How To Set Up Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence 2022

Firearms are weapons such as rifles, pistols and other mobile guns. Owning a gun requires a lot of personal responsibility. You will always need to have great situational awareness. Considering where you store and, lock it falls within your responsibilities as well.

Stack-On Gun safes are a great way to display your firearms behind locked doors and to keep them out of reach. The Stack-On gun safe combination sequence is easy to unlock when you remember the combination. But what happens when the key to the safe is lost, or you forget the combination? Read on to find out.

How To Unlock A Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence

The company provides you with a user manual when you purchase a stack-on gun safe. This manual contains the combination number to the safe. Now there is a catch. Different models of stack-on gun safes have different unlocking mechanisms. These combination locks can either be electronic or biometric. Each lock requires a specific method.

How To Unlock A Stack-On Gun Safe Combination Sequence

Electronic Safe Lock:

These electronic safe locks have a relatively simple unlocking method. You can open the safe by entering the code following the ‘#’. Companies provide a user manual along with the safe, which contains the combination codes. Please search for a red button on the door once it has opened and press it.

This will trigger a yellow light to start glowing. This symbolizes that a new window has opened up for you to type in your new combination code. Set the new code as your default one by hitting the ‘*’. Thus, you can now open the safe using the new code that you have entered. This process is very straightforward.

Advance Electronic Safe Lock:

To begin with, rotate the dial clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the combination sequence. For example, the manual can instruct you to pass over the first combination number thrice. Therefore, you will have to turn the dial passing the number twice before landing on it the third time.

Repeat the cycle until the entire combination sequence is complete. The door will open once it is complete. You need to dial each number precisely. There is no way of coming back if you pass a number. You will need to restart the process all over again if you pass a number in the sequence.

Biometric Safe Lock:

These types of safe locks are the most advanced of all. There is no biometric data when you first purchase the safe. Although, the safe will require you to input your biometric details once you have opened it. We suggest that you use your thumb as the primary fingerprint. Additionally, keep your index finger as the secondary option.

Position your thumb on the scanner to begin the process to open the safe. A blue light starts flashing along with a beep, which starts the scanning process. The scanner creates two green flashes if the credentials match with the data log. You can now grab the handle and pull the door open. Although, the door locks itself if you don’t open it in five seconds.

Unfortunately, the data is not correct if a red flash appears. This means that you will have to try again since your safe did not accept your information. The safe will lock itself for a while if the scanner cannot detect the fingerprint five times in a row.

How To Break Into A Stack-On-Gun Safe Without A Key

It is common for us to be forgetful. We are humans, after all. Therefore forgetting the combination code to your stack-on gun safe is nothing surprising.

How To Break Into A Stack-On-Gun Safe Without A Key

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can’t access the contents of your safe anymore. While these safes are very durable and robust, they aren’t invincible. It is going to be strenuous breaking into a gun safe, but you can still do it.

We are going to provide some of the most efficient ways of breaking into a stack-on gun safe. Although, you need to make sure that this never repeats itself. Breaking into the safe and damaging it can cause it to malfunction and eventually become useless. It can also damage your guns and can be a threat to your loved ones. There is another way to unlock a gun safe follow our tutorial on how to unlock a gun safe without a key.

Backup Key:

A stack-on gun safe with an electric safe lock possesses an exciting feature. It comes equipped with a backup key. This differentiates it from regular safes with a combination lock. Luckily, you can access your safe if you still have the backup key. You can find the slot to insert the key beneath the electric keypad.

Insert the key into the slot fully horizontally and twist it in a clockwise manner. Keep turning the key until you have come to the 1 o’clock position. You should hear a clicking sound meaning the safe is now unlocked.

On the other hand, check the instruction manual if it does not work. You can always call their help-line or customer support.

Force It Open:

Stack-on gun safes are not airtight. That means that it can let go of the pressure that builds inside the safe. Therefore, there should be areas around the safe where you can position a solid and rigid iron bar or pole and forcibly remove the lock. This will break open the safe but it will no longer be usable. The damage will go beyond repair.

The method is very time-consuming, even though it is efficient. Moreover, you will need a little luck here as well. Insert the iron bar into space and push it downwards; pry open the door exerting a tremendous amount of force upwards.

However, be very cautious when positioning yourself. You are handling a huge amount of force here. Therefore, the bar’s momentum can hit you once the door opens.

Seek A Professional Locksmith:

It is ideal not to mess with the mechanism of the safe lock if you cannot access your stack-on gun safe. It would be best if you seek the help of an experienced locksmith. Creating and fixing locks is their responsibility. They have the ability to change the combination codes, replicate keys and as well as break locks.

