12 Effective Tricks & Tips For Squirrel Hunting In 2022

If you’re a passionate hunter, you should know every ins and outs of hunting. On top of that, squirrel hunting is extra tricky for its smaller sizes and rapid movement. But worry not, we’re gathering up some easy tips for squirrel hunting especially for you. 

Tips For Squirrel Hunting 

Everyone knows that the weapon isn’t everything to get success in hunting. You’ll not get the utmost pleasure and satisfaction if you can’t utilize some tricks and play around with the prey. Also, you’ll need to fulfill hunting prerequisites to ensure secure aftereffects. And that’s when you will need some hunting tips. So here are 12 effective tips for squirrel hunting that we compiled together

Tips For Squirrel Hunting 

1. Choose The Right Season For Hunting 

The first thing every hunter should bear in mind is the right season for hunting. Obviously, there are certain seasons when squirrels like to roam around and collect food. So you should research the right season for your area. 

Grossly, the fall & spring months are the perfect time to choose for squirrel hunting. The fall is the season when they ransack food for winter. Mostly, they go to hibernation during winter and come out at the beginning of spring. So they are more available in these two seasons. 

Tips For Squirrel Hunting

Although, you can hunt squirrels all year long except in winter. But the fall and spring seasons are the best time to catch the animal. 

2. Be Aware Of The Legal Obligations 

This is yet another important suggestion that you should follow. Before you jump into the woods, make sure you have the proper hunting license. For squirrels, you might need to have a small game license for the state or area you want to ramble. 

You’ll need a game license for pretty much all types of hunting. Some states have strict regulations for hunting, so make sure you satisfy the rules before you pick up the gun. 

Apart from the laws and regulations, some states only offer a fixed area for hunting. The place is likely to be a park or any grounds where you can safely enjoy your hunting. So respect the rules and save yourself from facing lawsuits. 

3. Choose The Right Place 

Picking the right spot is also important for squirrel hunting. Try to choose the spots where squirrels are more available. The best spots would be around their den. Because they will roam around adjacent to the den and they tend to make all their dens near one another’s. 

An easy way to find the common residing places is to find the spots with more trees, preferably but trees. Since squirrels like to consume nuts, they are supposed to make their residences someplace near these trees. According to our observation, an oak tree is the most common place to find a squirrel. 

Another important thing for choosing the spot is to check if any other hunter has already been to this place. If so, we recommend to skip the spot as you are less likely to get a decent amount of prey. Set your spot elsewhere. 

4. Get The Right Time Slot For Hunting 

Just like the appropriate seasons, there’s an appropriate time for hunting. According to our observation, early morning or late afternoon is the best time to find some squirrels. They tend to become more active during this time. 

The best time to catch the squirrels is when they are hungry and look for food. So the morning is an appropriate time to find your prey. Late afternoon is when the squirrels come back to their den with their collected food. Hence, we suggest not to miss the late afternoon too. 

Try to avoid hunting in rough weather, since they are extremely difficult to locate in rains or leaves flying here and there. Choose a perfect sunny day for hunting. 

5. Choose The Appropriate Weapons 

A set of perfect firearms/ crossbow and scope is all you need to start your hunting journey. Although You should be really of the permitted weapons you can use for hunting. Because different states have certain regulations for hunting weapons, try to check out your state’s law before buying a weapon. 

There are certain types of weapons that are appropriate for squirrel hunting. For example, shotguns, rifles, crossbows, air rifles and so on. It’s up to your choice which one you want to use for hunting. Also, you will require certain skills & license to operate each weapon. 

A scope is yet another important part of your arming. You can achieve better hunting results and also high precision by using a scope. Check out our reviews for 22 scopes for squirrel hunting. 

6. Be Patient 

Patience is one of the most important requirements for any type of hunting. You have to give yourself time to make the perfect arrangement for squirrel hunting. Do not make the choices all of a sudden, take time to consider everything before you finally set yourself. 

You should be patient enough to avoid startling the prey by failed shooting. Remember, you don’t get a lot of chances to make the shots. Do not hurry to shoot the prey, rather give it some time to obtain a better aiming. 

