your gun safe, they can’t open it or see the weapons to arouse such curiosities.

So, a gun safe will eliminate every possibility of a child or any family member’s access to your firearms.

Protect Your Rights

Some organizations and the supported people believe that guns are not made to handle in human hands. They are one of the root causes of every criminal activity.

But eliminating all guns is not a logical thing to do. You need to demonstrate your responsibility towards your guns by keeping them safely stored. What could be better than a gun for this purpose?

Burglar Protection

Guns are in the category of risk like your other valuable wealth. Some people get rifles or war guns from their ancestors and preserve them without protection.

And for your information, antique guns are worth more than the latest expensive guns. So, there’s always a possibility that a burglar will break into your house and steal your family inheritance.

Sometimes the burglar steals regular guns and sells them on the black market. Therefore, you need to use a gun safe to protect your guns from burglars.

Insurance Coverage

Some insurance companies can cover the cost of guns if you have a gun safe. To get the coverage, you need to look into three things: firearms coverage limit, market value reimbursement, and cover than the worth.

Owning a gun safe can help you get insurance and cover some of your gun costs. The policies can even cover the damages to your guns and gun safe. But you need to check several companies to get the best value. So, get a gun safe if you want such advantages.

Discount On Insurance

Some companies offer customers a discount if they have a gun safe in their house. So, you need to check out the features and make sure your gun safe exceeds all the requirements according to the insurance company.

As you have to spend a lot of money on your guns, it would be better to get a discount someplace in the future. The saved money can help you to get another safe or gun.

All you need to do is take insurance premiums and gain advantages in the future.

Abide by The State Law

All states apply the law that all gun owners should lock their guns and prevent unauthorized use.

A regular safe won’t fulfill the criteria. It would be best to use a gun safe to store your firearms. If not and the state has acknowledged the matter, you might face penalties.

Fire Protection

The gun safe provides your fire protection, but the regular safes lack this feature. A fire outbreak in a house is not uncommon.

That’s why people store their precious stuff in the locker. What would be the advantages if your safe can’t protect against fire, right?

The gun safe also has a fire alarm. So, you will know immediately whenever there’s a fire outbreak in your house. It will protect your firearms and valuables from fire.

Lawyer Protection

If you live in an anti-gun state and own a gun, you need to be cautious about the lawyers.

When they find out you are storing guns improperly, they will file a case against you. Even if your gun storage was legal, you might need to spend thousands of dollars to win the lawsuit.

So, use a gun safe to store your weapons, and you don’t have to face such hassles with lawyers.

Protection from False Lawsuit

If your gun is not stored correctly, someone can steal it and use it for inappropriate purposes. As the weapon is registered to your name, you will have to face a criminal lawsuit. A thief can use your gun to harm someone, steal something, scare someone, etc., and you will be the one who will take the blame.

With a gun safe, there will be fewer possibilities for such situations. A simple gun safe can protect you from these false lawsuits.

Protect Your Essentials

A gun safe is pretty solid and durable. It features high technologies and unique designs that lack regular safe. So, if you want to secure your precious essentials, you can use a gun safe.

Some people even store their jewelry, cash, and essential documents in the gun safe as it’s a more secure safe and offers fire protection and controlled moisture.

Quick Access

If your gun is not in a place you can reach within a minute, there’s no meaning in having a gun then. How can you deal with an emergency if you can’t access your handguns quickly, such as thieves breaking in?

But with a gun safe, you will always know where your weapons are, and you can get one of them within a minute!

Show Pieces

Gun safes have quite astonishing designs. You can keep your firearms in a gun safe with fascinating design, and you can show your friends and colleagues the gun safe and your gun collection without any hassles.

It’s quite a matter of pride showing your guns and gun safe. But don’t get the glass cabinet safes. It’s way too risky because one single strike can break the safe.

Deduction in Taxes

Nowadays, several states offer tax credits if you have a gun safe to store your firearms. These credits will help you to deduct some amount of the taxes.