Unfortunately, finding an authentic locksmith is very difficult these days. Therefore, you should investigate online before choosing one. This is to check out the person’s proficiency and craftsmanship. They can help you access your stack-on gun safe for a reasonable price.

Hammering It Down:

Hammering is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. Breaking into a stack-on gun safe using nothing but a hammer and shear strength. Continuously hitting the locking mechanism can weaken it. Thus, slackening and releasing the anchor in the safe lock. However, hammering will permanently destroy the safe.

Drilling Into It:

Drilling into the safe is going to cause irreversible damage to the stack-on gun safe. On the contrary, the chances of opening the safe increases. Start by drilling your way through the body of the lock. However, you will first have to drill through the steel that makes the outer part of the safe.

Getting through the thin steel is not very tough. However, some companies use composite steel to make the outer bodies of stack-on gun safes. This type of steel has layers of insulation and is much thicker than normal steel. Thus, it would help if you had specific drilling bits and technique to pass through the solid steel to reach the body of the lock.

Making one tiny hole in the outer steel body is all that is required to unlock the stack-on gun safe. Additionally, striking the lock body will open the door. You can still repair the safe even after breaking into it. Nevertheless, this completely depends on the extent of drilling.


This procedure requires calmness and focus. You will need an instrument known as the bore-scope. It is a tool that you use to look inside an object through a small hole. You push the bore-scope through the opening of the lock body. The instrument presses against the long steel thread surrounding the combination keys. This inactivates the lock algorithm.

We suggest you call a professional to carry out this method. A lot of skills and precision is needed for this process. The person is going to notice the movement and the spinning of the wheels as he/she rotates the dial. They have to make sure that they are rotating the dial to accurate degrees to unlock and open the safe.

How Do Stack-On Gun Safes Work?

All safes are similar whether you use it to store your beloved treasures or guns. Although having one that is made exclusively for storing and accessing guns makes life much easier. Like any other home safes, companies use drill-resistant steel to make these stack-on gun safes. They are usually heavy. Most importantly, they lock.

How Do Stack-On Gun Safes Work

The internal traits and mechanisms, along with their size, is what differentiates them from any regular safe. These types of safes have different models due to the variety of guns and capacity. Therefore, knowing how to operate a stack-on gun safe is going to be very beneficial to you. Moreover, it can protect your family from any kinds of terrible accidents.

Tips For Installing Stack-On Gun Safes

Make sure that you mount the safe to the floor before you start using it. Use the equipment provided along with the safe to install a gun safe. The risk of unwanted injuries and accidents will increase if you fail to do so.

Tips For Installing Stack-On Gun Safes

Use a pencil or a marker to determine where you’re going to make the holes. Drill the correct width and length of these holes depending on the type of surface of the floor. Fix the safe in place using fasteners.

It is very vital to make sure that you keep the instruction manual out of the reach of young children. Therefore, you should keep it in a secured and safe location. However, this does not symbolise that you should store the manual inside the safe itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our article has provided you with necessary information on how to set up a stack-on gun safe, and how it works. However, it doesn’t really answer some of the common questions about this type of safes that we receive through comments and emails. Therefore, we have decided to answer them below-

How Secure Are Stack-On Gun Cabinets?

Stack-on gun safes and cabinets are very robust and durable. These safes are drill resistant and consist of firm steel plates that strengthen the locking system of the safe. This makes the stack-on gun cabinets a very secure option to store guns.

What Gauge Steel Are Stack-On Safes?

Companies can use a maximum of 11-gauge steel to assemble the outer walls of the stack-on safes. While the inside of the safe consists of 12-gauge steel. This makes the safe very hard to penetrate unless an experienced person deals with it.

Are Stack-On Safes Easy To Break Into?

Authentic stack-on safes made out of composite steel can be tough to break into. However, you can easily break into most gun safes. This is because many companies trick their customers into believing that their stack-on safes are much secure than they actually are.

Where Are Stack-On Guns Safes Made?

Typically, different companies manufacture their stack-on safe in different locations. These companies usually state the locations on their websites. Some manufacturers even put on a label on their safes listing their whereabouts.

Are Stack-On Gun Safes Fireproof?

Most stack-on safes have a fire-resistant design and a high fire rating. This design slows down the time the fire takes to reach the contents inside the safe. However, some fireproof safes induce gun corrosion due to the materials used inside the safe.

Wrapping It Up

We are hopeful that you now know how to unlock a stack-on gun safe combination sequence and how they work. Although, it is quite clear that you need to choose a gun safe according to the type and capacity of the firearm that you have. Keeping that in mind, go to the nearest stack-on safe store and get yourself one. Good Luck!

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