Best Way to Store Guns Without A Safe? [Gun Storage Tips]

With great power comes great responsibility. If you own a gun, make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Though a gun safe is a perfect place to store guns, what if you don’t get a gun safe or have no plan of having one? That’s why you need to know the best way to store guns without a safe for you and your family’s safety.

You can use gun storage bags, gun cases, security cases, or lockboxes to store your guns. There are also some trigger locks like trigger shoes, cable locks, or padlocks to lock your guns and then keep them. You can make some inside hollow space, aeration system with fake walls, and a ventilation window to store guns.

There are also some gun cabinets available in the market to store guns. To put it simply, make no compromise with the security and store your weapons perfectly.

Is It Okay to Store Guns Without Gun Safe?

It’s normal to think that it is illegal to store guns without a gun safe. Well, just for acknowledgment, most places don’t have such strict rules of keeping guns in a gun safe.

The place for gun storage has not such complexity as long as you keep them out of touch with anybody. So, the crucial thing is the place you are choosing to store your guns. When you choose the wrong place, like your drawer beside the bed, any accident can occur at any time.

Therefore, it’s totally legal to store guns in some alternate place when you don’t have any gun safe. But it’s only valid as long as they are not a threat to anybody in your home and there’s no chance of the guns falling into the wrong hands.

Why Store Guns in A Safe Place?

Any kind of weapon ever invented is a threat to people. But when you want to keep a gun for your own safety, you have to keep it somewhere and avoid eyesight. And also, the taboo of owning firearms is no more.


However, some safety issues still remain when you have a gun in the house. It would be best to keep them in a safe place to protect your family. Please keep them in a place where children can’t access them. And the area should be gun-friendly, with no soil, no humidity, no contact with water, etc.

You also have to think of a place where thieves or mishaps can get there quickly, or else you will be responsible for any activity from those guns. But the site should have easy access to you for any kind of emergency.

How To Store Guns Without Gun Safe?

There are several ways to store your firearms even though you don’t have a gun safe. So, consider the situation in your house and then choose one or two techniques to hide and store them.


Trigger locks come with affordable prices and a simple design. They are the perfect replacement for gun safes. You can easily find the trigger locks from your gun dealer or gun manufacturer.

However, there are some variations in trigger locks like:

Trigger shoe

A trigger shoe is clamped down around the trigger housing. It can prevent your firearm from tampering unless you unlock it by yourself.

Cable locks

The design of cable locks is made to prevent your firearm from being closed and block any other actions. It can easily prevent magazine loading on the grip of a semi-automatic pistol.

You can also put them on your revolver because it can prevent the cylinder from closing by creating a loop through the barrel.


These locks apply when your firearm doesn’t have any particular trigger lock. Just slip the padlock on the trigger’s backside to stop the recycling.

But it would help if you remembered that these locks work with the trigger. So, it’s a must that you don’t use them with loaded guns.

Lock Box

With a lockbox, you can carry your guns and fire ammunition anywhere you want. That’s because it’s lightweight and portable.

The lockboxes come in various sizes so that you can keep more than one or two guns inside. Even your long guns like rifles can fit into a locker.

It’s best to choose the one with the pin rather than the lock one to retrieve your weapon quickly in emergencies. You can also keep some jewelry and essential documents inside a lockbox.

And as they come at a low price, you can easily afford one or two of them. However, there’s no waterproof feature in a lockbox. You can keep some silica gel inside the vault to avoid excess humidity.

Gun Cabinet

Gun cabinet is the best option to hide your guns from the children, making them more convenient to use.

A gun cabinet can be used to display your guns or keep your firearm extra safe. You can always add some additional concealment like hidden cabinets or drawers.

However, it will look like regular cabinets but with the lock. You can always have easy access to your firearms if you store them inside a gun cabinet.

They are applicable for keeping fire ammunition or typical uses like keeping essential documents.

Inside Hollow Spaces

This neat trick will give you quick access to your guns but with the least security. You can create a large hollow space under the tub or the mattress in your drawing or living room.

There’s no need to spend extras on gun storage if you have such a facility. It’s better not to forget where you are hiding your guns, or else none of them will make sense.

As there’s lacking security for the firearm, you shouldn’t store the loaded guns. On top of that, you can wrap the place with some storage bags before you hide the guns inside the hollow space.

Gun Cases

Another convenient way to store guns is using gun cases. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and easily portable.

The most significant advantage of using gun cases is that there will be no constant problem of rust and moisture. It’s better to operate gun cases under proper lighting or in daylight. That’s because the gun cases usually have high-security features and robust locking systems.

