Why Do Rifle Scopes Cost So Much and How the scopes Work 2022

If we are discussing about rifle scopes, then there could be a common question why do rifle scopes cost so much? They are expensive for their build and technology. Maybe that is the only answer. 

There are many debates about buying expensive scopes or not, but from all of them there is a common message: Never buy cheap scopes! That means, you will need a quality scope to hit the target. Cheap scopes will not give you the result at all. 

How The Scopes Are Built

Scopes are generally an output of a long research and a complicated technical matter. When we will know how the scopes are built and how rifle scopes work will give the right answer for the matter of this expensive thing. 


A general scope is made with:

  • Anti Fog feature
  • Condenser
  • Reticles
  • Scope Lenses
  • Magnifying glass
  • Elevation and Windage knob

And others.

From lenses to the making of the scopes are expensive. There is a trend in the market to buy cheap scopes, but that is followed by the new shooters. So, they don’t know what are the best features at all! 

How The Scopes Work

You will find general vortex scopes, leupold scopes, cyclops rifle scopes and many more available in the market. But will they serve the purpose or do a shit? Cheap scopes can be those from the best chinese rifle scopes. But, they can be good pieces for the beginners. 

Why Do Rifle Scopes Cost So Much?

But still one little question troubles us- Why do rifle scopes cost so much? The simple answer will come after we evaluate three market best scopes in this discussion. 


A quality scope needs perfect assembly of knobs and lenses, that cost much. So, when you are after a cheap rifle, how you can expect better results. Above 50 yards, you will find nothing. So, the choice of scope will depend on the shooter too. Let’s have a look around about some extreme well scopes. 

The Market Leading Scopes

People with knowledge on scopes know about Leupold Mark, Nightforce NXS and Bushnell 3200. When we want to know in detail about Nightforce NXS, you will be thrilled to know about it! It comes with an unique reticle design named Mil0R reticle along with digital reticle il.


lumination and mil turrets. These all cost more than two thousand bucks. 

On the other hand the Leupold Mark is made by a lens company named Leupold. They are world famous for their quality and accurate lenses. It controls the drop of 168 grain .308 rounds with the help of unique turrets. It also comes with mil reticle and parallax knobs.

Aren’t these amusing? Some tube like scopes are so expensive they take $1500-$2000.  The main reason is the technology and the accessories used for them cost high. 

Similarly, the Bushnell Elite 3200 has some extreme features but the output is really good. It has a 10X Zoom and a mil dot reticle that works fine, but it does not come with parallax knob or illuminated reticles. This is a cheap  scope that all can afford. 

Now, it is clear that for some extremely well functioned features that cheap scopes does not provide. When you are up to something extraordinary then you have to spend high. 

Ranges Covered By Scopes

Scopes from cheap to high can cover high ranges. But there are some technical issues that we need to know. This will give the accurate answer of the question- Why do rifle scopes cost so much? As much sugar you put in the coffee, that much it will be sweeter. 


Scopes from different price ranges cover mostly similar types of range. The main issue is adjustment, accuracy and clarity. A cheap scope can show you the target near 200 yards but it is not able to give accuracy. Scopes like leupold and nightforce come with brighter targets, accurate target accuracy and djustment too. Even in a test, these scopes passed to view a box drill from 500 yards. These are only possible for their windage and elevation adjustments of the scopes.

In another test in cloudy weather, the Bushnell performed well to achieve target but the NSX and Leupold got to have a clearer image from the same distance. The scopes are able to improve ambient light and give perfect results. These are the very many technical differences between a low price and a high price scope. 

Some Unimaginable Difference


When you look at both of the scopes, you will find no difference, but the manufacturing cost will stun you. You cannot imagine the difference of the lenses, reticle and other accessories cost based on their quality. Manufacturers like Leupold and Nightforce never compromise about the quality, the target will not miss for a grain! 

Features in both of the scopes are far away from common scopes, these make the cheap scopes like silly toys in front of them. Necessary R&D with proper dedication of a team of research made these possible after years. 

The adjustment of the windage and elevation knobs are unbelievable! You will feel each click when you are turning them. Their adjustment is so accurate to achieve targets easily too. Additionally the make, push buttons, parallax knob and Mil0R reticle and Zero – Stop mechanism are out of the box ideas those companies have brought in the world of scope. 

Critical Analysis

Due to making cost does not make the scopes expensive at all! If you think about the technology they use for better accuracy it is not possible to provide it cheaply. If it was possible, then why don’t cheap scopes not bring them!

Cheap rifle scopes are for beginners. As we have explained rifle scopes. You will need to understand the technological advancement we have discussed above in the article, that made the scopes more accurate and robust to achieve the targets in a click! So, the cost increased accordingly. 

You can check youtube for videos on rifle scopes,  there  you will find the advanced features of the expensive scopes. As, being a viewer you don’t love to see cheap shits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to Spend on a Rifle Scope?

The requirement from Rifle scope will determine the cost. If we are trying to start target practicing in 200 yards then any kind of scope will do, but for more or above 500 yards, you will need an extremely modified and performer Scope that may cost over $1000. 

Why Would You Spend That Much On A Scope?!

When you are looking forward to hitting a target like a drillhole in a box or a small one like that, you will need an extremely upgraded scope that can use its elevation and windage features with parallax to achieve target easily. Even these sorts of updated scope may cost you much higher. 

Are Expensive Scopes Really Worth It?

Expensive scopes come with extremely good elevation, windage, parallax settings that bring the 500 yards far target closer. That means, it makes a target in the distance a piece of cake. So, the price is worth every penny for its features. 

How much objective diameter do you need?

You will need a 40mm objective lens as medium for covering your range. So, a medium size will do the trick. It will act to shorten the range in low light condition and will allow you to shoot effectively. 

Final Words

You have to assess the pricing and technological issues now closing your eyes! You cannot compare them generally. With all the information and R&D behind the story will tell you about the whole matter. Only asking the question Why do rifle scopes cost so much? – will not solve the quest at all. Hope you have got the answer and you may go for the right one now. 

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