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Gun safes are very essential items for them who have firearms. Almost every firearms user use a gun safe for the safety and longevity of the firearms. There have many manufacturers, but Stack-On is widely known for producing excellent gun safes. All the users know the quality of Stack-On gun safes, and that is why people use Stack-On gun safe.

The qualities of Stack-On gun safe are outstanding from different points of view, and the lock system is one of them. Stack-On uses top-class locks on their manufactured gun safes. The lock is a special security feature of Stack-On gun safe. The safe gun manufacturer uses the digital lock on all their updated gun safes. You know every Stack-On gun safe is bought out with a default combination code. The code is common to all locks of Stack-On gun safe. And you have to change the code later to make it secured.

Stack on digital safe reset code
Stack on digital safe reset code

That is why Stack on digital safe reset code is very important to all gun safe’s users. Somebody knows how to reset the code, and somebody doesn’t know how to change the default code. But everybody needs to replace the code with a new combination code. Here we show you the procedure on how to reset the code on Stack-On gun safe.

Stack-On Digital Safe Reset Code Procedure

Changing the combination code is not a direct process in case of Stack-On gun safe. Everybody should follow step by step procedure to set the new code. The way of changing the default code of every gun safe is not the same. It may differ from different types of locks. That is why we describe different processes here. Try the method that matches with your lock type.

Stack-On Digital Safe Reset Code Procedure

Method 1:

  • Press the correct combination keys to open the door first.
  • Keep the door open and press the ‘’*’’ key and then press the pound key on the keypad.
  • After that, input the correct combination keys again and then press the pound key.
  • Now press the new combination keys that you want to set as your new code. You should always remember the code to open the safe later. The combination code needs to be 6 digit pin. So, press the new combination keys and then press the pound key.
  • Now press the combination keys again to confirm the code you have entered right now.
  • Your new combination key is set successfully.

Now check the new combination keys that you set now. Now use your new combination keys to open the door. The process is the same, press the newly set code and then press the ‘’*’’ button to open the gun safe’s door. If you want to change the code again, do the same process. But make sure you have set the new combination number before changing the code every time.

Method 2:

  • Open the gun safe’s door using the correct code.
  • To change the door, you have to keep the door open.
  • Locate a red button inside the safe’s door just near the hinge. Now press the red button and release it while the door is opened. Now see a yellow light is on. That means you have to enter the new combination code now.
  • Enter the new combination code and then enter the ‘’#’’ button to confirm the code.
  • Now check the new code whether the code is engaged with the lock or not.

Before trying to change the security code of your digital gun safe, check the gun safe again, and see which method is applicable for it. Always check the new code whether the new code is accepted or not. If not, repeat the process again. But don’t close the door without confirming the new code has been changes.

What Should I do If I Forget the Combination Code?

A gun safe is not a less important thing; rather, it is one of the most important things to you because it is used to store your firearms or valuables. That is why a gun safe always promises you to give the best security. You should not forget the combination of your gun safe. If you forget, you cannot open the safe without the help of manufacturers or gun safe experts.

If you forget, first of all, you should contact the company. If you can ensure that you are the legal owner of that safe, they help you definitely. They will give you a new combination code after giving them the serial number of the safe. But if you cannot prove that you have the ownership of this safe, they don’t help you without a notarized letter.

If you don’t get any help from the company, then you can call a locksmith. Take the locksmith’s help and open the safe. But if the locksmith cannot open the safe, then you need to go to break the safe. But you should also know how to break into a stack on a gun safe.

That is why we told you to remember the combination code again and again on the methods of changing the code. If you frequently forget everything, you may write the code in your notebook before changing the combination code.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

✅ Can you change the combination on a stack on gun safe?

The Stack on gun safes come with a default combination sequence code. All Stack on gun safes is equipped with the common code. You can definitely change that but should follow the specific procedure.

✅ How can I prevent someone from using a paperclip to open the lock?

In fact, it’s better to not block the keyhole. To be honest, you may adopt some techniques, but they are not safe for your lock. Don’t worry; the quality gun safe always comes with the excellent lock, which will not be opened easily with the paper clip.

Bottom Line

Always keep it in mind that it is very difficult to recover the code if you forget once. And always remember the number after setting it as your new combination code. On the other hand, you should also be very careful at the time of changing the combination key.

Never try to change the combination code while the door is closed. Always change the code while the door is open. At the same time, you should confirm the new number, whether it is set or not! Don’t close the door before ensuring the new code has set. If you try and see the new code is not engaged with the lock, then try again. If it fails again, then repeat the process of the stack on digital safe reset code. But don’t close the door if you are not sure that the new combination code has been engaged successfully

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