A gun case has different incorporated compartments to hide guns from intruders within its compact size. You can have gutters or violin designs of the gun case to avoid eyesight and fool other people. And the firearms and ammunition will be underneath the front stage.

Storage Bags for Guns

A gun storage bag has the perfect design to protect your firearm and store them without damage. It can easily handle any internal and external abuse.

A gun storage bag comes full of features and different sizes to secure the storage of your guns. Don’t think of those bags which don’t have a cushion or firmly spacing of cushion. You can easily carry gun storage bags anywhere. The buffer protects your guns from moisture and rust.

Though there are several alternatives to these bags, they will save your firearms from moisture when other options like trigger locks may fail.

The most popular ones are transparent VCI bags to store and carry your guns. It allows quick access to your guns.

Security Cases

It has many similarities with the gun safes. They are not manufactured to store guns, but you can use one to keep your weapons.

Security cases come in different sizes and robust lock systems. All you need to do is utilize the space for firearms and store them.

But this efficient alternative needs a subtle and safe place to install. Otherwise, the whole idea of keeping guns safe will be meaningless because anybody will have access to the security case.

We suggest installing above the ground, and it adds a high level of security with the latest features like fingerprint, security code, or conventional keys.

Ventilation Window

It’s a more efficient and popular method to store your firearms. Even many movies get inspiration and use this method to make a scene.

You will need to build a hidden closet inside your house or garage. The place should be above the ground and moisture-free. Install the false wall in a place where you can get within minutes and have quick access.

However, this method is a bit expensive and time-consuming to build. You need to hire an architect to design if you can’t suggest one to the builder.

Aeration System False Wall

If you are on a budget or not willing to put much money on storing guns, you can use the aeration system inside your house. You can retrieve your guns just with a screwdriver and a ladder.

But don’t forget about the moisture and rust. There’s a considerable possibility of building water inside the aeration system. It’s best to keep the guns in a storage bag and put them inside the aeration system. Put some silica gel bags for extra protection.

In this way, kids will never be able to reach there. This method may take a while to access your guns compared to others.

Some Auxiliary Tips to Store Guns

Some additional tips might help you out while storing the firearms. It will also add some extra security and help to avoid any accidents.

  • Be cautious while pointing the muzzle of the firearm. When you are not ready to shoot, don’t put your fingers near or on the trigger.
  • Unload the guns when you are not using them.
  • Keep the ammunition away from the gun. And don’t ever leave it unattended when you are not using it.
  • Secure the location whenever you put it off from your hand.
  • Warn the family members, especially the children, about the guns and the safety measures.

Things To Consider While Storing Guns Without Gun Safe

You have to keep in mind a few things when storing your guns without a gun safe. Make sure these aspects are fulfilled.

Things To Consider While Storing Guns Without Gun Safe

Not The Loaded Ones

Consider this the first and foremost rule to follow while storing a gun. Don’t ever store a weapon when it’s loaded. This is for avoiding any kinds of accidents or unwanted domestic incidents.

Out Of Sight

Obviously, it would help if you stored your guns where it’s not visible to anybody in a normal situation. A false wall or hidden cabinet can work well to keep your firearms out of sight.

Sufficient Budget

Sometimes you may think, why use the money to store guns when you can just keep them in your drawer?

Well, it can create several possibilities of accidents or unwanted situations. If you own several firearms, you need to fix an appropriate budget to store your gun perfectly and safely.

Keep Them Away from Children

Children are always disobedient. So, it’s better to keep guns where children can’t get them easily. Their tempting curiosity about firearms could lead to some dangerous situations.

Proper Usage

It’s crucial to hide your guns in an appropriate place where you can have easy access in case of emergencies. Otherwise, there’s no meaning to such arrangements.

As a user, choose the best option from above to store your firearm, considering your house situation.

Suitable Locations

There are always possibilities of getting robbed when you own guns because criminals are more intelligent and cunning than you think. So, don’t keep your weapon in easily discoverable places. Choose an unusual and durable location.

Bottom Line

Storing firearms is a sign of fulfilling colossal responsibility. There are various options to keep guns. Even though you don’t have a gun safe, you need to choose the best prospect among them.

Hopefully, the discussion on the best way to store guns without gun safe has proven fruitful to you. Mix two or more methods to keep your guns securely. If you are on a budget, choose the convenient one but don’t compromise. Stay safe from gun accidents or mishaps!

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