Sometimes you can even get a write-off when you store business or tax papers in your fire-rated safe. Therefore, you need to consult with your accountant about this matter before you buy a gun safe.

Concealed Carrying of Guns

You might have to move somewhere else. And obviously, you need to bring the guns with you in the first place. Will you carry those guns on a simple back? Taking such risks would not be a great idea.

A gun safe can rescue you in such situations and help you to avoid unwanted attention towards your guns. It will help you transport your firearms and other valuables in a concealed way.

Act Responsible

While owning a gun, you can’t act irresponsibly. A responsible citizen should always take care of duties. You should store your firearms properly to avoid any hassles or unwanted incidents.

It would be best not to buy a gun if you can’t handle such responsibility. Don’t put others in danger because of your weapon.

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Gun Safe?

There are also some reasons why you shouldn’t have a gun safe. Though it’s a matter of security, the grounds are pretty legit.

Why You Should Not Get a Gun Safe

Might Be a Misconception About Safety

A gun safe ensures the safety of your belongings. But it also draws the attention of the thieves and encourages them to steal your safe.

Such unwanted attention can lead you to risks, and you might get harmed. So, the safety you are looking for might end up endangering you.

Not Easy to Move

The gun safes are made of thick metals. So, it won’t be easy to move your gun safe now and then in your house or somewhere else.

Sometimes the imbalance while carrying the safe might lead to some accidents. And it may cost you to move the locker with laborers.


You already know the features, security, and other extras that gun safe offers you. Well, such high-tech, durable protection doesn’t come cheap.

People who own guns can’t even buy them because of the price. So, such a luxury product is not for everybody.

Safe Can Get Shrunk

Well, it’s not literally. Your gun collection will grow over time when you own a gun safe. And therefore, your perfect gun safe will be a crowded space over the years.

On top of that, there won’t be any place to keep other valuables in the locker. You might need to buy a bigger and more expensive one.

Can’t Modify Your House

A gun safe takes colossal space in your house. The safe is sometimes permanently bolted down or anchored. So, you can’t modify other furniture appropriately while the gun safe stays in its place.

Showing Might Not Be a Good Idea

You might want to show off a bit about your guns and gun safe. But it might not be a good idea to show all the guns and where you are hiding them.

Typically, you can’t see the intention of everybody. So, don’t bring extra attention to your guns and fall into dangerous situations.

Centralize Your Wealth

As you know, gun safes provide enough protection for your gun and other precious belongings. So, obviously, you will want to keep your cash, jewelry, laptops, and important documents inside the safe.

And it will centralize all of your wealth in a single place. When a burglar comes to steal from your safe, you will lose all of your valuables at once.

When You Move a Lot

Well, it does not apply to everybody. Only those who move a lot will understand the situation. It would be a hassle to move with your heavy gun safe frequently.

Lack Of Flexibility

The gun safes come in a heavy rectangular box. You can’t just put the safe in a random room as you keep firearms and valuables inside the gun safe.

Such flexibility will put you in danger. You need to choose a particular room with the proper size to place the gun safe.


As it’s a mechanical device, you need to spend some money on its maintenance if you want it to last several years. However, the maintenance cost is not just a couple of bucks.

It will help if you are concerned with a professional whenever there’s a need for maintenance. If there’s something wrong with the lock system, it would cost you a fortune to change the lock. You might also need to use a humidifier separately to maintain the moisture inside the safe, which will cost you extra.

Bottom Line

Gun safes are for your protection and also for yourself. Having a gun is a pretty serious responsibility, and if you mess up, several people can get harmed, including yourself. But the question remains when you see the price and downgrades of a gun safe. Is a gun safe necessary to store guns?

Hopefully, the discussion has enough legit points to convince you about gun safe. So, if you are wondering whether you should get a gun safe or not, you can now decide with the help of this passage. Stay safe!

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