Where Are MESA Gun Safes Made? [All About Mesa]

As a gunfreak, we are pretty obsessed with gun safes and MESA is by far one of the best of them. Their gun safes are sturdy, durable, and provide the best security for your guns. But many of us don’t know about the brand niceties like where are MESA gun safes made or how they maintain their quality standards. So, let’s know everything about MESA.

Where Are MESA Gun Safes Made

MESA Gun Safe company is not the newest addition to the firearm security industry, it has been manufacturing gun safe for a long time. They commit to provide the US gold standard gun safe protection which definitely arises a question whether it is made in the US.

Where Are MESA Gun Safes Made

Well, the truth is, it is indeed manufactured in the US. MESA has its own factory in Orange, California. As you know, California is a state of strict rules and quality standards. So you can clearly tell they are pretty obliged to make a standard safe for you.

The gun freaks often consider MESA to be the pioneer of the gun safe industry and they proved themselves to be the best. They provide gun safes for both commercial and residential use. MESA Gun Safes promises the best security for their guns and their heavy duty safes successfully carried out their commitment since then.

Not that all their safes are pretty expensive, MESA has a range of budget friendly safes too. You will also get gun safes with high-end features like fireproof safes or electronic lock features. They guarantee you the best service with their gun safes and their locker quality or easily accessible customer support do speak of that. If you’re planning to buy a MESA gun safe, check out the reviews of MESA Gun Safe and snatch the best deal for yourself.

MESA Gun Safe Series

This gun safe company offers a lot of models under a few series. Till now, MESA has introduced three product series. These series are different from one another by their materials, price ranges, and layers of other security features. They are- the MBF Series, the MGL series, and Lastly the MGS series.

All of these series are fireproof and comes with multiple layers of protection to ensure the highest security for your gun. The MBF & MGL series comes with an additional electronic lock, which makes it tougher to break in.

Overall, these gun safes are what made their brand immensely famous. So do think of MESA whenever you’re planning to buy a high security gun safe. If you have any questions about gun safes, you can ask us through the comment section. Until then, have a safe journey with your firearms!

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