7. Use Your Senses To Spot The Prey 

You should make the highest use of your senses to actually spot the prey. Use your auditory and visual senses to locate the movement of the squirrel. You can tell where the squirrel is hiding just by paying heed to their chirping and murmuring leaf sounds while they move. 

Squirrels are a customary noise maker, so noise is their weakest point. They make sounds while climbing up a tree, make sounds while nibbling nuts, it’s quite easy to locate them if you can accurately use your senses. 

Besides, you really need to keep an idea of how large your prey is so that you can be 100% precise with your shooting. So you should totally use your senses accordingly. 

8. Keep An Appropriate Distance 

You should really try to keep yourself as distant as possible from the squirrels. Remember, while you can locate the squirrels, they can also sense the presence of you. Also, you shouldn’t be too distant to lose the prey. 

As per your weapon’s configuration, you should place yourself from at least 20-50 yards from the squirrel. Most of the weapons cover this range plus you have the scope to locate the squirrel. That way you can ensure precise aiming too. 

You shouldn’t be too far away from the squirrel. Otherwise, the squirrel may go out of your range. So be aware of your distance from the squirrel. 

9. Be Cautious While Moving 

Just like patience, you really need to be cautious with moving. One wrong step and the squirrel will flee away. Be gentle with your movement, try your best not to startle the animal with the sound of you moving. 

The goal is to make as little noise as possible, so avoid certain areas that are likely to make noise while you’re stepping. For example, avoid wet areas or dry leaves to step because these two make the highest noise. 

Also, do not move straight towards the squirrel, it will notice you and run away almost instantly. Overall, you have to be really slow and steady to make a successful shot. 

10. Use Baits To Attract The Squirrels 

Using baits to keep the squirrel at your target spot is also a great idea to begin with. Since the squirrels only look for food, they will definitely spend much more time eating the bait foods you previously kept. It will help to keep the squirrel still too. 

This is quite an old trick that most hunters do for years. You should choose the foods that a squirrel usually likes, for example- nuts, fruits or sunflower seeds. A slice of fresh fruit works like a charm as the squirrel can smell it from far away. 

You should never splatter the bait foods to a large place, that way it will be tough to keep the squirrel still. Rather keep the food in a confined area, that will help you to get yourself more time to aim the squirrel. 

11. Head Is The Target Point 

Try to aim the head of the squirrel while shooting. It’s kind of hard considering the level of precision on aiming. But once you achieve the skill, the head should be your only target. But why should we try to shoot right across the head? 

There are two reasons for that. The first reason is the headshot will instantly kill the prey, so killing is less suffering for the animal.  

Another reason is preserving meat and fur. As you know, the squirrel is kind of a small animal, so a bullet shot will literally tear the animal to shreds. If you can shoot the head, it can keep both the meat and fur intact. So the head is the best point for aiming. 

12. Target The Ground Squirrels 

Ground squirrels are actually easier to access since they tend to be more steady and still. You shouldn’t target the climbing squirrels for two reasons. 

Firstly, a squirrel never stands still on a tree, it jumps from one branch to another. And secondly, if you miss the shot, chances are you probably end up breaking a small tree branch which may hurt you. 

Also, it’s kind of impossible to set baits on the tree, so ground squirrels can be easily targeted and killed. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is squirrel season? 

Fall and spring are the right seasons to hunt for squirrels. In these seasons, squirrels are hyperactive to collect food and roams around more frequently. 

What does squirrels eat? 

Squirrels eat almost all types of nuts, sunflower seeds, even vegetables like carrots or potatoes can be given to squirrels. You can also give fruits like oranges or apples. 

Where do squirrels live? 

Squirrels usually live in self-dug dens & tree vantages. It depends on different races of a squirrel. 

What nuts do squirrels eat? 

Squirrels like to eat all types of nuts, they eat peanuts, almonds, acorns, walnuts, etc. 

Can Squirrels Eat Almonds? 

Squirrels love to eat almonds, they like to eat any type of nuts you can collect. 

So that’s pretty much everything for our 12 exclusive tips for squirrel hunting. Follow these tips & tricks from your next hunting sessions and make every session remarkable. Start your journey to be a successful hunter today! If you want to ask anything about squirrel hunting, leave your questions down the comment section. We will get back with the answers as soon as possible. Until then, happy hunting! 

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